love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


25. Summer time


Louis pov

The weather was beautiful. And now me and Harry were graduated we could finally enjoy some free time. I didn't exactly knew what I would do with my life next but that it would be something with music was for sure. but for now I just needed some time with my friends and my handsome boyfriend.


'Lou wake up, we are going to the beach witht he lads!' Harry yelled from downstairs. I really liked that idea but it didn't sleep that good in ages and I just didn't want to get up yet. I heard footstept coming up the stairs and Harry smacked me with a pillow to wake me up. 'Get up, lazy ass.' I turned around, not to get up, but to pull Harry on the bed with me. 'We are going to the beach.' Harry said as he laid next to me. 'I know, but that can wait for a minute. I pulled Harry in for a kiss, crawled on top of him and we started making out. Harry found his way to my shoulder, lower back and eventually he grabbed me bum. I went with my hands trough Harrry's soft curls, But then I heard Harry's parents shout our names from downstairs. 'Ughh, we should really get a place for our own.' Harry groaned. I nodded and rolled of Harry and stood up to go the the bathroom. 'But we can shower together.' I said. 'But I already took a shower.' Harry answered. 'You don't need to wash yourself again.' I rolled my eyes and pulled Harry with me.


'So you guys took a long time to get ready.' Anne said. 'Your friends are waiting.' Liam managed to get a mini van to ride us to the beach and also Zayn and Niall were there. 'Are you ready to swim?' Niall cooed.


It was beautiful weather and Liam and Niall inmidiatly jumped into hte wather. 'You should take of your sweather Lou, it's freaking hot.' Harry said. 'Harry, please, no.' But he didn't listen, and he really knew how to distract me. he pulled me on my feet, grabbed me by my waist and crashed his lips onto mine while taking off my sweather. 'No one will look at your arm, and if they do, they will rememer how strong you are.' Harry said with a smile. I turned my arm, that was filled with lots of pink scars. Harry took me arms and kissed my wrist. 'Hey Zayn, aren't you coming?' I asked. 'no...I..' He stumbled as he looked at the sand. 'I can't swim...' He explained. 'Oh, but we will be back on the beach again in no time.' Harry said. Before I could protest Harry picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. 'No, no, no!' I chuckled. But it was no use, Harry was stronger than me and he threw me into the sea. Luckely it had been hot outside for a few days so the wather felt great. We had such a great time. We played in the wather until our lips turned purple from the cold wather.


We warmed up in the sand. We burried Niall, we actually build a little castle and we just ran after eachother like fools. We were like five big kids, but that didn't matter, we had fun, and that was what really mattered. 


The sun was going down but the weather was still great. Zayn, Liam and Niall were still sitting on our spot while me and Harry decided to make a walk. The sky turned a beautiful red color and holding Harry's hand just gave me the feeling that everything in my life was perfect. 




'What are we going to do this weekend?' I asked Harry who was stuffing himself with a hamburger. 'I want to take you somewhere, but it's a surpise.' He answered. Later that day Harry told me to get ready and pack for the weekend. I was really exited and didn't know what to expect. 'Let's go.' Harry said as he guided me to the car.


We stopped at the airport and Harry brought us to the right gate. 'Paris?' I almost squieled. 'Yes, I wanted to take you to Paris. Are you happy?'  'Happy? I'm more than happy.' I cooed.


We had a great plane flight and we arrived at our hotel in no time. It wasn't that big but it was enoug for the two of us. We quickly unpacked and I lied msyelf down on the bed. Harry laid himself next to me. 'What are we going to do now?' Harry asked. 'Uhm, I was thinking about making this bed ours.I answered with a smirk. 'I was hoping you would say that.' Harry said as he grabbed the lube from his suitcase.


The rest of the evening we spended on strolling through the streets, so now and then we would walk into a shop and buy something. We ended up at a little pub, close to the city center. 'What are we going to do tomorrow?' I asked. 'You'll see.' Harry asnwered. I hated it when Hrary didn't want to tell me something, but I was in agreat mood so I didn't ask further.


The next day the sun was shining, the bird were singing, it seemed like everything wanted to tell me this was going to be a wonderfull day. Most of the day we spended in the streets of Paris but when the sun went down, and the stars came out, Harry took me somewhere els. 'The eiffel tower.' I cooed. 'yes, but it's closed for now, but we don't care right?' Harry smirked. I rolled my eyes and kissed him his sweetly. 'You need to help me clim that fence again, because I suck at climbing.' Harry nodded and together we climbed over the fence. We ran up the stairs until we were on top of the eiffel tower. 'It's even more beautiful then I remebered. Harry said out of breath. I walked towards Harry and looked down at Paris by night. 'It's breathtaking, litarly.' I chuckled. 'Remember when we barely knew eachother, and we stood here for the first time?' Harry asked. 'Ofcourse I remember. I felt so happy that day.'  'I need to tell you something important.' Harry said in a serious tone. 'Tell me.' I said with a smile.'  'Lou, ever since I met you, I knew you were special. I didn't knew how important you would be back then. I learned to know all your soft spots and you learned mine. And we found out that even if we are miles appart for a long time, our love still survives. You proved that I'm not that though football player that gets every girl and has no fears, no you saw that I'm actually a sensitive boy that needs a lot of love.' And then Harry did something I didn't inmidiatly expect. He got down on one knee and showed me a small purple box. He opened it and inside there was a beautiful ring. 'Louis William Tomlinson, do you want to marry me?'  'O-ofcourse, yes, YES!' I cooed. Harry shoved the ring on my finger and I threw my arms around him and pulled him in for a tight hug. 'Oh Harry I love you so much.' I said as I looked at me hand. Harry tilted up my head with his finger. 'I love you to.' He said, his eyes sparkling in the moonlight.


'I'm engaged.' I said as I lied on the bed, playing with my ring. I had two rings now, and I loved them both. 'Yes we are.' Harry said with a smile. We cuddled up to eachother in the bed and I laid my head on his chest. I loved to hear Harry's heartbeat. Of all the sounds I learned after the surgery, it was one of my favorites. And I fell so easely asleep that night, with Harry gentely stroking my back.



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