love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


10. I want to take you somewhere

Harry's pov

Before I went downstairs I decided to first wake up Louis. But instead of shaking him I sweetly kissed his nose. He slowly woke up and revealed his beautiful blue eyes. 'Morning love.' I murmered. Louis sat up and streched his arms. 'Morning.' 'I'll let you get dressed.' I said and I went downstairs. My mom already made us breakfast, scrambled eggs with bacon and fruit juice. 'I Louis awake?' My mom asked. 'Yes, I woke him.' I answered, taking place at the table. 'Didn't he set an alarm?'  'Mom, he can't hear his alarm.'  'Ow, yeah...I forgot.' I smiled when I saw Louis walking into the room. His eyes grew big when he saw what was on the table. 'Is that for us?' He asked. 'Ofcourse silly.'


After breakfast we put on our shoes and jacket and went to my car. 'I'm never brought to school in a car.' Louis said. 'Now you are, and you will be for the next weeks.' I answered. 'But what if your friends see me and you in the same car?' Ohh, I didn't think about that. 'I can go by bike.' Louis suggested, but I quickly shook my head. 'No way I'll let you go by bike. I'll just let you out a bit earlyer, is that okay?' Louis nodded.


On the way to school everything was quiet, when we were almost there I stopped so Louis could get out. 'Before you leave, I want to say that after school I'm taking you somewhere.' I said. 'Taking me somewhere?'  'You will see.' Louis gave ma confused expression, tilting his head but didn't bother to ask for more.


School was like always boring and stressing me out. I needed to pretend to be to cool baddboy but in reality I'm just a fool that tries to be belong. I saw Louis standing there with his two friends and I wished he could just join my group, but that wouldn't end well. I was lucky Louis was my labpartner though, that way I could hold his hand under the table and no one would notice. It were small things but it made Louis happy and not only Louis. 


Louis' pov

The school found out I was deaf, so now the people liked to talk behind my back even more. I didn't really care though, because now they knew why I didn't always react. The negative side? They threw things at me to get my attention, and people liked to trip me because they new I couldn't hear them coming. But nothing could stand in the way of my happynes. The bullying stayed but now I was stronger, and braver, and it frustrated other people, and that was the bright side learning to stand up for myself. During the break I had tons of things to talk about with Alice and Mark, and even they noticed how I changed.


Harry's pov

I was happy school was over, because now I could pick up Louis. He was waiting where I dropped him of. 'So where are we going?' Louis asked. 'You'll see.' I simply said. 'Why are you driving to Doncaster?' 'Lou, please, just wait a sec.' Louis was quiet for the rest of the way but then he got an idea of where we were going. 'We are stopping at the cemetry?' Louis asked, still confused of why I took him here. 'I want to visit your mom with you.' 'Harry that's so sweet!' He cooed. 'As soon as you came back to England I just knew we had to visit her, I even got a rose.' Louis flung his arms around me and hugged me tight. 'You're the sweetest boyfriend ever.' He murmered. I looked around and when I saw no one from school was here I entertwined my hand with Louis'. Louis leaded me to the right grave and we we got there I laid the rose on it. We stood there for a while, still holding hands. I decedied not to feel ashamed and just tell his mom what I wanted to say. 'Hey miss Tomlinson. I euhm...I wanted to say that Louis is a great guy and he will become a great man one day. And I feel lucky that I can call him mine. And I'll take car of him no matter what happens. I promise.' Louis who had looked had me while I was talking now laid his head on my chest. 'I miss her.' He murmered. I stroked his back trying to comfort him. I wanted to tell him that his mom would be so proud of him right now, but it was no use because he couldn't hear me. I wish his mom could be here for Louis, so she could see how strong he is. But I was sure she was looking from above. 'Harry are you crying?' I quickly wiped away the tears from my eyes and kissed Louis' forehead. 'Yeah..I...She would be so proud of you Louis, and I mean that.' Louis wiped away the tears from his cheeks and gave me a smile. 'You think so?' 'I know so.' I turned around and looked at the grave. 'I'm sure she's a great woman, and I'm sure you look a lot like her.' I said. 'She's the best mom I can imagine. She thaught me everything. She went to my speaking lessons with me. She thaught me to sing. We went to city fair every fall. We used to make long walks in the forest, and we didn't say anything at all, and still I loved it.'  'Sounds like she really loved you. But that's obvious.' Louis looked at me and smiled. 'She watches over you.' I said kissing Louis' forehead. 'Thank you for taking me here.' Louis said. 'I haven't been here for a while because my father said I needed to leave the past behind.'  'That's the biggest bullshit ever. I'll take you here as often as you want.' Louis smiled and that warmed my heart. 'We should head home, dinner will be ready in ten minutes.' I said. Louis nodded and we walked back to my car.



'You guys are home late.' My mom said when we walked in. 'I drove to Doncaster to visit Louis' mom. she passed away a few years ago.' I explained. 'Oh, dear, I'm sorry.' She said very slow so Louis could read her lips. 


After dinner we went outside and sat on the grass. 'So told me you wanted to sing, do you want to sing for me?' I asked. Louis looked at the grass he was playing with. 'I...uh...I propably suck...' I gentely tilted his head up with my finger and looked him in the eyes. 'I'm sure you sound like an angel. Wich song do you like?'  'My mom used to teach me Irresistible , I love that song, even though I never really heard it, I just followed her lips.' Louis explained. 'Do you want to sing the chorus for me? I'd really like to hear your singing voice.' Louis looked at me for a while and looked at the grass again. 'Well...Okay, but promise me not to laugh.' He looked up at me. 'Ofcourse not.' Louis took a deep breath and began singing.'  'It makes your lips so kissable and your kiss unmissable, your fingertips so touchable, and your eyes irresistable.' There was no lying necceray, it sounded great, a little hoarse but that was propably because he was shy. 'Lou, that was really great! Don't let anything stop you from following your dream!' Louis turned red and it looked so cute. 'How do you know I want to be a singer?' He asked. 'Because when we got to know eachother better in Paris, you told me you liked to sing, do you remember when we were laying in the meadow, stargazing?'  'Ofcourse I remember, How could I ever forget that? That's the moment I realised that I was madly in love with you and there was no turning back.' I smiled and put a string of Louis' hair out of his eyes. 'You are perfectly imperfect.' I murmered. 'When did you realise you loved me?' Louis asked. 'When you were sitting on your bed, telling me things about youself and I couldn't help but notice hom much a grew fond of you. Each time when we needed to do things for school I wished I could go back to the hotelroom and talk with you.'  'would you come out for me one day?' I knew he would ask me thatch question one day, but I tried to ignore the idea. 'Ofcourse...but not yet...Because Lou...I need to admit that...I'm scared.' Louis gave me the cutest smile ever. 'You don't need to be scared! But I understand, we'll tell them when you're ready. But it's cute that a thing like bieng gay makes the most popular guy of the school scared.'  'It's not cute, I'm not cute.' I protested. 'Okay you aren't cute, you are adorable!' I jokely growled and leaned over Louis and he fell on his back. I started poking him and he laughed so loud and that just made my heart flutter. when Louis was done with getting tickled he pulled my face closer and crashed his lips onto mine. I decided to try something I wanted to try a while ago, and I was happy Louis let me. Our passionate kiss tunred into a making out, and Louis was better than I expected. We disconnected our lips and I laid my forehead onto his and stared into his blue eyes. No one could take him away from me. 'Won't your parents get suspicious when we stay out for so long.' Louis suddently asked. 'Nah, they're watching their favorite show, believe me, when they are watching that shitt, they wouldn't even notice the house is on fire.' Louis chuckled and gave me a quick kiss. Without really noticing it was by now completely dark. 'Look at the stars.' Harry said, pointing at the sky. 'don't they look beautiful.' I looked up and Harry was right, there was a bright sky filled with beautul stars. We laid down on our back, next to eachother just like we did in Paris. The only difference was that we were now holding hands. 

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