love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


23. woolen sweaters

Harry's pov

It was winter and you could defenatly see it because Louis was wearing his cozy sweaters again. I just loved seeing him in those, he looked so cute and cuddly. 'It's almost you birthday.' I said as we laid on the couch together. 'Yes, and also christmas.' Louis answered. 'Did you bought me a birthdaypresent?'  'Ofcourse I did.'  'We should do some christmas shopping, or at leasrt go make a walk.' I suggested. 'but it's cold outside.' Louis comlplained. 'I'll keep you warm.' I stood up to get my scarf and jacket and slowly Louis did the same, still not very happy whit the idea of going out while it's snowing. 'You should put gloved on these fragile hands of yours.' I said as I gave him some red gloves. 'Hey I can handle a bit of cold.' Louis rolled his eyes. 'Ofcourse.' Together we walked outside. Ofcourse there were pretty lights here in Holmes Chapel, but if we wanted to see the real christmas decoration, we had to go somewhere els. 'Have you ever been to London?' I asked. 'When i was little my mom took me there once. I'd like to go there again.' I took Louis' wrist and pulled him back to our hous and jumped into the car. 'Let's go to London.' I cooed. 'With the car?'  'Ofcourse not, but we need to go to the underground first, and it's pretty far away.' After a half an hour drive we took a tube heading to London. 'Are you exited?'  'Ofcourse, the last time I was in London it was summer.' Louis answered. 


Louis' pov

Eventually we ended up at Oxford street. It was THE shopping street in England. 'Oh look!' Harry cooed as he pointed into a small souvernir shop. 'they have the cutest little stuffed animals here.' Harry took my hand and pulled me inside. Harry ran to the back of the store and showed me a big fluffy teddybear. 'It's for you.' He said. I smiled and kissed him gentely. 'You are so cheesy.' I chuckled as I went to pay for the bear. 'I know I am, it's a side of me only you get to see.'  'And I'm glad.'  I held the bear close to me and looked into Harry's eyes. 'Why do I deserve you?' I mumbled. 'I could ask the same question.' Harry entertwined his hand with mine and like that we walked trough the streets. It was very cozy and music was playing in the background. Pretty lights made everything even more beautiful. 'You were right.' I said. 'About what?'  'That London is beautiful at Christmas.'  I knew you would love it. Let's go get a coffee at Starbucks.'  'Isn't that expensive?' Harry smiled. 'Nothing is expensice when it comes to you.' Together we walked to the nearest by Starbucks and we both get a hot carmel cream coffee. 'Do you like it?' Harry asked as I took my first sip. 'I love it!' My hand was laying on the table and laid his on top of mine, sqeesing it a bit. 'I don't know if you know are so important to me. You came into my life and completely turned it upside down. And I'm happy you did.' Harry was so sweet and he made my eyes teary. 'Harry, you're such a sweetheart.' 


We arrived back in Holmes Chapel just when it was about to get dark. But Harry wasn't planning on going inside yet. Before I knew it I got a ball of  snow trown at me. But I wasn't going to let it be like this, oh no. I scooped up some snow and it turned into a snowball fight. Eventually, when Harry realised he couldn't win he just picked me up and lied me down in a pile of snow. But I maneged to pull him with me and soon we were completely covered in snow. 


Back at home I felt like freezing. Harry noticed and asked me to go sit on the couch while he made us a hot choco. He took a blanket with him and we snuggled close to eachother, under the same blanket, enjoying the hot choco and eachother. 



It was finally Christmas. My favorite time of the year. Inside the Styles livingroom there was a big tree. Together with Harry we spended the day decorating it. It was actually quite romantic. That evening we had a lovely Christmas dinner and after we ate we sat around the tree to open the packages. 'This one is for you.' I said as Harry gave me a square package. 'It's for your Christmas. I opened it and inside there a sweater and a keychaine with a picture of the two of us. 'That's so cute.' I cooed. 'And this one is for your birthday.' I got small envelope and inside there was a paper. I read it and it said 'gongrats with your own star.' I looked at Harry and tilted my head. 'I bought a star.' Harry said. 'And I named it Larry Stylinson, our names combined, so when we are appart, you just have to look up a the sky at night. I will always be there.' He explained. 'That so sweet.' 'Happy birthday Lou.' Harry said before giving me a loving kiss. 'I bought something for your christmas too.' I said as I handed Harry his package. Inside there was a guitar pick with H. S. on it and the small music stereo he always wanted. 'I love it.' Harry said with glooming eyes. 'I need to say something.'  'Go ahead.' Harry said. 'I feel really welcome here, and I need to thank everyone here for letting me stay here without hesitation. It's not nothing you know. You all did so much to me already, really I can't thank you enough.'  'You don't need to thank us sweety, we love having you here.' Anne said. 'Anne is right, you are part of our family.' Des added. Harry wrapped his arms around me. I never felt so loved. I finally had a reall family. I would never forget my mom though, she would always be in my heart.


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