love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


15. new start

Louis' pov

Sitting at home doing nothing was quite boring. I decided to go out and explore this town. It was not the sight I liked, but the sounds, it was a whole new world. I finally found out how birds sounded like, and how it sounds when you are running over the pavement, the sound of people chatting, the sounds of passing cars. It were all such simple things, but for me it was magical.


People gave me weird looks when I stood by a tree with two birds in it. Normally I would care what people think about me, I would get upset. But today, I took a short look at them, showed them a smile and looked back to the tweeting birds. 


There was just one thing I didn't hear yet that I really wanted to hear, and that was my singing voice. But I was going to wait until Harry came back from school. 


A couple of minutes before Harry came home I sat myself on the pavement with my eyes closed. 'What are you doing?' Harry asked. I opened my eyes to see Harry next to his car. 'I'm listening.' I answered. Harry took place next to me and tried to doing the same, but he didn't expirienced it like I did. 'I want to go back to school.'  'But you are only home for three days.' Harry protested. 'That's enough, I'll be alright.'  'Okay.' Harry sighed and he got up. 'I'm going to go play basketball with some friends.' He said as he went inside to get a ball. 'Alright, I'll just watch some tv or something.' I answered. 'Okay, but don't put it too loud, you will get a headache.' Harry warned me. 'Don't worry about me, go have some fun.' Harry smiled and he ran into the streets. 


Anne's pov

I was about to go shopping when I saw Harry and Louis downstairs sitting together behind a laptop. Harry was letting Louis hear things like animals and stuff and Louis was listening to everything with facination. It was so cute to see them like this. 




Louis pov

'Ready for your schoolday?' Harry asked at the breakfast table. 'I'm a little nervous, a little exited and and also happy because I will see my friends again. I think Alice will start rambeling on how you have a bad influence on me, and than I need to tell her over and over again that you aren't the person that walks around in school. But I missed her actually.'  


Harry dropped me off a few streets away from school and I didn't wait to go, I just walked as fast as I could. But once there a storm of noises came to me. I rubbed my head and took a deep breath. I could do this, I didn't need to be scared. I was barely in school and I already saw Alice running toward me. 'Where were you? Are you out of your mind? Does Harry make you skip class?!' She kept rambling. 'Ugh Alice, stop shouting, it hurts.' Alice's eyes widened and she looked at me with a confused expression. 'Do you remember I told you I was going under a surgery for my inner ear?'  'Yeah?'  'It worked.' Alice's eyes grew even bigger, they almost popped out of her head. 'Do you mean you can hear me?' She asked. 'Yeah, I can hear you, and others, everything and everyone.' Alice threw her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. 'I'm so happy for you!' She cooed. 'What's going on?' Mark asked. 'Louis can hear!' Alice almost yelled. 'What?! That's awesome!' An awful sound bothered our conversation and I had to cover my ears. 'What the heck was that?' I asked, slowly removing my hands from my head. 'The school bell.' Alice explained. I saw everyone going to class so I waved my friends goodbye and walked off to English class. This time I didn't took place in the back, I took a place in the middle of the class and exitedly listened to the teacher telling us things about Ireland. But when that subject was done and it got boring I started to listen to the conversation behind me. 'I really want to get Harry's attention but he walks around with those cheerleaders all the time.' Emily, one of the popluar girls nagged. 'Maybe you need to wear a shorter shorts, or a top that shows more of your boobs.' Her friend Annah whispered back. 'Yeah you are right, I really need to date Harry, I'm losing my status.' Emily whispered. 'Show him some tits and he will fall at your feet. He's a guy that's easy to get.'  I couldn't help but turn around. 'You say Harry is easy to get? I don't see him showing of his legs or his dick, and I think you better keep those fake tits in your shirt because no one wants to see your cheap operation.' I answered. 'Oooohhhss.' Were hearable through the whole class and some people even yelled 'buuuurn.' Emily went completely white and I couldn't help but enjoy the moment. Ever since I had class with her she hurt me with her words, talked behind my back and made fun of me. finally after all these years I was able to get my revenge. And I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted to diss her. She hurt a lot of people's feelings in this school, and it was about time someone made an end of it.  Altough it was a one time thing, I didn't want to be like her, I didn't like to pull people down, but when they talk about Harry like that they just ask for it. 'How did you even hear me? I thought you were deaf?' Emily said, her voice high pitched from embaressement. 'Oh I was deaf yeah, but not anymore.' I said with a big smile. Never did I like class so much. The teacher didn't even punish me, she knew Emily was a bitch, and even she thought she deserved this. Emily once belonged to the sheerleading team, but she was so arrogant they just kicked her out. Now she was nothing but a avarge teenage girl anymore, nothing more, nothing less.


'You enjoyed English class didn't you?' Harry chuckled as we walked to his front door. 'I couldn't help it, they were talking bad about you, and ... She hurt me so many times in my life, she broke a part of me and I just needed to do something back.' I rambled. 'Don't worry, that bitch deserved it. And if she thinks she can get my attention by showing of her plastic tits, she's wrong, oh she's so wrong.'




Fridays were my favorite days. No one used microphone's that day, all to prevent that I would get an headache. Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam were sitting on stage and I joined them. The others were sitting acros the auditory in  the chairs. 'I'm exited for the show.' Niall cooed. I couldn't help but smile when I heard his accent for the first time. 'Oh god, your accent is so cool.' I said. Niall looked at me and shyly smiled. 'You think it's cool?' He asked. 'Yes, I never heard it before.'  'I'm glad you think it's cool, a lot of people dislike me because I'm Irish.' Niall said as he looked a little sad. 'Don't listen to them, I think Ireland is cool, we talked about it in English class wednesday.' I said. 'How can someone possibly dislike you?' Liam said. 'You are such a funny kid, they are just jealous.' Zayn said. Harry nodded. 'That's right, don't listen to those people who try to pull you down, it's because they are below you.' He said. Niall's cheeks went pink and he showed us a real smile. 'Thanks guys, I feel so happy here, in this group.' Niall was actually a really cute guy. I didn't get why someone could hate on him. He was always laughing and was someone you could have nice talks with. Because he was only sixteen years old we kind of felt like we should protect him. Liam was always there to defend Niall, they were best friends and even though Liam was such a sweet guy, I was sure that if someone would hurt Niall, Liam wouldn't doubt about kicking that person's ass. also Zayn had a different accent. It was really nice to link all the deifferent voices and accents to all the people I cared about. 'We should be a group or something.' Harry suggested. We all looked at eachother and nodded. 'Yeah why not?' Liam answered. We asked Miss Green and she allowed us to sing songs with the five of us. they thaught me some new songs and I got te rehearse Irrrisistible with Harry. It was weird to hear myself singing but I got used to it, and now I liked singing even more. 'Are your parents coming?' Liam asked me. I shook me head. 'I don't live with my parents.' I mumbled. 'Where do you live than?' Zayn asked. 'With me.' Harry answered because he knew I would get emotional. 'You guys live together?' Niall raised his eyebrowns. Harry took a deep breath and looked into my eyes. I knew what hew as going to say and I gave him a comforting nod. 'Louis is my boyfriend.' He said and they smiled. 'Alright, good that we know.' Liam said. 'Are you into guys?' Niall asked Harry. Harry nodded, scared what Niall would say next. 'Okay, I didn't expect that. But I knew you weren't a player that took every girl in school, you are way to nice for that. It was all a cover up isn't it?' Niall asked. 'Yeah...I don't want people to know my sexuality.' Harry said. 'Don't be ashamed for it, I'm not ashamed to be straight so why should you be ashamed to be gay? Love is Love isn't it?' What Niall said was right, and everyone nodded with what he said. Harry looked so relieved. 'Let's sing another song together!' Zayn said; We got up and picked if few songs to pactise.


lying in the grass with Harry was my favorite thing. Harry would tell me things about his life or sing for me, and I could listen to him forever. 'I want to fix you.' Harry suddently said. I sat up and Harry did the same. 'You are doing a wonderful job at fixing me.' I answered. Harry took my hand and pulled up my sleeve to reveal my scars. Gentely he stroked over them with his tumb. 'How can someone make you feel like doing this to yourself?' Harry asked. 'I don't know, but I quit, and that all thanks to you.'  Harry brought my arm to his face and kissed my scars. 'I love you.' I murmered. 'I love you too.

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