In the wrong with love

Ok so this is my first Movella so I'm nervous but I'm going to be putting my heart and soul into it. It is about a girl called Jade who secretly falls in love with the wrong person. But will she tell them?


15. After meeting Dean

Seamus apparated Jade into a small, messy bedroom.

Jade - *looks around* "Where are we?"

Seamus - "My room. I want you to meet my brother"

Jade - "Oh, ok then."

Seamus led her into the hall and he knocked on another door.

Seamus' brother - "Come in"

Seamus - "Hey Cian, this is my friend Jade"

Cian - "Hi Jade"

Jade - "Hey"

Seamus - "I'll just run downstairs and say hello to me mam"

Jade - *giggles at his lovely accent* "Ok"

Seamus - *leaves the room*

Cian - "Are you and Seamus just friends?"

Jade - *blushes* "I dunno. He didn't ask me out or anything"

Cian - "You two seem perfect for each other"

Jade - "I suppose"

Cian - "Are you American?"

Jade - "Yeah, I am. By the way I love your accent!"

Cian - *grins* "Thanks"

Jade - "I wish I didn't have a boring old American accent"

Cian - "Your accent isn't boring. I like it"

Jade - "Thanks but it makes my voice sound weird when I sing"

Cian - "Sing for me. I love american accents."

Jade's phone rings.

Jade - *answers*

Mom - "Jade, where are you? You didn't even leave a note!

Jade - "Sorry Mom, Seamus brought me out"

Mom - "Out where?"

Jade - "He brought me to the city. I'll be home in awhile"

Mom - "Ok, but be home for dinner!"

Jade - "Alright, bye"

Jade - *hangs up* "Sorry about that"

Cian - "It's ok"

Jade - "Wait, are you not a wizard?"

Cian - "Mam's a witch, dad's a muggle"

Jade - "Oh, sorry I forgot"

Seamus - *walks in* "Ready to go home?"

Jade - *smiles and nods* "Bye Cian"


Seamus doesn't actually have a brother. I put him in for story purposes. Thnx for reading

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