love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


4. stars

Harry's pov

I woke up early with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I sat up I remembered why. In the other bed I saw Louis curled up with dried tears on his cheeks. The poor guy cried himself to sleep. What had happened to me. Why would I hurt him? Slowly also Louis was waking up, he didn't say anything though. Today we would both stay inside becaus it was raining very badly. That could be a long day. Louis got up and walked to the bathroom and got back showered and dressed and I quickly did the same. normally a cold shower would make my head fresh again but this time it didn't help. I kept thinking about yesterday, about the moment I pushed Louis down. I didn't want to. But I knew that if I didn't, my whole life would be upside down.


We ended up on the couch watching tv. Louis wasn't really paying attention to the tv though. It was just a guy talking about pinguins and I was propably even more boring if you can't hear a thing. I really wanted to talk about what was said last night, but I didn't know how. 'Louis?' I said. But then I remebered he couldn't hear me so I tapped his shoulder. 'I don't want to talk.' He said without looking at me. I sighed. He had the right to be like this. After all I was a real yerk to him. But I wasn't going to give up. I slowly turned his face but instead of looking at me he jumped up and looked at me angrely. 'I don't want to talk!' I repeated. 'Leave me alone! Go kiss a random girl or something!' He yelled. I jumped up to and walked close to him. 'Are you trying to say I'm a slut or something?' I spat in his face. 'You kissed five girls since you are in this school, that's not very normal.' Louis yelled back. I didn't know what happened to me but I just pushed him and he fell over. What have I done now? I did it again. 'You're just a brainless footballplayer that kisses every girl in school, just like your new ''friends''.' Louis spat before getting back on his feet and taking place at the dining table. 'No matter how many times you hurt me, no matter how many times you pull me down, I will always get back on my feet.' Louis said as he stared at his hands. Saying anything wouldn't really help right now because he wasn't looking at me but I really wanted to say he was right, I was this stupid manwhore who slept with other girls and wanted to attention, even if it was for a bad reason.


Louis' pov

I wanted this trip to be over, I wanted to go home and cry, but it was no use. Instead I just slept all day, knowing tomorrow would be a guided tour again. I felt stupid for hoping that I could be friends with Harry. As soon as he walked into the school every girl fell for him, and he gladly took them all. Every giy in the football team likes him and he's already the head of the team. The whole school knows him and likes him. What made me think that I had a chance? What made me think that he would stay nice to me? I had to eccpet that I always would be the loser, the nobody, the person nobody cares about. But still, I had a feeling that Harry was different, after all he there was still a part of me that said, give him a chance. But I could be wrong.


We needed to wake up early and only that already made my day like shit. The tour seemed to take so long and it began to become actually painfully thinking it would last another two hours. But before I knew it an arm pulled me into a small street completely to the back. 'Harry are you crazy?!' I yelled at him. Harry just smirked. 'I know you are mad but this is just so boring and I want to make things up to you. I rolled my eyes. 'At least give me a chance, I'm really sorry.' Harry said with pleating eyes. Eventually I gave in and I followed him trough the streets. We ended up in a cozy little town, away from the busy Paris. 'Harry, where are we?' I asked, a little worried. 'I have no idea but it's pretty here isn't it?' I rubbed my forehead. 'You don't know?' I aslked a little annoyed now. 'What if we don't find our way back, they are propably looking for you.' Harry ignored my rambling and looked at the sky and back at me. 'Isn't it amazing how the weather can go from pouring rain to a bright sky in just a day?' Harry asked. I wanted to roll my eyes at him but something inside told me not to. Harry really tried to be nice and it gave me a feeling I couldn't explain. 'We should make a walk shouldn't we?' Harry asked. I nodded and together we walked trough the cozy French streets. We took a break at a small snackbar for a coke. 'I could do this more often.' Harry said with a smile. 'Why do you do this?' I asked. 'I mean why me?' Harry smiled at me. 'Because I've really been so rude to you, I think it's who I've become, I swear I wasn't always like this.' Harry said with a sigh.  'What made' I asked. 'Harry just looked at his glass. 'I don't...I...I've never told anyone...Maybe when the time is right I'll let you know.' Harry said looking back at me to make sure I was reading his lips. 'We should propably head back, before they notice we're gone.' Harry said and he stood up. I did the same and together we walked back to the group, not side to side, that would be too obvious. They didn't really seem to notice we were gone though. Harry just walked back to his friends and he joined their conversation. I walked at the back, close to the teachers, hoping this would be over soon. But at least I felt a lot better now, knowing that giving Harry another chance was a good idea.


While I was on the couch looking at the tv, Harry was still outside with his friends. I couldn't stop thinking about him. What's wrong with me? Yesterday I hated him and today I got butterflies in my stomach when I thought about him. This is unhealty. Harry is clearly straigt and he can't even be friends with me without losing his status. I don't even know what we are right know, are we friends? Propably not. Harry propably just felt guilty. Maybe I should give him a second chance, he was really nice today. All my thoughts swermed in my head and gave me a headache. I was shocked when Harry suddently laid his hand on my shoulder. 'Having a bad head?' He asked. I nodded slowly and Harry walked over to our little kitchen. Five minutes later he came back with a mix of something I propably didn't even want to know what it was. 'My mom taught me how to make this, drink it, it really helps.' Even though it tasted awfull, I still drank it, and I Harry was right, fiveteen minutes later I felt a lot better. 'Wanna go make a nightwalk?' Harry asked. I tilted my head, did I read his lips right? 'Want to make a nightwalk?' Haryr repeated a bit more clearer. 'What if someone sees us?' I asked. 'Harry smirked. 'They won't I promise.' I stood up and followed him into the nightsky. Harry took my wrist and sparks flew trough my body as he pulled me trough fields and forests. Damn this boy was putting my world upside down. We were lucky we had a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Our teacher had decided that a hotel in Paris was too expensive. First I didn't like the fact we had to walk half an hour every day to get in Paris, but right now I loved the fields and forests. We ended up sitting in a meadow, looking at the stars. Harry's green eyes were shining bright in the moonlight. 'I'm glad I know why you always look at my mouth when you are talking to me, at first I thought it was a bit creepy because normally girls do that when they want a kiss.' Harry said with a smile.. I chuckled. 'I just want to know what you are saying.' I answered. But that was a lie, I wanted to kiss Harry, oh I wanted to kiss him so bad. But I couldn't. I laid myself on my back and Harry did the same. 'Isn't this beautiful?' Harry asked as he turned to me. I nodded. 'I love stargazing.' I answered. 'We should do this more often shouldn't we?' That sugegstion was very tempting, but I knew I couldn't. 'Maybe.' I sighed. 'Louis?' Harry asked. 'Yes?' 'Does you mom know you are bullied?' 'I...My...My mum passed away two years ago.'  'Oh...I'm sorry.' Harry said, and he meant it. 'She had cancer, but lived for another five years. Those years were really hard for me. But all that time also gave me the chance to say goodbye, not that it was easy.' 'That must have been so hard for you.' Harry said, and in his eyes I could see that he meant what he said. 'It was really hard...but at least I know now that she's not in pain anymore, she doesn't need to suffer anymore.' I said, trying to hold back tears. 'I'm sorry I started about it, let's talk about something els. How about your french? Do you speak french?' Harry asked. 'Actually I suck at french, it's already hard enough to learn english when you can't hear.' Louis answered. 'Ohh...But don't worry, I my french sucks too. During to guiding tours I don't understand much of what they are saying, I just pretend I do.' Louis chuckled. 'I know what you mean.'  'But you are lucky in class, when you aren't interested you just don't look at the teacher.' Harry said. 'That's true, but when we have Biology I don't know what Miss Dalton is saying, she talks so fast and I can't help but imagine her with a high squieky voice.' I smiled.  'She does have a high voice.' Harry chuckled. 'See. I knew it.'  'You're psychic.'  'Yeah, maybe I am.' I chuckled. 'How do you think my voice sounds?' Harry asked. 'Wel...I think you have a low manly voice. You're voice is very slow because it's really easy for me to follow what you are saying.'  'Yeah, my mom always said to me that I have a deep and slow voice, she also said that the ladies like that.' Harry chuckled. 'No wonder all the ladies fall at you your feet.'  I chuckled. 'I hypnotise them with my voice.' Harry chuckled. Harry was actually a funny and friendly guy. I didn't get how he could be so different when he was with friends. 


After an hour I was getting tired so I stood up. 'I think we should go back.' I said. Harry nodded and we walked back. 'The whole time I felt butterflies in my stomach and it was getting worse. If Harry expected to do this more often I would fall in love with him even more, and the only thing that would happen is that I end up heartbroken. I was startled by a sudden tap on my shoulder. 'Lost in your thoughts?' Harry asked. I nodded. 'You get that a lot don't you?' 'Yeah...'  'Don't worry I'm a dreamer too.' Harry said and together we walked into our hotelroom. 'Let's do this again tomorrow! Today was fun. Let's just ditch those stupid guiding tour.' I rubbed my head. 'People will notice.'  'You're right...Let's wait until midnight.' Harry said.  'Okay...' Harry went to the bathroom and came back ,in his pj's, I decided to do the same. I couldn't sleep though. The fact that Harry wanted to be alone with me made me go crazy. I knew that as soon as we would go back home he would start ignoring me again. I'm not a guy he wants to hang out with in public. But he's so sweet to me when we're alone. And I knew that if we would do this more I would hopelessy fall in love and I would get too frustrated. I couldn't do this, I was torturing myself. 'Why do I need to fall in love with the the popular guy? Why am I such a loser? No I couldn't go with him, it was better for the two of us not to hang out anymore. Hopefully Harry understands. 

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