love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


3. Paris

Louis' pov

The past weeks were stressing me out like crazy. I wish I would just go sick but sadly I got like the best immune system of the school. While everyone was sick at home during flue season I was the one sitting in class, and ofcourse that was a new reason to bully me. I was wearing a sweather even though it was great weather today. But it wasn't to keep myself warm, it was to cover up my cuts and bruises, some caused by others, and some because of myself.


The day we left was there and I woke up with a sick feeling. Was there still a way to escape from this? My father wasn't home for next two or three weeks so I could easely just stay here and later tell him I didn't feel well. But the good person in me told me to go. I lazely got out of bed and took a shower to get myself awake properly. A quick sandwish is all I ate before I jumped on my bike and left. 


Luckely everyone was too busy talking about the schooltrip so they didn't really notice me. The bell rang and it was time to step in the bus to the airport. The ride there was peacuful, even though I sat alone, but I was already used to that. Also the flight was okay. But once there the real stres began. They began telling wich people were put in the same houses. 'The students from the class of Mister Sparrow are paired with their labpartner, so you share a room with the two of you.' My heart skipped a beat, that meant I would share the room with Harry. I already saw people poining at me and laughing, they were obvioulsy making fun of the fact that the handsome footballplayer had to share the room with the class loser. I tried to ignore the others students and walked directly to the room I had to stay and put my baggage in on my bed. Did they already make a bully out of Harry? Would he harras me? I sat on my bag, my head in my hands. I kept thinking and thinking and suddently I was snapped out of my thoughts by someone putting a hand on my shoulder. 'You were far gone.' Harry said with a smile. I slowly nodded. 'Are you okay?' He asked. 'Yeah...ofcourse.' Harry smiled and started unpacking. I did the same, maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all, maybe Harry's just a nice guy. 


When we were both unpacked we took place on the couch. Harry didn't really wared that I was around though. I just put on a sport channel and watched it until he got hungry. 'Want a sandwish?' I slowly nodded. Actually I just felt like I was alone again. Maybe if I would say something about football Harry would talk to me, but that wasn't sure. I didn't knew anything about sports eather so it was propably a better idea just to say not and try to be invisable, just like in class. 'I'm tired, I'm going to sleep.' I murmered. 'Should I put the sound of the tv down?' Harry asked. I shook my head. 'Nah, doesn't matter.' I went to the bathroom to change clothes and crawled into bed. 


I was woken up by Harry shaking me. 'Wake up, I've been calling your name for ten minutes.' I rubbed my eyes and stood up. 'I've good waffles, do you like waffles?' I nodded and took place at the table. 'So today we are going to do a trip trough the city, looking forward to it?' Harry asked. I tried to fake enthousiasm but I was sure It failed. 'Ofcourse, It's a nice city I think.' Harry nodded and finished his waffle before getting to the bathroom. So Harry Styles talked to me, and he even shared food with me? That was new. somehow it made my day a little brighter even though it was jsut a small thing. 


After I came back from the bathroom I saw Harry was now fully dressed and his hair was combed perfectly to the side. 'Do you always wear the same kind of clothes?' Harry asked, pointing at my clothes. 'I think so.' I shrugged. Harry always wore plaid shirts with a ripped jeans and brown boots. Today he took sunglasses with him and made him even better looking. Harry was so easy to like, no wonder everyone loves him. 


Outside everyone was already getting together to leave. Ofcourse they were inmidiatly mocking me, I didn't expect anything els. As soon as everyone was outside we left for a tour trough Paris. Touring Paris was something we had to do almost everyday. 'Paris is a big city so you guys will get a lot of touring days with sometimes some free days inbetween.' Our French teacher had said. I'd like to see more of Paris, but not with a guideing tour, I wanted to walk around on my own. I had to be fun eploring things with your friends or boyfriend. 


We were split up in groups with each our own guide.  Everything went well until they started to push me around, and they started to make fun of me. I wish I could just ignore them but they grabbed me by my shoulder so I would look at them. Without thinking about it I looked over at Harry. Harry was walking with some friends who were gladly joining the group of bullies. Only he wasn't saying anything, he just looked at me with an expression that looked like a guilty feeling. 


We got some time off and that was the part of the trip that scared me the most. I tripped over someone's feet and they were all laughing, others just left. No one could tell them not to do this. Before I knew it, it changed into a game kick the loser and there was no one who stopped them. I just lied on the ground, getting kicked where they could hit me. Again I looked for Harry, and again he was the only one not joining them, looking at me with the same expression. As soon as they got tired of their game they left me alone to propably go to a pub or something. I stood up and brushed myself off, noticing Harry was still standing there. 'Are you okay?' He asked. I slowly nodded, surpised he actually cared. 'I'm fine.' I lied. 'Doesn't seem like it.'  'Don't worry about me, I'm used to it. You better catch up with your friends before they see you're hanging out with me.'  'Is hanging out with you so wrong than?Harry asked raising an eyebrow. 'I don't know. I'm not what you can call 'cool.' 'I think you shouldn't be that hard about yourself. But I'm going to find out where my friends are, will oyu be okay?' Harry asked. I nodded and Harry left. So I was on my own, but at least no one could hurt me.




The next days were so boring, I walked along with the group, on my own like always. And ofcourse the guys did what they liked the most when they had nothing els to do. Harry didn't react, he just looked. I thought if I would ignore them it would stop but it got worse, and again I ended up against a wall, bieng pushed and shoved around. My eyes looked for Harry but when I found him he didn't look like he was going to help me, he was looking at his friends with sorry eyes. They were all encouraging him to help them hurt me, but he just kept standing aside, looking at scene. 


That evening I just spen on the couch, watching the tv. Harry took place next to me. I looked over to him and just at that moment he look at me. 'Are they always to you like that?' He asked. 'What do you mean?'  'I mean, how the guys treat you? why don't you fight back?' Harry asked. 'It would make no difference, it would propably just make it worse.' I sighed. 'You are the only guy that doesn't like to hurt me.'  'Why would I do that? you seem like a nice guy.' 'I don't know.' I shrugged. I stood up and walked to my bed. 'I'm going to sleep now.' I said. 'Alright then, goodnight.' Harry said. 'good night.' 




Only day four of the schooltrip and I already feld sick, not ill but mentally sick. I wasshoved around as soon as there are no teachers around. And I had no idea that this day would be worse than all the others. One of Harry's best friends pushed me against a brick wall and was quickly joined by all his friends. But everyone made place so Harry could walk trough. They were all encouraging him and yelling and shouting. I saw Harry's look shooting from me to his mates and back to me. More and more people joined and started cheering and before I knew it Harry gave me a push against a wall, not as hard as the others would ever do but it still hurt me, because it was Harry. I stood up, brushed myself off and got back to our room. and as soon as my face hit the pillow I started crying. This will be my life for now, what is he going to do next? Hurt me here, is this room? Where no one can help me? 


After an hour I dryed my tears and sat sat straigt in my bed. I shouldn't let myself go so much, I need to stand up for myself. But how can I if everyone is against me? I was startled by a hand on my shoulder. I quickly janked his hand away as soon as I realised it was Harry. After two minutes he walked to the other side of my bed so I had to face him. 'Don't ignore me.' He said. Anger was filling my body. 'You pushed me to the ground, what do you expect me to do? Hug you?' I taunted. Harry sighed and rubbed his face before looking back at me. the pressure was getting too big. I just had to prove myself one time and I will never have to do that again.' Harry explained. 'You're just a prick that wants to look like he's THE thing but is a total nobody, just like all the other guys.' I snapped. Harry looked kind of hurt. 'I don't want to bully you but you make it really hard for me, I mean they constandly say things behind you or just in front of you and you don't react like you don't hear them. Why don't you defend yourself? Say something back!' Harry yelled. 'I don't react like I can't hear them.'  'What do you mean?'  'What I mean is I can't hear them! I'm deaf Harry! and no one knows, only you do now.' I said, tears running down my face. 'I'm sorry I'm different, I'm sorry I'm such a loser, I'm sorry I...-' I was interrupted by harry putting a hand on my shoulder, he was sitting next to me, not really knowing what to do. 'I am able to know what you say because you talk very slow but I will never be able to know what people are calling me behind my back.' I sobbed. Harry rubbed my shoulder but I turned away. I didn't want to talk to him, I never wanted to talk to him again. I turned around but Harry laid his hand on my shoulder again. 'I'm so sorry.' He said. I shrugged. 'You say that out of pity, I don't need your compassion.' I growled before pulling the sheets over me and turning my back to Harry again so I didn't need to know what he was saying. 


A/N: keep in mind that Louis can lipread when a person talks slow enough

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