love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


14. Surgery

Louis' pov

Harry was pacing back and forth, while we were waiting for the doctor to arrive. I was already in a hospital bed. 'Harry please stand still, you are making me nervous.' I said as he began another round trough the room. 'I'm sorry, it's just...It's...nothing.'  'If it's nothing why can't you stand still?'  'Because you will be operated Lou, that's why. It's not nothing, I care about you.' Harry said as he stopped pacing around and walked over to me. 'Don't worry about me, I'll be alright.' I took Harry's hand and stroked it with my tumb. 'Are you scared?' Harry asked. 'A little, but I know you are right beside me so It's okay.'  'Mister Tomlinson, are you ready?' The doctor asked slowly.. 'I am.' I answered, taking a deep breath. Harry leaned over me and kissed me gentely befor the doctor rolled me to the operationroom. I got a mask and slowly I dozed off.


Harry's pov

I sat in the waiting room, and it drove me crazy. I couldn't help but start to walk around again to calm myself down. It became a bad habbit of mine. 'Nervous?' A voice behind me asked. I turned around and saw the young nurse that did the tests on Louis' ears. 'Yes.' I breathed. 'You guys are such a cute couple. Don't worry about the operation, everything will be alright.' She said. 'I just really hope te operation will be succsesful, Louis went through so much in his life. Actually his father should be here right now, but he isn't.' I sighed. 'Where is his dad?'  'At work propably, he doesn't even know about all this because he kicked his own son out.' 'He did?! Why would he do such thing?' she asked shocked. 'Because he was cuddeling a guy on the couch instead of a girl.'   'Then he doesn't deserve a son like Louis.' The nurse said. 'Shall I get you some tea?' I nodded and followed her to the cafeteria. 'Take a seat, my name is Angela by the way.'  'Harry.' I answered and we took place at the table. 'So, for how lang have you guys been a couple?' Angela asked. 'Almost a month.'  'A month, and you are already very important to him.'  'He's very important to me too.'  'I don't know if you know but before they took Louis to the operationroom he needed to fill in a paper with some personal things and aslo the person he wanted to hear first if the operation would be succsesful.' Angela explained. 'I saw Louis filling in some papers but I didn't really know what it was. Who does he want to hear first?' I asked. 'You, he wants to hear you first.' 


Louis' pov

I woke up, feeling a bit dizzy. I had a thing on my ears and before I knew it I was rolled back to my room. There Harry was waiting and as soon as he saw me he jumped up and ran over to me. He was rambling something I didn't understand so I just waited until he calmed down. 'Can we take away you earcaps?' The doctor mouthed. 'I looked at Harry, sat up and nodded. I felt a difference, but didn't inmidiatly knew why. 'Louis? Louis can you hear me dear?' Harry said. I looked at him in shock, I didn't even read his lips, I heard him, I really heard him. 'Y-Yes, I can hear you.' I mumbled, shocked to experience all the new things: Harry's voice, my own voice, noises in the room. 'I love you.' Harry said. 'I love you too, ohhh I love you so much!' Tears were streaming down Harry's cheeks and he wrapped his arms around me. 'You don't know how happy I am.' Harry cried in my shoulder. I took my some time to realise what he was saying. 'Harry, you are the one making me happy! I don't know what would have become of me it I didn't have you.' We were both crying but this were tears of happyness, and no one could take away my happyness.'


It was an hour later and I still had to get used to my new life. I didn't understand everything yet but I would get used to it. 'When will I go home?' I asked the doctor. 'We will do some tests and then you are free to go whenever you want.' He asnwered. He took me to the same room where they tested my ears the first time and In went trough the same tests again plus some others. Harry was right beside me all the time. HE held my hand and so now and then he would softly squeese it. I couldn't believe I could actually hear right now. I couldn't define how I felt. It was so new, so exiting, so relieving and at the same time a little scary. My head kept turning from where I heard sounds coming. Everything was so facinating. Harry softly smiled at me, I propably looked like a little kid in a toy store. 'Everything is alright, you can go home.' The doctor said. 'Let's go home Lou.' Harry took my hand and locked his fingers with mine and together we walked to the parcing lot. 'Before Harry started the enige he looked at me. 'don't be startled, the car makes quite some noise.' He saod before turning the key. He was right, there was some strange noise, but it didn't scare me because Harry was right there, next to me. 


Nothing was so relaxing as lying in the grass with Harry. But the difference now was that Harry was mumbeling things to me and I could actually hear him. I finally knew how his voice sounded and it was like I expected, slow, deep and a bit raspy and I could listen to him talking for hours. 'Harry?'  'Yeah?'  'Do you want to sing for me?' Harry sat up and I did the same. 'Ofcourse, what do you want me to sing love? Irresistible?' I nodded. I was stunned by Harry's voice and I couldn't help but get tears in my eyes. I could listen to him like forever. 'You have a beautiful voice.' I managed to bring out. 'God, Lou, are you crying?' Harry smiled warmly and laid his hand on my face. 'Ever since I met you I got so emotional.' Harry answered by pressing his lips onto mine. 'I don't mind, I think that side of you is cute.' 'I'm not cute.' I protested. But now I realised it didn't really sound tough. Harry didn't care though. We laid there in the grass for longer and Harry softly hummed some random songs. And I listened to him without saying anything.


But after some time my head started to hurt and I remembered that I needed to recover first. Harry's parents even put the sound of the tv down for me so I could rest. I was lying mith my head on Harry's lap while he was playing with my hair. Never did I expect that Harry could be so cheesy, so lovey dovey, but I loved it, and I didn't want it any other way. When I got too tired I walked off to my bedroom. 'You can't go to school tomorrow.' Harry said. I tilted my head. 'Your head will explode with all the noise, you need to rest for a few days first.' I sighed and kissed his lips. 'Okay, but only for a few days, Alice and Mark are waiting for me.'  'Alright, but you need your rest now.' Harry kissed me sweetely. 'Maybe staying home for a few days won't be that bad. I could walk around and explore the world in a way I never could before. It seemed like a great idea. I laid on my bed, on my back facing the ceiling. And I couldn't be more thankful about the sudden turn my life took. From a totel nobody to someone why was loved so much it warmed my heart. Slowly I dozed of into a dreamless yet peaceful sleep.

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