we do have a choice in this world

She thought she was free of passion
He wasn't waiting anything from love anymore
at New York, they'll have to face their demons

Olivia,stronger then ever, decided to forget Chuck. Leaving France behind for New York, she lives henceforth alone, with her 8 years old daughter trying to move forward. But one night, the man that haunted her for so long, so many years is closer than ever, and desire her more than ever. But many barriers separate them: Jackie, her dignity, self respect, wounds of the past and mostly Chuck's deepest secret.


1. -1-

“Mum, this is a decision I’m pretty sure a 23 year old girl can absolutely make by herself”

She is driving me mad. I was trying to keep myself from shouting so Jackie wouldn't hear us. My daughter is barely 8 years old and she doesn’t need to hear her mommy and grandmother fighting.

“Olivia, darling, just listen to me. You can’t just pack and leave. This needs a lot of thinking, and not alone. I’m still your mum and you still need my advice”

“Ok that’s it mum; stop acting like I’m still a little girl! Just admit it, I’m an adult and I don’t need you anymore! You helped me raise Jackie and I am plainly thankful for that, but I think I can take care of the rest…”

I didn’t give her the chance to reply. Well, I must admit, I was a bit rude but come one, I think I am ready to do it on my own. I have no other choice anyway. It is for me and Jackie’s best. This is my chance and I won’t let it go.

I was still looking at my mom and we were both frozen. I broke the silence and said: “ I’ll see if there is anything left to pack”

She had tears in her eyes and was heartbroken, I felt it. But it was about my future and Jackie’s. 

I went to J’s room and saw that she already have packed her luggage and was waiting for me playing with her doll. “J, since you are done with your packing, how about you start taking your stuff outside ” she smiled and nodded. I didn’t want to leave the town fighting with my mother, so I went and apologized to her:

"Mum, i'm so sorry i didn't mean to hurt you, i said while hugging her, you know it's just this moving thing i'm pretty nervous but i have to do it alone now..."

"i know darling, i know"

we said our last goodbyes and left a letter for my father, in jail. He's been for almost six years now, for something he never made. His son who is also my nonlegal half brother killed a man and accused my father for doing it. pretty loyal, ha ?


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