love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


12. you make me strong

My hands,
Your hands
Tied up
Like two ships.

Waves try to break it.
I'd do anything to save it.
Why is it so hard to say it?


Louis' pov

'You know what you should do as extra class in school?' Harry asked as he stopped a couple of streets away from school. 'No?'  'You should start joining the singing group, I think you will feel great in the auditory.' 'I don't know... I'm not sure if can do that.'  'Ofcourse you can...and actually...I already gave you up.'  'You what?!'  'Don't worry, you will do great, and if you don't like it you can still leave.' I sighed and opened the car door. 'But you like to sing too, don't you?' I asked. 'Yes...I admit, I do...' Harry murmered. 'than join me, or isnt that cool enough?' Harry sighed and looked at me. 'I'd like to join but what will my friends say?' 'Don't listen to them, you can make your own choises can't you?' ' know what? I'll think about it.' I nodded and got out of the car to walk to school. 


It was almost the end of the schoolday and I walked to the auditory to see a group of people. They turned around when they noticed me and everyone walked over to me to say hi. There was a guy with a slightly darker skin called Zayn, A guy called Niall, A girl called Emma, a guy called Liam, and another girl called Jamy. 'Louis, do you want to introduce yourself?' Miss Green asked. I nodded and everyone sat in a circel to listen to me. 'My name is Louis Tomlinson, I'm seventeen years old, eighteen at the end of the year, I like to sing and euhm...before I forget, I'm deaf.' I saw a few people looking at eachother, gasping but I didn't care. 'Good Louis, I asume you can lipread?' Miss Green asked, talking a bit slower. I nodded. 'When people talk slow enough I can read their lips.' I answered. 'Okay class, when you want to say something to mister Tomlinson you talk slow and clear so he can understand, okay?' everyone gave me a friendly nod. 'Never was I so accepted in a group. 'Do you want to sing?' The girl called Jamy singed to me. 'I don't know'. I signed back. 'You don't need to be shy, my borther is deaf too, I thaught him to sing.' She signed. I smiled. Something about here made me feel save but I didn't want to trust someone too soon. 'I will sing soon, just give me some time.' I signed back. She nodded and walked back to the group. Everyone was sitting together and I sat aside, on my own. Ofcourse I didn't have the guts to just join a group. I kept looking at the clock hoping that school would be over soon. but then, fiveteen minutes before time a curly haired boy walked in. 'Harry!' I cooed. He smiled at me and walked up to Miss Green. 'I didn't expect to see you here mister Styles.'  'I'm here to join this singing group. what is the theme of this week?' Harry asked. 'We don't really have a theme, this is no glee club.' Miss Green chuckled. 'You can join your groupmated. By the end of the schoolmates we will do a show, you need to sing one solo and tho other song will be in group. What song you want to sing is completely up to you.' Harry nodded and inmidiatly walked over to me, getting weird and confused looks from everyone els. They were propably all thinking the same thing: What is the popular footballplayer doing in the auditory? 'I told my my friends my mom made me join this group or otherwise I needed to change school. They understood.' Harry explained. 'I'm so happy you are here.' I said, giving him a quick hug. 'Now, let's do what we should do, let's sing!' Harry said. 'What are we going to sing?'  'Your favorite song ofcourse: Irrestible!' I smiled, happy because he reminded that little thing I once told him. 'What part do you want me to sing?'  'The whole song.'  'The whole song?' I gulped. 'Your voice is awesome, please don't be shy. I will sing together with you.' I took a deep breath and started to sing, hoping nobody but Harry would pay attention to me. But mid song everyone els was looking at us, including miss Green. 'That was wonderful.' She said as we were done singing. 'You guys sound really good together, you should do a duet at the show. 'Harry looked at me and nodded. 'Ofcourse, that's a great idea.' He said. My eyes widened. 'Harry, if we do that song as a duet everyone will start asking questions.'  'We'll see.' He answered. 




The auditory became a new home for me. And Harry was always by my side. And the awesome thing about the auditory was that as soon as I walked in, no one judged me anymore. I felt so save and happy there. Me and Harry always sang Irresistible together and I loved it. And Harry couldn't deny it, he loved bieng there too. Every wednesday and friday were great schooldays. But just when everything went good in school I forgot there were people that didn't like me for who I was. 'He fag!' Milo spat in my face. 'I'm not a fag! Now leave me alone.' I snapped back. 'Is the little boy getting a big mouth? Oh wait, I need to talk really slow for you.' He taunted. 'Go away Milo, try to find some real friends, and I don't mean the people liking you because you bully other kids.'  'Oh, you gonna regret that.' Milo barked and he pushed me against a locker. I fell to the ground moaning in pain. 'Now you don't have such a big mouth anymore don't you?!' I looked away from him, and I had no idea what he was saying but it were propably some hurting words. And then followed the kicks. He kept kicking me in my stomach and ended kicking my head. He left my there crying on the floor.


Harry's pov

I was walking down the hallways when I saw Milo with that look on his face he only got when he hurt someone. I tried to ignore it but then I realised I hand't seen Louis today. I ran trough the hallways and stopped when I heard soft sobs. Behind the corner I saw Louis, curled up in a ball, blood coming out from his nose. 'Louis!' I yelled. I looked around, the classes already started again, not that I cared at that moment. I ran over to him and took him in my arms. 'Lou, are you alright? Please tell me you are alright!' Gentely I wiped away his tears and he looked at me. 'I-I'm okay.' He stumbled. suddently I heard footstept behind me and I was reliefed to see Alice walking over to us. 'What's goi- OMG Louis! what happened!' She screamed as she kneeled down at Louis' other side. 'Harry, what are you doing here?' she said like it was wrong I held Louis. 'Do you really think I would let him lay on the ground like this?' I said a little annoyed. Louis had stopped crying and laid his head on my chest, not caring who was around. 'Harry, u fucking used to bully Louis, you made him feel miserable and-'  'Used to! I interruped her.' I changed, and I care about Louis!' 'Since when?' Alice snapped. 'since he's my boyfriend.' I whispered. 'Now if you excuse me, I'm going to bring him to the nurse.' I stood up and pulled Louis' arm over my shouder. Alice looked at me, her eyes big, her mouth open as if she wanted to say something, but nothing was coming out. 


'What did you and Alice talk about.' Louis asked as he sat on the nurse bed. I was nervously pacing around the room. 'Harry stop it and come here!' Louis snapped. I walked over to him. 'What did you say to Alice?' 'Nothing.' I said and I was reliefed the nurse walked in. 'What happened?' She asked. 'Louis was beaten up, not by me, just saying.' I said befor leaving the room. Alice was still standing there. 'Why aren't you going to class?' I asked. 'Because I want to talk to you first.' She answered. I sighed, knowing that this wasn't going to be a friendly talk. 'You may play every girl in this school, I don't care, but you can't do this to Louis! He doesn't deserve that! I won't let you hurt him!'  'Listen to me! I'm not playing Louis, I really love him, I changed I swear. ever since me and Louis are dating I didn't kiss a single girl.' I said, quiet enough so only ALice could hear me. 'Dating.' She snorted. 'Yes, we are dating. and if you like to be sure, yes I'm gay, those girls were only for my image, and I left that behind me. And if you are still not convinced, I'm sorry but you won't get me and Louis appart, I love him and he loves me.' I said and walked to my class. I was lucky people were used to the fact that I skipped parts of classes or even whole classes. 


Louis pov

I was relieved I could finally leave the nurse. Luckely I didn't have anything bad. I cleaned my nose and quickly combed my hair and it looked like nothing happened. I was used to doing this. I just have to get up, dust myself off and get on with my life.


I joined Alice and Mark during the lunchbreak and couldn't help but see how tensed Alice was. 'Alice what's wrong?'  'Nothing.' She murmered. 'Something is wrong, I know you better than that.' 'I can't believe you are dating someone and didn't tell us about it.' She said. 'Wow, what?!' Mark almost shouted. 'OMG, so he told you?' I asked, slightly panicking. 'Yes he did, because I got mad at him. louis, he is no good for you!' 'Who is no good? Does someone want to tell me who we are talking about?' Mark said. 'Harry, we are talking about Harry Styles.' Alice whispered. 'Woah, are you dating the footballplayer? Is he gay?' Mark answered. 'That doesn't matter Mark, what matters is that he will hurt Louis, and we can glue him back together.' Alice sighed. 'He won't hurt me, he will never hurt me, we love eachother and if you can't accpet that I'm leaving.' I said and I walked back into the building. I walked around and my feet brought me to the auditory. There I saw Jamy playing her guitar. 'Louis!' She cooed. 'Hi.' I simply said and walked over to her. 'You look tired.'  'Don't mind it, just got a lot on my mind. Wich song are you playing?' 'I see fire, by Ed sheeran.' Jamy said. 'Do you want to play it for me?' I asked. Jamy nodded and I watched here singing and playing the song I didn't know. It was a slow song so I could see what she was singing. 'I'm sure that sounded beautiful.' I said as she was done singing. 'Thank you Louis. I should go now, see you friday.'  'Bye.' She walked out of the auditory. I should go too, but didn't really know where to go. School was already out for fiveteen minutes and I was still sitting here on my own.


then the doors opened and Harry walked in. 'What are you doing here? We need to go home. I looked up at him and Harry's annoyed look turned into a guilty one. 'I'm so sorry.' He murmered. 'Alice is sure you are no good to me, but I'm sure you are. Please tell me I'm not deluding myself. Please tell me Alice is wrong.' I cried. Harry ran over to me and stoked my cheeks. 'I know she is your friend but Don't listen to Alice. I love you Louis, please don't tell me you are giving up on me, I know it's hard but you need to believe me when I say that I will always love you. Do you believe me?' I nodded and Harry pressed his lips onto mine. Each time he kissed me it was like the world around me disapeared and I just felt so happy. 'Let's go home.' Harry said. I nodded.




Harry's pov

Days had passd and I noticed Louis walked around quite tensed. But when I tried to talk to him he would wave it of, saying it didn't matter, that he was just tired. I knew he didn't like the fact that I needed to pretend I'm an ass towards him in school. But today he was even more moody. 


'Louis, we need to talk.' I said before Louis could go upstairs. 'Why?'  'Because I know something is stressing you out and you need to spill it before it gets worse.'  'I don't want to talk'. Louis said a little annoyed. 'Don't act like you're completely fine, I know you aren't.' I sighed. 'Why don't you get it? I don't want to talk. I can deal with this on my own, I'm not a little fuzzy chick that needs to be watched over every fucking minute.' Louis spat. He turned around but I grabbed his shoulder and turned him back to me. 'It's easy for you to stop a conversation huh! You just turn around and you don't have to listen to me anymore. You need to stop bieng so childish, I hate that side of you.'  'Oh, I'm sorry mister Styles I'm not perfect like you. Oh wait, you aren't perfect, everyone just thinks you are. Now leave me alone!' Louis yelled. 'You want to be alone? fine, then go find yourself a place to stay, if you don't want to see me. I think you forgot you are staying at my house.' Louis stared at me for a while, long enough for me to realise that what I just said was the biggest mistake ever. 'Fine...I'l leave.' Louis said as he walked at the front door. I wanted to call him back but he couldn't hear me. And before I knew it he was gone. 'Is everything alright down here?' My mom asked as she walked down the stairs. 'Were you guys fighting? Where is Louis?'  'Gone...'   'Did he leave?'  I slowly nodded. 'Don't worry honey, he will be back before you know it. He propably just needs te let off some steam.'


I wished my mom was right, but after two hours Louis still wasn't back. My parents already went to bed and I couldn't stand it anymore, I needed to find Louis. so I stood up and walked trough the streets. I walked for hours untill it was completely dark but I didn't stop. I wasn't going to just let him go. I tried to think of where he could have gone but I had really no idea. 


I was exhausted and just about to go back home as I saw that on the bench in the parc, there was someone sleeping. And I would regonise that striped sweather from miles away. 'Louis!' I shouted. I slapped myself mentally, realising he couldn't hear me. I ran towards him and shook him untill he woke up. 'Harry?' I saw Louis' eyes were swollen and his cheeks had dried tears, I really hated to see him that way. 'Louis, you need to go home with me.'  'home? I have no home.' Louis said as he sat up. 'You live with me remember?'  'You kicked me out.'  'I didn't mean that. Louis, I was mad, and I say stupid things when I'm mad. But I mean it as I say that you need to come with me.' Louis looked at me with tired eyes and just sighed. 'Louis, I'm so sorry for what I said. And I'm sorry for forcing you to tell me things you don't want to talk about. I just don't like it when your sad.'  'do you want to know why I was so down?'  'Yeah, ofcourse.'  'today is mom's birthday.' 'Why didn't you tell me?'  'because I knew there was no time to go to doncaster to visit her. I didn't want to bother you with my problems.' Louis said with a hoarse voice. 'Hey, you wouldn't bother me with your mom's birthday.' Louis wanted to say something but his lip started shaking and I knew that he reached the point he couldn't hold his tears back. 'Don't cry babe.' I wrapped my arms around his petite body and held him tight. 'Let's go home.'


'How long have you been looking for me?' Louis asked. 'About three hours I think.'  'I'm sorry I ran away, I tend to run away from my problems when I can't ignore them.'   'It's okay babe. Let's just forget about what happened.'  'Yeah I hate fighting with you.' Louis said.  'So do I.'  'You know Harry, I could never really run away from you. You're my acnhor, you make me strong.'  'I don't want you to run away. I would always get your ass back at this house.' I chuckled. 'I love you.' 


Louis' pov

I was just about to go to sleep as I found out Harry was in the garden. 'What are you doing?'  'Just letting this ballon in the sky. I wrote a little note to your mom. I hope she can read my handwriting.' Harry explained. 'And just when I though you couldn't get any cuter.' I grabbed a balloon myself and wrote a note. 'We should attach them so they fly away together.' Harry suggested. So I did as he said and we watched as they flew away, higher and higher in the sky.  



I'm sorry if I say, "I need you."
But I don't care,
I'm not scared of love.
'Cause when I'm not with you I'm weaker.
Is that so wrong?
Is it so wrong
That you make me strong?

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