love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


6. didn't expect that

Louis' pov

I was put in a group with some guys I really didn't want to be alone with. Harry had tried to cheer me up but it didn't really work. The passed days were alright but now he won't be around to make me smile. Just a couple of hours I reminded myself. Just a couple of hours and I will be able to go back to the hotel. Now I was waiting for Max, Milo and stan to join me. When they realised who was in their group their smile dropped. They were talking about me but their lips were moving way too fast to know what they were saying. Milo pushed the bundel with questions in my hands. 'You are going to fill them in while we are getting a beer. And you tell no one, understood?' I nodded. Actually I was happy I could walk around on my own. I started to walk around and quickly found te answers to the questions. In two hours I had all the answers and I walked back to the beginning point. Ofcourse I was the only one there, even the teachers were still walking around. I just sat on a bench waiting. I saw a man with a violin playing music for a cute couple that was dancing to the music. I wished I could hear the music, I wished I could know how it feels to hear music. But music wasn't the only thing I wanted to hear, Harry's voice would always be a mistery to me. That he talks slow is the only thing I know. 


Slowly people started to come back. I handed in my papers and headed back to the hotel. I was surprised to see Harry sitting there. 'hi Lou.' He greeted me. 'Already here?'  'Yeah, I was tired and Shirley was filling in the questions so I didn't have much to do.' I nodded. 'Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?' Harry asked. 'I was thinking about taking a nap if you don't mind.' Harry nodded. 'I can see that you're tired, ofcourse I don't mind.' Maybe taking a nap isn't such a bad idea.' 


I woke up to a delicious smell. when I sat up I saw Harry in the kitchen making dinner. 'It's almost ready.' he said as he saw I was awake. We ate dinner together and even though we didn't say much, I enjoyed Harry's company very much.



The nest two days gave me mixed feelings. I had to go trough those awful guiding tours but when we got back to the hotel Harry was there and he wasn't ashames to talk to me anymore. Harry told me everything about his best football games and his competitions and I could listen to him like forever. Actually I it wasn't really listening what I did but for Harry it didn't matter. And I was just really happy someone finally listened to my stories. We talked and laughed together, and I knew I grew attached to Harry. 


'Hey Lou, can you tell me that story about that girl that wanted to play football?' Harry asked as we sat in the couch. 'Didn't I tell you that story yet?'  'Half, you were tired yesterday, you promised me to tell me the rest of the story today.' Harry said with twinkeling eyes. 'There wasn't much of the story left. Jsut that she got scared during the game. They had to pause the whole game and wait so she could decide what to do, and eventually she jsut ran off the field.'  'Girls.' Harry rolled his eyes. 'Got something against girls Styles?' I smirked. 'Ofcourse not. do you have other stories from your old school?' Harry asked. 'Many, and I could tell them all, but I think that would get boring.'  'I don't find you boring at all. You are a great storyteller.'  'Thank you Styles.'  'Styles?' Harry chuckled. 'Jsut call me Harry, we're friends, aren't we?' Harry smiled. 'Ofcourse we are.'  'You know Tomlinson, I must say that you are a great friend. I didn't like this schooltrip at all at first but now I know when I go back to the hotel, at least someone is waiting there.' My heart skipped a beat. I didn't realise Harry liked hanging out with me so much. But I knew that as soon as he walked inside this hotelroom he became a whole other person. Instead of the popular jerk, he was a guy who laughed about my endless stories and got sparkling eyes as he told me his stories. 




Ãfter the tour me and Harry just watched tv. it was already dark but I wasn't tired, not at all. 'Lou, I want to take you somewhere.' I tilted my head. 'Do you trust me?' I nodded slowly. 'I was actually thinking of blindfolding you but then you won't know what I'm saying and I think that would be pretty scary.' Harry rattled. 'Yeah, my eyes are my ears. Harry pulled my arms and we left the building. 'Are you going to tell me where we are going?' I asked. Harry shook his had. 'It's a surprise.'  'We shouldn't go this far so late.' I said. 'Live a little.' I smiled and together we walked down the streets. 'Wow wait, are we taking a tube?' I asked. 'Yeah. Please tell me you don't have a phobia of taking the underground.' I slowly nodded and looked at the ground in shame. Harry tilted up my head. 'If I stay close to you, do you wat to come with me?' I looked into his eyes and nodded. 'Yeah.' The whole way Harry stayed close to me and after five minutes my fear was completely gone. Harry gave me a save feeling and I just liked to be around him. It hurt me to think that in a few days this would all be over and I would be the lonely loser again. 'Lost in thoughts again?' Harry asked. I nodded.  'Yeah, most of the time I'm on my own, and when I'm lonely I try to find my escape in my own head.' I explained. 'Are you lonely when you are with me?' I shook my head. 'Not at all, I've never felt so happy in years.' Harry smiled and his eyes sparkled. 


We left the underground and when we walked up the stairs I realised we were at the Eiffel tower again. 'what are we going to do?' I asked. 'You wanted to go up right?' My eyes grew big. 'Harry it's midnight, there is no one there.'  'I examined the gate and we could climb over it.' Harry smirked. 'You want to climb over the gate?!' 'I'll help you. C'mon you won't regret it, I promise!' Harry started to climb up and when he sat on top of the fence he stuck out his hand. I took his hand and he pulled me on top of the fence. Harry climbed off on the other side and gestured me to do the same. I jumped but slipped, luckely Harry caught me. He fell over and I fell on top of him. Lauging we laid there in the grass. After a minute we got up and walked to the stairs. As little kids we ran up, ofcourse when we were about half way we were totally out of breath but we kept going. Once on top of the Eiffel tower I tried to catch my breath. 'Look!' Harry sheered and he pulled me to the side. The vieuw was astonishing. 'You were right, this was really worth it.' I laid my hands on the railing and looked at Paris by night. Suddently Harry wrapped his arms my waist. It was a feeling I never got before. I wasn't weird, It felt like it should be like this. We stood there like that for what must have been ten minutes, then Harry turned me around so I would look at him. His green eyes sparkled in the nightsky. 'Lou, before I met you I was such a mess, I thought I could never bond with anyone again. I never knew what it was to have a real friend, now I do. You make a better person of me Louis. And even when we leave I don't want to loose touch with you. You may not realise it but I really care about you, I actually grew very fond of you.' I didn't know what to say, never had anyone said such nice things to me. My eyes got teary. Harry arms were still around me and he pulled me closer. 'Louis there is something I didn't tell you.' Before I knew what was happening Harry leaned closer and closed his eyes. Softly he pressed his lips onto mine in a sweet loving kiss. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I got sparks all over my body. The world around me disapeared. For now it was only me and Harry. 


I opened my eyes and Harry laid his forehead on mine. 'I love you.' He said. There grew a big smile in my face. 'Is this real?' Was all I could bring out. 'Very real.' Harry said before pulling me into a big hug. I couldn't be happier. I laid my head on his chest and I didn't really know why but tears started to spill from my eyes. It wasn't because of sadnes though, I was relief and love. 'Harry gentely held me back and wiped away my tears with his tumb. 'Why are you crying love?' He asked. 'I-I just did'nt expect this to happen.' Harry planted a kiss on my forehead. 'I want to make you happy Lou, I want to be there for you forever.'  'So you want be my...'   'Boyfriend? Yes.' Haryr said with a big smile. I smiled so wide I thought my mound was going to rip. 'What will the others say?' Harry looked at his feet and back at me. 'Can we keep this a secret for a while? I'm not ready to come out yet. Actually that's the reason was bullied before.' I stroked some of his curls out of his face. 'No problem. It will be our little secret.' Harry nodded. 'Our little secret.' He repeated. 


together we walked down again and climbed over the fence. Paris was beautiful with all the lights and for sure now I was here with Harry. his fingers touched mine and slowly ours hands intertwined. We walked trought the streets for a while, holding hands. It was midnight so almost no one was outside, so we didn't really care people saw us like this. Harry stroked my hand with his tumb and it made me feel loved and save. I didn't even care anymore that we needed to take the tube to get back to the hotel. Harry held his arm around my waist the whole time. the only thing I didn't like was the people staring at us, and Harry notcied that. 'Just let them look, they're jealous.' Harry said as he let go of my waist and took my hand instead. We found a place next to eachother on the tube and I it took me some courage to lay my head on Harry's shoulder. But he didn't mind. 


When we walked in we were still holding hands and Harry turned me to him. 'Do you know how handsome you actually are?' He asked. 'No...I...No one ever told me.' I stumbled. 'You are handsome, you are handsome, you are handsome.' Harry said with a smile. I chuckled. 'Do you ever look at yourself?' I asked. 'We should go to bed, It's late.' Harry said. I nodded. 'Goodnight my love.' Harry said and he softly kissed my lips. 'Goodnight. I love you.' 'Love you more.' 


I kept replaying the scene over and over again. Since when am I so lucky? I turned to my side and fell in a peacefull dreamless sleep.



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