we do have a choice in this world

She thought she was free of passion
He wasn't waiting anything from love anymore
at New York, they'll have to face their demons

Olivia,stronger then ever, decided to forget Chuck. Leaving France behind for New York, she lives henceforth alone, with her 8 years old daughter trying to move forward. But one night, the man that haunted her for so long, so many years is closer than ever, and desire her more than ever. But many barriers separate them: Jackie, her dignity, self respect, wounds of the past and mostly Chuck's deepest secret.


2. -2-

Thirteen hours and the plane was finally landing in New York's airport. We were very tired, but the idea of getting to the hotel room and some sleep gave us a little energy. My cousin Katy, living here, couldn't come to pick us up from the airport because of some work she had, though it was 11 pm. Once we got to the hotel room, i ordered diner since we were starving, and sang Jackie's song right after it so she can sleep well. after a long warm bath, i stood by the window and watched the entire city under my eyes. wow. So it's true when they say that New York is the city that never sleeps ; with the lights, the vehicles, and the deaf sound of life. I moved my eyes up and admired the moon with its stars shining so far away, yet we feel them so close of our soul and spirit. i couldn't stop myself but thinking of him. Maybe we were watching the same stars ? perhaps we were talking to the moon at the same time... I won't be sure except for one thing that we will always be under the same sky. i shook my head to free away these thoughts, i keep convincing myself that i should let it go, but it just gets out of control sometimes, and the most beautiful times of your life are hardly forgotten, even if you know they are so damn wrong. from a thought to another, it was already 1h00 am so i went to bed though i knew i wouldn't fall asleep.

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