love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


26. I'll stand by you

Harry's pov

Summer was over, and Louis found his perfect job as the new music teacher at our old school. And I found a job teaching other people how to play the guitar. I just loved life how it was now. We planned on getting married as soon as Niall graduated so probably next summer. 


I kissed Louis' nose to wake him up. It was something that worked all he time. 'What time is it?' He mumbled, still with a sleepy voice. 'Time for you to get ready. It's friday.' I knew Louis loved friday, not only because it was the last schoolday of the week but mostly because he had his favorite kids that day. 'c'mon let's shower together.' I said as I pulled Louis out of bed.' Louis was always in for that and I knew that. 'Okay, okay, I'm coming.' He mumbled.


It noticed Louis not only got stronger on the inside, he also changed on the outside. His striped clothes and woolen sweathers were gone and made place for denim trouses and leather jackets. also he wore his hair in a quiff most of the time and I had to admit it looked hot on him. Louis wasn't a boy anymore, he became a man, my man.


Louis pov

I loved the last two hours on a friday. Niall was always the first one to run in and tell me about his schoolday. For him I wasn't a teacher, and I didn't want to be a teacher to him, for him I was a friend. But today Niall didn't ran in as usual, hi strolled behind the others, the usual smile on his face wasn't there, and what worried me the most: he was quiet. 'Niall, are you okay?' I asked as soon as he sat down on the stage. I sat myself down next to him so we could talk. 'It's nothing.' He murmered. 'It's something for sure, please tell me.'  'I...just...Milo always picks on me...' My stomach turned around. 'Milo?' I growled. 'Yes, him and his friends.' 'I'll take care of it, now let's brighten up your day.' I let the kids sing their favorite song and before they all left a girl from Niall's class: Melody, walked over to me. 'Can I talk to you Mister Tomlinson?' She asked in a worried tone. 'Ofcourse, sit down. What's wrong?'  'It's Niall...Milo and his friends are really mean to him, and it's for weeks now. Niall pretends not to care but I know he does.' I rubbed my temples, wishing this was just a nightmare. 'Niall is a very fragile person, and normally had Liam to protect him...but now he needs someone els to fall back on.' 'I want to be that person.' Melody said a little overenthousiast. 'Melody, can I ask you a question?' She nodded slowly. 'Do you like Niall? And I mean like more than friends?' She didn't answerd for a while but then she slowly nodded again. 'How do you know?'  'I watch you guys every friday, I just see how you look at eachother, and how you laugh together, you guys would make a beautiful couple.' I explained. 'Do you think Niall likes me back?'  'I sure he does, but there is only one way to find out.'  'How?'  'Ask him out silly, I'm sure Niall will say yes.' Melody jumped up and nodded. 'Ofcourse, thank you mister Tomlinson.' She cooed. 'Please call me Louis, it sounds a lot younger.' I chuckled.  'Okay, thanks Louis.' And she walked away.




The next friday I waited for Niall but he didn't show up at all this time. Fiveteen minutes later he still wasn't there and I got worried. 'Class, please rehearse that last song I gave you, I need to do something.' I said as I walked out of the auditory. What I saw in the hallway made my heart drop and my stomach turn. A little blonde boy, huddled up in a ball, was lying on the floor. I heard his soft sobs from where I stood. I inmidiatly ran towards him and took him in my arms. 'Niall! What happened?!'  'Milo.' He murmered. I saw Niall was still in shock and he had a scratch on his cheek. when I tried to move him he winced. 'Does that hurt?'  'My ribs...hurt.' He mumbled. 'That's it, I'm gonna bring you to a hospital.' I said. I picked to younger boy up, bridal style and walked back to the auditory. 'Melody, I need to ask you to take over this class today.' She looked at me with big eyes. 'what happened to Niall?!' She practically screamed. 'Don't worry, he will be alright. I trust you.' I said before leaving the auditory. I laid Niall on the backseats and inmidiatly drove to the hospital.


On the hospitalbed Niall got a oxygen mask to calm down. I kept sitting next to him with tears in my eyes. 'Why are you crying?' Niall asked he he pulled his mask off. 'Because I hate to see you getting hurt, because I know how it feels.' I answered, not bieng able to hold back my tears. 'And I hate to see you cry.' Niall said with a smile. No matter what happened to him, this boy always found his way to see things positive. 'I'm okay Louis, I-'  'No you are not!' I inerrupted. 'Milo always picks out the people that don't fight back, and I'm tired of him. He needs to know his place and he's not getting away with this.' I snapped. 'Are you okay mister Tomlinson?' The nurse asked as she walked in. 'Yeah...Yeah...'  'Now, it seems you have no major injuries, only a bruised rib and some bruises, but they will heal.' The nurse said. 'You can go home whenever you want to.' niall stood up and I supported him back to my car. 'Shall I bring you home?'  'That would be nice.'


After I brought Niall home and explained to his parents what happened I could finally crash on the couch. 'Had a rough day?' Harry asked. ''s milo...he found his new victim.  'That awful, who is it this time?'  'Niall.' I growled.  'Ugh, did that piece of shit learn nothing?' I shrugged and laid my head on Harry's shoulder. 'I hope Niall graduates soon.' I mumbled.




I waited for the classes to be over, I waited for Milo to get his stuff. It was time to teach this guy a lesson. 'Hi Tomlinson, didn't talk to you in a long time.' Milo said as he crossed my path in the hallway. 'don't talk to me like I'm an old schoolfriend.' I hissed. 'C'mon, don't tell me you ar still mad at me, I just teased you.' 'Teased huh?' I taunted as I pushed him harshly against a locker. 'You will get fired for this.' Milo groaned. 'I don't care! And this isn't about me. I don't care what you did to me, but you need to meave Niall alone!'  'Oh the blonde kid? He's a pussy. He already starts crying when I tell him he has no talent.' Milo smirked. 'Don't make me punch you.' I hissed. 'You? Are you going to punch me? I wanna see that. No you don't make me afraid, you are as much pussy as your little friend.  You are just a little fag. You don't have the guts to-' I interrupted him by punching him on his nose as hard as I could. He fell to the ground, covering his nose that was beelding heavely. 'Don't mess with me.' I hissed before I left.


the next day Niall was in school again and I was happy to see he and Melody were talking. 'Louis!' He cooed as he saw me. 'Melody just asked me out!'  'That's great.' I said as if I knew nothing about it. 'I'm so happy, everything is going right, and Milo isn't here, it's rumoured that someone gave him a broken nose.' Niall said. 'Yeah...maybe he deserved it.' I said. Niall gave me a quick hug before he left. 


Later that day I went back to the auditory to find out which song would be good for my classes. 'Hello?' I heard a voice at the door. I was surpised to see Milo at the door with a bandage over his nose. Actually surprised was an understatement. 'Can we talk?' He asked. 'What do you want to talk about?' I sighed. 'I want to say sorry.' Milo murlered he he walked towards me. 'excuse me, what did you say?'  'I said sorry. Sorry for everything I did to you, and to Harry. Sorry for making your life mistrable and sorry for what I did to Niall.'  'Why are you apologizing?'  'Because I realised, that I'm nothing, I'm just nothing. A yerk why makes himself feel better by pulling other people down. And I don't ask you to forgive me, but at least you know I'm sorry.' Milo wanted to walk away but I called him back. 'A person can forgive, but never forget. Remember this as a lesson to become a better person.' I said. He nodded and left. Maybe after all, I wasn't that bad as teacher.


'You are in a good mood.' Harry said as I hummed my favorite song while cooking. 'Yeah, you will never believe what happened today. Harry walked towards me and wrapped his arms around me, laying his head on my shoulder. 'What happened?' He asked. 'Milo came to the auditory today an apologized for everything he did, and he meant it.'  'Well...that's new. I thnik everything will be alright.' 'Yeah.'

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