love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


18. mistakes

Louis pov

The whole schoolday seemed to last for ages. 'What are you thinking?' Ed, one of my friends asked. 'Nothing, nothing.' I answered. 'Do you know you are a bad liar? Tell me what's wrong, please.' 'I just miss someone I needed to leave behind.' 'Who is it?' I looked at my hand and showed it to Ed. 'The person who gave me this ring.'  'So you are in a relationship?' I nodded, still looking at the ring. 'that girl must mean a lot to you if you keep this relationship going with that distance.' Ed said. 'Ed?'  'Yeah?'  'If I tell you something...something I didn't tell you yet, would you...hate me?' 'Hate you?' Ed repeated. I waited, trying to find out the right words but by now I realised I better just tell people. 'I'm gay Ed, the person I left behind is a guy.' Ed stared at me for a while and then smiled. 'I'm happy you trust me enough to tell me this. And I promise I won't take avantage of it, really.' 'That's so sweet.' Ed took my wrist and pulled me to a bench. 'Your outside tells me you are strong and confident, but you weren't always like this, am I right?' Ed asked. 'Yeah...Actually I'm just a sensitive little guy.'  'Why do you hide it away? It's not necessary here.' 'Because at me previous school people judged me, hated me, picked on me and harrased me.' I said in one breath. It actually physically hurt me to tell about my past. 'Then why did you stay? You don't deserve to be treated like that.' Ed said as he laid his hand my shoulder. 'first I thought I had no choise, that I just had to go trough it. But then, one a schooltrip, I met this guy, I fell in love, and he did too. He made me a stronger person. I miss him...' Ed pulled me in for a hug, like he knew I really needed that. 'don't worry Louis, you will be alright, and if you ever need someone to listen, you know I'm your friend.' Ed said. 'Thank you.' I mumbled. 'And please don't hurt yourself.' I tilted my head. 'I saw your scars, please don't.' I sighed deeply. 'I try to but sometimes it just...the mental pain just gets too much.' I explained. 'I understand. But hurting yourself isn't asolution. I promise you it only makes it worse. I've been there.' I looked at Ed with big eyes. I just pulled up his sleeve and showed me some pink scars. 'It's a long time ago but I still regret it. Please don't do that to yourself.' I nodded. 'I'm gonna do my best.'  'And I'll help you.' Ed said with a smile. 



Harry's pov

I tried to join my friends in a conversation about the next football game but because I quit I didn't really had much to say. It got worse when  Milo started to talk about Louis again. 'They told me the fag kid lives in America now, so he finally ran away. I knew he wouldn't hold on, he's such a pussy.' Milo went on. His friends nodded and laughed. I just left the group. I didn't want to listen to him. I tried to calm down, walking 


But when I saw Milo alone in the hallway, smirking I just couldn't help it anymore. 'He you!' I started. 'Hi Harry, how is my mate?' 'Don't call me mate, what are you? Australian?' I taunted. 'You don't need to be that angry, I don't even now why you are mad at me?'  'Oh really? Maybe because you pick on guys that don't deserve to be treated that way?' I snapped. 'Are you talking about that faggy kid? He deserves it, he's a loser.' And then I exploded. I walked towards him and punched him in the face. He stumbled back and fell against the lockers. 'What the fuck Styles?' He stood up, holding his cheek. And then I knew I wasn't goig to get away with this. He ran towards me but I easely punched him back to the ground. 'You know what? You don't know how it is to be different, to be alone, to be bullied, to be hurt every singe day, to fight trough the day. You are just an asshole Milo.' I growled as I kept punching him. I felt like I could keep going but then I realised I wasn't like him, and this was wrong. I got up and looked at Milo who kept lying on the ground, holding his bleeding nose. 'You are insane Styles.' Milo mumbled as he got up. 'don't think you will get away with this.' He growled. 'What are you going to do? Tell your friends I kicked your ass? I think they'll like to hear that.' I smirked before walking off.


I didn't go to English class that day, I walked straight to the auditory. I sat on the stage looking around. This place wasn't the same without Louis. 'Trying to clear your mind?' I heard an Irish accent. I looked up to see Niall walking over to me. 'Are you okay Harry?' He asked as he saw my face. 'I beat up Milo.' I whispered. 'You what?!'  'He shit talked about Louis, he calls him a fag.' Niall looked at me and without saying anything els he just hugged me. 'I know you wouldn't do such thing without a reason.'  'But I shouldn't have done that, it's wrong. I really regret it.'  'everyone makes mistakes. But Harry, Milo hurt Louis several times, maybe it was about time things were the other way around, not that it's okay to beat people up.' Niall said. 'I know it's not okay...I'm so tired of this place.' I groaned.  'I have an idea.' Niall suddently said. 'The next vacation I'm going home for the weekend, why don't you come with me?'  'You mean going to Ireland?' I asked, liking the idea. 'Yes! I just have to ask my parents but I'm sure they will be alright with it.'  'Sounds like a great idea. That way I can finally espace this world, I need it.'  'I know.' Niall asnwered.


The other students and Miss Green walked in and everyone started to practise songs. We all got a list with the songs we were going to sing at the show and my stomach dropped as I heard Irresistible. 'Miss, that song was suposed to be a duet with Louis, I can't sing it on my own.' I said as I saw the list. 'I can't change it anymore, I'm afraid you have to sing it as a solo. But don't worry about it, you have a wonderful voice.' I sighed and walked back to the seats. 'Aren't you exited?' Liam asked. 'Ofcourse.' I answered, but I knew how fake it sounded.




I was relieved we finally had vacation. The only thing I had to do was ask my parents if I could go to Ireland with Niall. I really like the idea so I took Niall with me so they knew I was telling the truth.


'Mom, dad, I need to ask something.' I said as I walked in. 'What is it sweety?' 'My friend Niall here, asked if I want to go to his home this week.'  'Ofcourse, where is it?"  'Mullingar...'  'Mullingar? That's in Ireland right?' My mom asked. 'Yeah...Niall is from Ireland.' I explained. 'Oh, I didn't know. do you have money lefty from the football games?' I nodded. 'Than it's no problem for me.'  'For me neither.' My dad said.


The next day we would go. I was happy my parents learned to give me freedom. they knew Niall was a good friend.


We were so exited. the whole plane flight Niall told me about their country and he kept rambling and rambling. I didn't mind though, I though his country was facinating. As soon as we landed we took a cab to Mullingar. It was a small peaceful town. Niall's parents were obvioulsy happy to see their son back, they seemed so friendly. 'Mom, Dad, meet my friend Harry.' Niall introduced me. 'Hello Harry, come in.' His mom said. We walked inside and took place in the living room. 'How are you Harry?' Niall's dad asked. 'I'm fine.' I asnwered, but that was a lie. We spended the day talking about everything and nothing and it was actually very relaxing. Niall had such nice parents and it inmidiatly felt like home.


The next day Niall took me to his favorite local pub. 'Normally my dad goes with me so I he can share his glass with me. I'm to young to drink so.' Niall said. 'You can drink from my glass.' I suggested. Niall flashed me a smile. It was very cosy on the inside. Here people weren't constantly on their phone, here people were social, they were actually talking to eachother. 'Fun place.' I said. I looked at the beers you could get but Niall shook his head. 'You're in Ireland, you gotta take Guinnes.' He said like it was the most obvious thing ever. So I did as Niall said and took a pint Guinnes wich I shared with him. 'It's different, but I like it.' I said. The rest of the evening we just talked. 


The rest of the day we spended on a basketbal field across Niall's house. and I had to admit that Niall wasn't bad at all, he was actually a challenge. 'Beat you again.' He cooed. 'I'm a football player not a basketball player.' I chuckled. 'Are you?' Niall teased me. 'Yes.' I poked him. Niall made the most cute squieky noise I ever heard and I was counting Louis also.  'Stop, Stop.' Niall chuckled as I'm tickled him. He tried running away but I grabbed his wrist. That was the moment I needed to remind myself I wasn't messing around with Louis. It would get really akward if I kissed Niall. 'Is something wrong?' Niall asked. 'no, no, it's just...a long time ago I actually could be a boy and play around.' Niall smilled and pulled me in for a tight Horan hug. 'You don't need to grow up too fast.' He said. Niall was right. Bieng here made me realise that you need to live your life before it is too late. And that was what I did. Me and Niall messed around like twoo little boys. We played basket, found some old skateboards and actually put on roller skates. I had such a laugh and I didn't want it be be over yet. But I knew we had to go back tomorrow. But before we left we visited Jim, one of Niall's friends. He had an even better Idea. He gave me the leash of his big dog and told me to put on roller skates. That was really fun, I ended up with bruised knees but I didn't care, I was used to that anyway.


'Did you have a fun time?' Niall asked on the way to the ariport. 'Yeah, I really want to come here again. It was lot's of fun.' Niall gloomed. He for sure loved to hear someone loved his country. 'One day I will come back, and I'll take Louis with me.' I said. Niall nodded with and ear to ear smile. 'Sounds great. Louis told me he loves Ireland too.' 

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