love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


20. you, and only you

Louis pov

I was happy to finally skype Harry again. Ed was with me so he could see Harry for the first time. And the thing was they actually got along very well, they talked, joked and laughed as if they knew eachother for a long time. I just laid on my bed as Harry and Ed were talking about football. I was never really able to have long conversations with Harry about that, I just listened. 'Lou?' I heard a very familiar voice call me. Ed gave me my laptop and I saw my perfect boyfriend, forcing a smile at me. 'Are you okay Harry?'  'I don't know...I miss you...I need to tell you something.' Harry mumbled. Ed took place on the bed next to me. 'Tell me babe.'  'I know I shouldn't but...but Milo was trash talking about you and I couldn't help but beat him up as soon as there was no one els there.'  'So you fought Milo because he was talking bad about me. He didn't hurt you I hope?'  'I broke his nose...He didn't have the chance to fight me back...' Harry explained. I could see he felt guilty. 'Why don't you talk to Milo?' Ed suggested. 'Fighting never solves anything.'  'Talking? With Milo? He will kick my ass. No he won't listen t me. Actually...' Harry sighed. 'What?'  'No never mind.' I hated it when Harry didn't want to tell me something, something that was propably important. 'Just tell me Harry.'  'Milo...kind of...send his friends after me and...I'll put it this way: if  Liam wasn't there they would have beat the shit out of me.' I let out a groan. 'Harry, please don't get in trouble, please...I don't want them to hurt you. Did they hurt you?' 'No...just a couple of bruises but they will go away.' Harry said, giving me a smile. 'I love you, please stay safe.'  'I love you too Lou. And I don't want you to worry. Everything will be okay.' 


After saying goodbye I closed my laptop and laid on my back with my eyes closed. 'You miss him don't you?' Ed asked. I felt a pressure on my bed, letting me know that he was sitting next to me. 'You have no idea.' I sighed. 'Everytging will be alright.' Ed tried to sheer me up. 'I don't know...People start to notice I'm different. Today they didn't even let me finish my story. What if they find out I'm gay?'  'They won't. But the people aren't that bad right?'  'You don't notice because you're not in my shoes. But I know this ignoring is just the beginning. The next step is focusing on my faults and before you know it, it's the same story like back in England.' 'Aren't you bieng dramatic.' Ed asked. 'Yeah...propably.' I sighed. 


Harry's pov

class was horrible. I had nothing to do, I wasn't on the football team anymore, I had no real friends, and Louis was taken away from me. Some girls tried to to kiss me though, but I ignored them, my heart belonged to just one person. The show was already next week and I didn't feel like attending it, but I head to, I promised not only Louis, but also, Zayn, Liam and Niall. And then I realised I did have friends, when I had a problem they were the people I talked to. 


Instead of going to class I spend most of the time in the auditory, lying on the stage, thinking about life. Louis was in America for four months now, and it hurt more every day. I grabbed a guitar and started to play random notes. I thought back about the time I played for Louis for the first time. Even though he couldn't hear me, he watched me with so much interest. I remembered the first time I heard him singing, he sounded and looked so cute. And I remebered how beautiful his voice sounded even though he didn't know that himself. I was such a dick before I met Louis. I hooked up with random girls, bullied people, didn't go to class. All because I didn't knew how to get the attention. And there was that one person who changed me, who showed me it's not necessary to be like that. Louis changed so much in my life, he turned it opside down in the best way possible. And now I lost him, it was hard to stay this way. I'm not as strong as he is. No matter what happens, Louis would always be himself, but when it comes to difficuld situations, I rather just pretend to be someone I'm not. And I wish I could stop doing that. But I needed Louis.


'Nice place to think huh.' I sat up and Liam  walked in. 'Yeah.' 'You don't need to worry, everything will be alright.' Liam said as he rubbed my shoulder. 'I guess so.' 'So I heard you quit the football team?' Liam asked. 'Yeah...I couldn't concentrate...And I rather don't walk into Milo right now.' Our conversation was interrupted by some guys laughing and cheering and a boy wincing. 'Niall!' Liam mumbled as he shot up and ran to the hallway. I followed him and saw that a group of friends stood around Niall and yelled things at him. Niall stood with his back against a locker, crying. And then I saw Milo, he turned around, smirked at me and tunred back to Niall. Before I could do anything he gave the blonde boy a punch. 'No!' Liam yelled as he pulled the guys back and started to punch Milo. Normally Liam was very calm and caring. He always wanted peace and he wanted everyone to be happy. But now I saw a side of Liam I never expected to see of him. Him losing his temper and beating a guy. And he didn't only beat Milo, but also the other guys. Then my eye fell on Niall who sat against a locker, crying and his nose bleeding. I ran towards him and sat down too so I could take him in my arms. He was so fragile. I held him close and stroked his back until he stopped crying. I looked up and saw that the guys were gone. Only Liam stood there, trying to calm down. 'Is Niall okay?' He asked as he kneeled down next to us. Niall was shaking and didn't stop crying, his chest heaving. 'He's hyperventilating.' Liam said with a concerned voice. I picked Niall up and walked outside with him. 'Shh, it's okay.' I used the sleeve of my sweather to clean the blood that came from his nose. 'I knew this was going to happen one day.' Liam growled as he kept pacing around the grassfield. 'Those judgemental idiots. They can't bully Louis anymore, so now they start doing this to Niall?' I looked at Liam. 'So they had the right to do this to Louis?' I asked, raising an eyebrow. 'No, ofcourse not, I'm sorry...I'  'It's okay, it's okay.' 'That's the reason they were picking on me.' Niall said on a whisper tone. 'I told them Louis is a great guy and he didn't deserve how they treated him.'  'That's nice niall.' I said. Niall stood up and walked towards Liam who hugged his younger friend very thight. 'You better go to class buddy.' Niall nodded and turned to give me a smile before he left. 'Are you alright?' I asked Liam who rubbed his forehead. 'Since Niall came here I promised to look after him, but I can't handle to see him getting hurt.'  'It's because of me.' I sighed. 'Why would this be your fault?' 'Because Milo knows that Niall is my friend and he just want payback for that one time I beat him up.'  'This is not your fault Harry. Don't blame yourself.' Liam said with a soft voice. 'Then why do I feel that way? If I would just be gone, Milo would stop doing-'  'Harry!' Liam interrupted me. 'I don't know what you are thinking but you are really worrying me right now. I'll just keep an extra eye on my little blonde friend. You may not know it Harold, but you are a great person, just not many people get to see that.' Liam walked over to me and pulled me into  a hug. I felt horrible. The last days I walked around like a zombie. 'It's okay to cry.' Liam said, still holding me. And that's what I did. I released my tears. Liam even tightened his embrace. 


'Why is there blood on your sweather?' My mom asked me in her panic voice. 'Don't tell me you beat someone up.'  'I didn't!' I snapped. 'They hurt Niall and his nose was bleeding so I wiped it away.' I explained, not wanting to talk about it. 'I hope you are telling the truth, I don't want to find a new school for you.' My mom said. 'You know what? Why don't you ask Niall and Liam? I'll ask them over.'  'As long as they are normal friends it's okay with me.'  'Normal.' I sighed before going upstairs to go to sleep. 

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