love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


24. I want to hold you hand


Louis' pov

Christmas vacation was over and it was time to go to school again. Like before Harry brought me to school the next day, but this time he didn't drop me of a few streets away, he rode me to the parcing lot and we walked together. 'Wait.' Harry said before we walked in. 'I...I want them to know we are a couple.'  'Ofcourse.' I said as I tilted my head slightly. 'Can we hold hands?' I looked at Harry surpised. 'Why not?' I intertwined my fingers with his and then I saw Harry getting nervous. 'We don't need to do this if you don't want to.' I said. 'I want this, and I'll do this.' He took a deep breath, and then, together we walked further into the school, holding hands. Ofcourse people looked and pointed but we didn't care, we had eachother. 'Are you going to your friends?' I asked. 'Those douchebags are not my friends. My friends are over there.' Harry said as he looked at Mark, Alice, Niall, Liam and Zayn. I smiled and together we walked over to them. Ofcourse the footbalplayers all shot us a dirty look, but it made me feel even better. 'You are back.' Mark and Alice shouted almost at the same time. They attacked Louis in a groupshug before he could say something. 'Harry.' Mark said surprised. 'I hope it's okay if I join you guys from now on. I realised that those guys will never be my friends, you guys are everything I need.' Harry said. 'Ofcourse you can join us.' Alice said as if Harry asked the strangest question ever. Harry stood behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist, his head on my shoulder. We talked about everything and nothing, and I didn't mind what other people thought, they could say what they want because my life was perfect right now.


'Lou?' Harry asked during lunchbreak. 'Yeah?'  'Ed just texted me, he seems quite sad.' I had a bad feeling in my stomach as I thought back at the day I said goodbye to my ginger friend. He knew that day would come, but it was still difficuld. We both cried and he stood at the gate as I left to step ont he plane. I felt so guilty my stomach turned. 'Oh my...I...Poor kid, I need to call him!' I ran to a quiet place and dialed his number.



'Louis! Are you alright? Did you have a save flight?'

'Yes I did.'

'Luckely. How are you? I miss you here. 

'I miss you too buddy. But I promise, as soon as we have vacation again, I will visit you.'

'Sounds amazing, can't wait.'

'I'm still feel guilty for just leaving.'

'Stop feeling guilty, I knew you wouldn't stay for three years here, you held on for a long time, but you need to be happy.'

'Thanks Ed, it means a lot.'

'no problem, now I need to go back, I have class int two minutes. Talk to ya later.'



'Is Ed okay?' Harry asked as I joined the groupd again. 'I think so.' I answered. The bell ringed and me and Harry walked to class together. This time I didn't pick a place in the back, no, I sat in the front, next to Harry.' Miss Reed, our English teacher walked in and started writing on the bord. 'Love?' It said. 'Can someone explain me what love is?' she asked. Several girls raised their hands and I was surprised to see that also Harry raised his hand. 'Mister Styles, do you want to explain love for me?' Harry nodded and took a deep breath. 'Love is falling in love with someone's soul, not someone's looks, sex, race or style. Love is, even though you will fight sometimes, your heart will tell you you belong to that person. It doesn't matter what other people think, they can't decide what's the best for you, only you can. Love brings out the best in you, but also accepts your dark sides, your flaws. Love is missing someone even though your appart for a short time. Love is, even though your are miles appart, in your heart, you know you are always together. Love is fighting for someone you care about more than yourself. Love is wanting to protect that one person. Love is not a body, or a sex, love is a feeling, a bond.' Almost all the girls had tears in their eyes and even the boys were quiet. 'That was a beautiful explanation Harry. Their must be a special girl in your life.' Miss Reed said. 'That person is special for sure, but it's not a girl.' Harry said as he sweetly kissed my cheek. Miss' reed mouth fell open as she realised. 'Oh.' Was all she could bring out for a moment. 'You guys make a wonderful couple, never let people tell you otherwise.' I smiled and Louis laid his head on my shoulder. I could hear Milo call us names but that couldn't hurt me right now. 


We sat together together in the auditory, in a circel. We knew the schoolyear was coming to an end and that also meant that we would leave school for good. Only Niall who was younger, still needed to finish school. And ofcourse he didn't want to. 'It's weird, thinking that we will leave this place in a few weeks.' Zayn said. 'I don't. I need to stay here, without my friends.' Niall murmered. 'We will visit.' Harry said. 'really?'  'Ofcourse, you don't get rid of us that easy.' Harry chuckled. 'I can't believe how fast this year passed by.' Liam said. I was fixing my hair as Harry grabbed my arm and pulled my sleeve up. 'Louis no.' He said. 'I...I...had a bad moment.' I gulped. 'Moment? Louis this is not from one time. Why didn't you tell me? I should have never let you go.' Harry said as he stroked over my many cuts. 'Louis why?' Niall said as he saw my arm. 'I...I' I stood up and wanted to run away but Harry grabbed me wrist and pulled me in a sweet embrace. I laid my head on his chest and a few tears rolled down my cheeks. 'It's okay, it's okay. You're here now, and I'm going to make sure you never feel that way again. I promise. The other guys stood up for one big grouphug. I dried my tears and grabbed a microphone. 'Let's sing together now we still can.' I said. Everyone nodded and grabbed a microphone. And instead of going to class that day we spend the whole day in the auditory, singing songs together.


After school., Harry decided to drive to a coffee bar. even though I didn't really like cofee, I didn't complain, Harry liked this so why would I nag? 'Do you want one?' Harry asked. I shook my head. 'No, I'll just sip from yours.' I answered. We took place at a little table, close to the window. 'So coffe huh? Do you have American blood or something?' i chuckled as I saw how much Harry enjoyed his drink. 'I don't know, maybe I do.' Harry smirked. 'But you are pure Brittish aren't you? I know you only drink tea unless it has loads of sugar in it.' I shook my head. 'Actually I have Belgian blood, not much, but apperiantly I have family there.'  'I didn't know that, that must be the only thing I didn't know about you.' Harry said. 'You know me so well?'  'I know your favorite song is Irresistible. I know you have a soft spot for you mom. You love to hum in he shower but you never really sing. You are insecure when it comes to love. You like it to sleep on my chest and you always tilt your head when you are confused.' Harry chuckled.  'You know a lot about me. I know a lot about you too, just not the fact that you like coffee.' 'I didn't just come here because I like coffee. I also took you here because this was the place my parents met, right here, at this table.' Harry explained. 'That's so cute. You know you are hopelessly romantic, do you?' 'I don't know.' Harry chuckled.


After an hour of talking about everything and nothing, Harry brought is home again. This was a great day and I hoped all the schooldays would be like this until the end of the schoolyear.

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