love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


16. don't take me

Louis pov

The rest of the days went by pretty peacefull. When I had time I went to the auditory as soon as I could. There were all the amazing sounds: the piano, the guitar, the violin,... I couldn't play them myself but Niall would play guitar for me and Liam liked to show me his piano skills. Harry couldn't play any instruments but just like Zayn and ofcourse Niall and Liam he had an amazing voice that everyone would fall in love with. 


Harry's parents were still at work so Harry decided to cook. 'What are you making?' I sniffed the delicious smell and wrapped my arms around my cooking boyfriend, laying my head on his shoulder. 'Spaghetty, your favorite.' Harry andwered continuing to cook. After eating I took time to clean eevrything. Harry almost did everything, I couldn't expect that he would also clean up after dinner. When everything was in his place we took place on the couch and Harry huddled us in a blanket. I could lie on the couch with Harry like forever but the doorbell rang and Harry needed to answer. When he opened the door there was a silence and it just didn't feel right. 'Where's my son.' A painfully familiar voice sounded from the hallway. Heavy footstepts came closer making me flinch. My father walked into the living room. I shot a scared look at Harry and he looked back at me with the same expression. 'You are coming with me.' My father said. 'Why? You kicked me out, Why should I go with you? My home is here now.' I protested. 'Because I'm your father. You are moving to America.' My father said like it was nothing. 'I'm not going anywere, and for sure not with you.' 'Oh you are not staying with me, you are staying with your aunt, she lives in LA.'  'Louis isn't going anywhere!' Harry suddently came inbetween. 'Who are you to stop me? He's still my son and he's coming with me.'  'I'm not, and you kicked me out, you were never there, I'm not your son!'  'I saw my father was boiling with anger but I wasn't goign to listen, I just couldn't do this. 'You are coming with me! Now!' My father kept yelling. 'You are telling me now that you are my father? Where were you when mom was sick? Where were you when I was all alone and depressed? where were you when mom passes away? Where were you when I got home crying because I got bullied, again? You were never there. You're not my father, you are nothing to me. You need to leave, I'm much happier here, happier than I've ever bien.' My voice started to shake and my whole body was trembeling. Never did I talk like this to the man I used to call my father. 'You shitty piece of a kid should be raised right again! And don't try to be tough, you aren't Louis! And you will never be! Accept that you are a nobody!'  'Please stop shouting.' I cringed. I covered my ears as tears streamed down my face. My head was exploding and the loud noises scared me so much I wanted to run away. Then I felt Harry's strong arms wrap around me and he pulled the side of my face to his chest and covered the other ear with his hand. I heard muted noises and I kept getting more and more upset. Harry stroked my back with his free hand but the tears kept flowing. And then he released me. 'Listen to me Louis.' My father said. 'You are not staying with me, you are staying with Aunt Lisa, you liked her didn't you? It's for three years and then you do whatever faggy shit you want.'  'Why?' I asked, my voice hoarse from the crying. 'Because your aunt expect you to visit her and I told her you could stay there for a couple of years so you could see her more often, you will go to school there.'  I turned around and Harry stroked my cheek. I knew my father was bossy, but he really loved his sister and he would do everything for her, even making me move to America. 'I don't want to go.' I whispered. Harry pulled me close to him and I cried in his chest. 'Louis, whatever happens, I won't let you go, I promise.'   'You want to wait three years?' I asked. 'Even longer if I had to. Louis we will skype and call and text.'  'I can't go.' I said. 'You have to, you  promised aunt Lisa you would move in with her after your mother died and I already asked you and you said yes.' My father said. 'That was seven months ago! I was a mess, I didn't know any better, I thought I could escape everything here. But now it's not neccesary anymore, I forgot about it.' I rambled. 'A promise is a promise, now go pack your things, we are leaving tomorrow.'  'tomorrow?!' I yelled. 'Yes.' He walked back at the hallway and left the house. I collapsed on the ground and Harry dropped himself next to me and hold me close. 'Don't cry my Lou. I know you dont want to go but you need to stay strong.' Harry said as he stroked my hair. 'I forgot I promised aunt Lisa I would move in with her, I thought my father forgot about it too. Seven months ago it looked like a great idea to start fresh at another country but I was wrong.' I cried. Harry hold me even tigther. 'Oh Lou, I wish I could keep you here, I don't want you to go.' I was so tired and upset Harry had to pick me up and bring me to my room, and crawlked in bed with me and held me close to him. That night Harry didn't leave my side. He ignored his parents rule not to sleep in the same room with me. Harry kept mumbling sweet nothing in my ear until I fell asleep.



Harry's pov

With a painful heart I saw how Louis was packing his stuff. finally it looked like he had everything sorted out but now it was all undone. When he was done packing he sat next to me on his bed. 'Did you mean it when you said you would wait for me?' Louis asked. I held him in my arms and slowly rocked him like a child.. 'I will wait as long as I need to, I'm not going to let you go.'  'Three years is such a long time.'  'Yes I know, and our love will survive this, I promise.' I got up and took something from my drawer I kept for a special moment but decided to give it now. I sat back next to Louis and gave him a small red box. 'What is this? It are rings?'  'Promise rings.' I explained. I took one and shoved it on Louis' finger and Louis shoved the other one one mine. 'When you need me just look at your hand, with this ring I promise you I will always be there, forever and I will never leave you behind.' I wiped away fresh tears and looked at my hand. 'I can do this.' He said with new strenght. 'And when I come back I will never leave your side again.'  'I'm totally okay with that.' I answered. 'My father will be here soon.' Louis sighed. And right at that moment the bell ringed. It was so hard to keep my tears from falling. Everythhing i nside me screamed no, don't do this, don't let Louis leave. But then I remembered something my mom once told me: 'When you really love someone, let them go. If they come back, they love you just as much.'


I watched how Louis left with his father. I walked back to the couch and then I realised what just happened. One day everything was going perfect and the next day everything goes wrong. They took my Louis away from me, the only person who kept me standing. And that was the first time I litarly bursted out in tears. I held my face in my hands and cried, I cried and sobbed loudly. I didn't even heard my parents coming in. 'Harry what's wrong?!' My mom asked as she laid her hand on my shoulder. 'H-he t-ook Louis.' I sobbed. 'Where? Who?'  'I took a deep breath as I tried to explain. 'He moved to his aunt in America for three years!' I yelled. My dad sat on my other side and rubbed my back. My mom pulled me in for a hug and I cried on her shoulder. I didn't even eat that night, I went to bed with an empty stomach and a broken heart. That night I cried myself to sleep, hoping this nightmare would be over soon.





I was standing with my friends as I saw Alice and Mark were waiting for Louis, I needed to tell them. No matter how much Alice hated me, they deserved to know. when the bell ringed I waited a while and stopped them before they could go to class. 'I need to tell you guys something.' I quickly said. 'I thought we were done talking.' Alice said. 'Please just listen. Louis' father forced Louis to move to America for three years, he left yesterday.' They looked at me like they saw a ghost. 'You are kidding right?' Mark said. 'I'm not.' My voice got hoarse and I knew I was about to cry all over again. 'He's not.' Alice said. 'I just got a text from Louis.'  'Me too.' Mark said. I rubbed my forehead. 'Harry have you cried?' Alice asked. 'Not yet todat. Alice I promise you I love Louis to the moon and back.'  'Is that a ring?' Mark asked as he looked at my hand. 'It's a promise ring, Louis is wearing the other one. I wanted to make sure he had something from me before he left. He needed to believe me that I would wait three years for him. I love him.' I said. I needed to stop talking because tears were escaping my eyes. I tried to wipe them away quickly but it was no use. 'You really love him.' Alice said. 'I do.' I sighed. 'I'm so sorry Harry. I'm so sorry I didn't believe you.' Alice said. 'It's okay, I need to go to class.' I walked off to Biology but I couldn't pay attention., I waited for Louis to get off the plane so I could finally text him again. I needed him so bad and I wanted to be there for him. 'Don't feel like listening mister Styles?' My Biology teacher asked. I looked at him and back at my desk. 'Do you want to go to the prinipal office mister Styles?' Without answering I stood up and left the classroom, leaving everyone in confusion.  I walked outside and took a deep breath. And I felt so relieved that I finally my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a text from Louis.


from Lou ♡:

Hey Hazz, I just arrived in Amerika. I sat alone on the plane, but I rather sit alone then with...yeah you know...Hope you are okay over there. I love you <3


I smiled at the text, smiling because he didn't just give up on me, because he didn't give up in general. I sended him a text back before walking into the schoolbuilding again. I had to attend the last two classes, otherwise my parents would get to know about me skipping classes, and I didn't want any more problems. After school was over I inmidiatly went home and dropped myself on the couch, burying my face into a pillow. Could I just press a rewind button?

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