love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


27. School's out

Louis' pov

Finally also Niall graduated. We were all very happy about it. I was also very relieved that the bullying in the school almost completely disapeared. Even though Niall wasn't at school anymore I remained a teacher there. At least I could still inspire kids with music, that was my dream. 


Me and Harry finally bought a small house close to Holmes chapel. And living together worked out perfectly well. Ofcourse we had our discussions but that never took longer than an hour. As soon as we had free time we would spend it with our friends. We even started a little band called 'One Direction.' We weren't that popular but we played in little towns and we had the time of our life. 


I was so happy how my life turned out. I had the best friends in the world, the best fiance, and the best family I could imagine. Niall even managed to get our group to Ireland to perform some songs there. I was so exited to go there. I knew Harry was also exited even though Niall already took him to his hometown once.


Niall started a study to become a sound engineer, Zayn became a Englis teacher at another school and Liam became a fireman. We all sorted our lives out and I couldn't turn our better, everything was perfect. 


I could fianlly let my past go, I had a new life now. The scars on my body were my batllewounds. and I could say that even though Harry didn't became a fireman just like Liam, he still saved my life. He was the best and I didn't know what I would do without him.


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