love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


19. the voice of an angel

Louis pov

There was just one class I really liked and that was music class. It was a class I didn't have back in England. I loved listening to all the instruments and finding out how they sound. But that one day the teacher was absent so we got to see movie. It went all well untill there was a man shouting, I cringed and covered my ears. It seemed like it lasted forever. 'Are you okay?' Ed asked. 'Just when I thought it was over another person in the movie started shouting and I just covered my ears and ran out of class. I shoved down next to the wall, trying to find peace. The door opened again and Ed ran towards me. 'Louis, are you okay? What happened?' I took a deep breath and looked at Ed. 'I...I hate it when people shout, especially men. It hurts me.' I murmered. 'Is it because something that happened in your life?' Ed asked as he sat down across from me. 'My father.' I sighed. 'He...hates me.'  'What makes you think he hates you?'  'He kicked me out of the house because he caught me and Harry cuddling on the couch, and he can't handle the fact that I'm gay.'  'He kicked you out of the house for bieng gay?' Ed's eyes widened. 'Yes, so I started living with Harry, but one day he wanted to pick me up and take me to America, I didn't want to but he started yelling and...a couple of days before I was still deaf.' Ed looked at me with his mouth open and big eyes. 'You were deaf?'  'My whole life, that's why I couldn't handle my father yelling. A couple of weeks ago Harry took me to the doctor and I got a surgery.' 'I feel so bad for you. So that means your father forced you to come here?'  'Yes...Do you really think I would just leave the love of my life? The person that saved me?'  'Ofcourse not. But that means you will go back one day?'  'In two years and a couple of months.'  'will you have a home then?'  'No...' I sighed. 'You are such a strong person Louis, much stronger than I thought. Your father is an asshole that's for sure. But you know that whatever happens, if you decide to stay here. My brother moved out so...' 'You mean I can live with you?' I asked, surprised by the offer. 'Yeah...' 'that's very sweet of you Ed...but...I need to go back one day, I can't stay here, this is not my home.'  'But here everyone accepts you, they like you, they think you're funny. Why would you want to go back to the place where everyone picks on you?' He had a point. Ever since I came here I felt a huge difference. I was placed in a class and asked to pick a place. A couple of students patted the empty spot next to them. Eventually I chose the empty spot next to the cute looking ginger boy in the middle of the class. Everyone talked to me and a couple of them even said I was funny. They asked me to sit at their table. I finally found a place where I blended in, what made me want to go back? But my heart knew it was not a what, but a who. My life is not complete without Harry. 'Louis?' Ed snapped me out of my thoughts. 'I have a great time here but I need to go back, back to Harry.' Ed nodded and stood up. 'I'm going back to class.' 


At my aunt I had not much to do. Then I decided I hadn't heard Harry's voice in a while. I grabbed my phone and picked his number. I would finally do something I never did before, calling someone. I just forgot about the time difference.


Harry's pov

I had math class when suddently mhy phone ringed. 'give me your phone mister Styles.' the teacher said. I quickly looked who was calling and my hear skipped a beat when I saw Louis' name on the display. 'Can I answer this call please. It's important.' I begged. 'My teacher wanted to to take my phone but I pulled it back. 'At least let me see who is calling.'  'It's my mom, she's sick.' I said before running out of the classroom. 


'Hello?' I heard Louis' voice as I picked up my phone.

'Lou! Oh, I missed hearing your voice.'

'How are you?'

'A mess.... My teacher almost read out loud who was calling me during the lessons but I told him it's my mom.'

'So I'm your mom now.' Louis chuckled.

'I guess so.' I chuckled.

'Then go clean your room.'

'Bossy mom I got.' 

'Am I?' 

'I miss you Lou.'

'I miss you too.'

'Are you happy there?'

'Yeah...I am...but I need you.'

'I need you too. But at least I know you are happy, it makes me feel better.'

'You're so cute.'

'I should go now, the teacher is propably wondering when I'm coming back. I think I should change your name in my phone to mom.' 

'Do that. Okay bye, I love you.' 

'Love you more.'


'Is she okay?' the teacher asked as I walked back into class. 'Yes, feels a lot better thanks.' I took place in class again. the spot next to me was emtpy and I noticed Milo wasn't here. 'Do you know where Milo is?' I asked Stacey. 'I'm not sure but I heard he had a broken nose and a black eye, I think someone beat him up.'  'Oh really.' 'Stop talking.' The teacher said. I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty for what I did, but also a bit proud to be able to defeat a football player. 





Days had passed and I kind of lived on autopilot. I just pulled myself trough the days. Math lesson didn't reall y birghten up my mood, the teacher gave me yet another failed test. One of the many. And when I thought my mood was already fucked up, I met Milo in gym hall. 'Ha Styles, what are you doing here?' I looked at the bandage on his nose, he won't harm me. 'Nothing, just hanging out I guess.' 'Great time to hang out.' He snickered. I looked confused but then I saw more guys walking in, the new guys of the football team. Shit. I didn't take long before I was shoved and and a rain of kicks followed. I looked up, covering my face, but between my fingers I saw a shocked Liam walking in. 'Are you guys out of your mind!' He yelled as he ran towards me, pulling the other guys back. I sat up and rubbed a painful spot on my chest. The guys didn't look very happy about Liam interrupting. 'Just leave.' The guys rolled their eyes. 'You're no fun Payne.' One of them said before they left, letting the doors fall shut behind them. 'Are you okay Harry?' Liam stuck out his arm to pull me back on my feet. 'Some bruises, nothing major.' I tried to sound cool but my voice was a little hoarse from the fear and the pain. The doors opened again to reveal a blue eyes blonde. 'Liam where were you?' Niall asked, walking towards us. 'I'm coming Nialler, me and Harry were just talking.'  'In the gym?' He raised an eyebrow. 'Yes.'


Liam left with Louis and I just sat on the bench. I wasn't here for sports though. I was here because around this time I could be alone. And when it would get too much to handle, I would release all my stress. Nobody should see me cry. 


When I joined Liam and Niall outside, they were talking about sports. 'You should consider to join the basketball team with me.' Niall chirped. 'With your length you could destroy the other team.' I smiled at the other boy's enthousiasm. 'Maybe, but for now I just want to take it easy. 'But the schoolyear isn't that long anymore, and it's your last.' Niall was right. 'I'm not feeling like joining the schoolteam, but we can play outside, there is a parc with a basketball field close to my house.' I suggested. 'Sounds great!' Niall cooed.


So that's how I would spend my days. When I came home from school I would eat and then go to the basketballfield with Niall. After some time also Liam joined. It was a great way to let out some steam. And I had to say tbhey were great friends. But there would always be thet black hole in my chest. And when I laid in my bed, alone at night, that hole would start hurting and keeping me awake. But like every night, a good night text from Louis would calm me down. 

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