love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


11. telling them

Harry's pov

After school me and Louis just hung out on the grass behind my house. Normally I didn't care we had a big garden but now I loved it. 'We should sing, shouldn't we?' I suggested. Louis nodded. 'I'm going to get something first.' I said and I ran back in to get my guitar. 'You play guitar?' Louis asked. 'I do, do you like guitar?'  'Alice sais it sounds wonderful so I think I'll like it.'  'I'm glad you have Alice and Mark, I would feel way too guilty if you were alone during the breaks.' 'Yeah...I'm lucky to have them, no matter what happens they are always there for me.'  'I want to be able to be there for you in school too.' I murmered, looking into Louis' eyes. 'Don't worry about it, I'll get true it and one day we will be able to walk around holding hands. And it will take time, but I understand, it's not easy for you.' 'Yeah...but I promise that I will come out this schoolyear.'  'Okay.'  'Now let's sing together!'  'What do we sing?' Louis asked, getting a bit nervous again. 'Let's just keep it at irresistible, it's a song you know, but one day I'll teach you one.' So together we played the whole song, and it sounded great. So now and then I told him to sing higher or lower but he did a great job and I felt like a proud father. 'Do you think I will be able to become a singer one day?' Louis asked. 'Ofcourse, you just need to believe in yourself.'  'I will fight for my dreams as long as you are by my side supporting me.' louis said. 'And I will always be by your side, I promise.' 


'Isn't it time to tell your parents about us?' Louis suddenlty asked. 'I don't know...'  'C'mon, your parents are so sweet, and it's a beginning isn't it?' I thought about it and Louis was right, I should tell them. I just didn't know how. 'You don't need to be scared, you are their son, they love you anyway.'  'I wish your dad would treat you like you deserve.' I answered. 'He barely sees me, I don't think he really considers me as his son anymore.' Louis sighed. 'That's a shame, 'cuz you really are amazing.'  'You are so cheesy.'  'I know, but secretly you love it.' I smirked. 'Ofcourse I do.' Louis stood up and gave me his hand to pull me on my feet. 'Let's go tell them.' He cooed. 'Now?' 'Ofcourse now! Or where you thinking about next year?' He pulled me back into the house and let go of my hand before we entered the living room. 'I kept standing there, akwardly, while my parents were sitting on the sofa. 'Is there something wrong Harry?' My dad asked. 'Nothing is wrong...but I need to tell you guys...something.' 'what is it dear?' My mom asked. 'Well...uhm...I'm in a relationship.' I started. 'Okay, is she a sweet girl?' My mom asked. 'Please tell me it's not one of those cheerleaders again.' My dad said. ''s not a girl.' 'My mum looked at me, at Louis and back at me. 'It's Louis right?' I slowly nodded. 'I should have known, the way you look after him, the way you look at eachother, so lovely. Harry, If you really love him I'm not going to make a problem out of it.' I sighed and looked at my dad. 'Harry...ever since you came back from Paris you changed, in the positive way, you are polite and caring, and I'm sure it's because of Louis. He makes you a better person, and when you are sure you guys want this I'm not going to be in your way.' I let out another sigh and turned around to pull Louis into a hug. 'See, that wasn't that bad wasn't it.' 'I love you.' I all I could bring out at that moment.


That evening we sat in front of the tv with the family. My parents on one couch, me and Louis on the other couch, together we were wrapped in a blanket. Louis was lying with his head on my chest, looking at the tv but not really watching it. I knew watching tv wasn't something Louis liked to do. And I had to admit if I couldn't hear a thing I wouldn't like it either. But Louis didn't nag. My mum put on the subtitels so Louis knew what was going on, but eventually he got tired and fell asleep. 'Louis seems tired.' My mom said. 'Yes, he been trough a lot lately.'  'I can't believe his dad kicked out a boy like Louis.'  'He's homophobic.' I sighed. 'Poor kid, and his mom died, he must have felt horrible.'  'He did, but he's a fighter.'  'I noticed that. You need to tell him he doesn't need to find himself a new home, he can stay here as long as he need to.'  'I will, thank you mom.'  'No problem. Now, do you friends know about your relationship with Louis?'  'No, but I have to tell them one day, I promised Louis.'  'Take your time, but don't wait to long, Louis needs to know you are going for him.'  'Don't worry mom, I won't. But I'm going to sleep now.'  'Not in the same room okay?' My dad said. 'Ofcourse not dad.' I gentely shook Louis and he woke up. 'Let's go to bed, you are tired.' 


I walked into Louis' room before going to mine and saw he was stripping down to his boxers. I couldn't help but keep looking. 'enjoying the show?' Louis asked with a smirk. 'damn busted, I thought I was bieng sneeky.' I chuckled. 'I may be deaf but not blind.' Louis said walking over to me. 'Sneeky little bastard.' Louis said as grabbed me by my waist and kissed me and kissing turned into making out. I couldn't help it but putting my hands on his bare upper body. My hands found his way from his shoulders, to his back and to his waist. When they got lower Louis backed of. 'Sorry.' He mumbled. 'No problem, I can wait.' I said, biting my lip. I had to admit my hormones were driving me crazy, but for Louis I could wait. 'I love you Harry, and I know you want more, but I'm scared and I don't want to ruin it for you.'  'Don't worry about it, tell me when you're ready.'  'I will.' 


I looked at Louis and then left the room to walk at my own. I stripped down to my boxers and laid on my bed, thinking about Louis. I loved him so much. Never did I care so much about someone. I felt like protecting him all the time. For him I would go trough everything, including losing my status at school. Just not yet. But telling the school wasn't the only thing on my plan, I was thinking about something els, I only needed to do some rechearch.

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