love will speak (larry stylinson)

Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the courage to tell Harry his feelings? And that he's gay isn't the only thing he tries to hide.


7. bent not broken

Louis' pov

Today would be the last guided tour, and I didn't really mind. I woke up by Harry gentely shaking me.  'Got ya croissants. We are in France aren't we?' He chuckled as we ate them. They were delicious. 'You are looking a bit nervous.' Harry asked. 'Yes, I know that as soon as I leave this door you can't do anything against my bullies.'  'I'm put into another group but I'm sure they'll leave you alone, and when I see something happening to you I will beat their ass.' Harry said finishing his croissant. 


I stood up and grabbed my coat, I really needed to change style, I was almost eighteen now and I still dressed like a sixteen year old who owns a boat.. Harry put on his coat and before he left he quickly kissed my lips and ran out. I stayed in a bit longer, and then joined my group.


I hated needing to walk with them. They wanted to send me on my own but I didn't want to, I didn't want to be a slave of them. Gregor was speaking to me but he was talking too fast to known what he was saying, but Milo had a slow voice with lips that were easy to follow, I just didn't want to know what he was saying. 'Why don't you just fill in this stupid questions?' He barked. 'Because you need to do something too.' I simply answered. 'No, you are going to do this.'  'Why?'  'Because you're a fag.' Milo taunted. My blood started to boil as he said the word I hated the most. 'I'm a fag?' I snapped back. The others started to chuckle. 'Look at him trying to sound cool.' Milo taunted. 'Ass.' I murmered, hoping he didn't hear me, but he did. 'What did you say there? I think you need to learn a lesson.' Milo said as he pushed me over. He started to kick me against my legs and in my stomach, soon his friends joined him. I yelled to stop but it was no use. I waited until they walked off and I laid there for another five minutes before I got up and walked back to the hotel. This trip seemed like I spended more time in the hotelroom than I did in the streets. I ran to my bed and laid there on my stomach, crying my heart out until my whole pillow was wet. I was scared and hurt and I felt stupid for believing I could stand up for myself. 


A hand on my back startled me and out of reflex I shouted 'Don't hurt me!' Then I saw a confused and shocked Harry. 'Why would I hurt you? Oh my god, you've cried! What happened?' Harry sat next to me and pulled me into his arms. 'Milo...He beat me up.' Harry pulled me even closer and I cried into his chest. He gentely stroked my hair untill I didn't feel like crying anymore. 'Let's go to the meadow.' Harry said. 'It's not dark yet.' 'I doesn't need to be dark, it's just a beautiful place.' I nodded and together we went to the beautiful green place, away from the busy city.


'Do you have a dream?' Harry asked as we sat in the long grass. 'I do...but It's stupid...' 'I'm sure it's not.' Harry said. 'I...I always wanted to sing as soon as they thaught me to talk.'  'Why is it stupid?' 'I was about ten years old when they thaught me to talk. It isn't easy at all when you can't hear yourself. It's scary...But as soon as they told me I actually had nice sounding voice I wanted to learn how to sing. My mom was a singer.' I explained. 'Then what made you stop chasing that dream?' Harry asked.  'Ever since my mom passed I didn't feel like singing, actually I didn't feel like talking.'  'I'm sure you have a beautiful singing voice, and I look forward to hear it one day.' Harry said. He was so sweet.


Harry's pov

'You're actually very cheesy.' Louis said with a smirk. 'Am I?' I asked, poking Louis. He made the most cute squeeky noise I ever heard. 'You can't handle tickling?' I asked. Louis shook his head and I couldn't help but go for a tickle attack. Louis wasn't going to let me win though. He stood up and giggling he ran away. But soon I caucht up with him and grabbed him by his waist to stop him from running. He squeeled and turned around. 'Jump.' I said and he did as I asked. He jumped and wrapped his legs around my waist. 'I always wanted to do this.' I said before crashing my lips onto Louis'. No one could take this little boy away from me. No one could make me love him less. I started to stumble and before I knew it I fell on my back with Louis on top of me. Louis chuckled and I wrapped my arms around him even tighter smiling into the kiss. We laid there for a while just enjoying bieng together before we both got up and walked back to the hotel, holding hands like two teenagers in love. 


'What are we going to do when we get back home?' Louis asked. I knew what he meant, I knew he wanted to know if I was going for this relationship even if we won't see eachother that often. 'Don't worry, I'll fight for this realtionship, and I'm going to change, I just need some time.' Louis smiled. 


It was getting late so I made a quick meal and we went to be bed. But before Louis could go to his room I grabbed his wrist. 'I'm sleeping in a double bed, you can lay there with me if you want to.' Louis looked at me but I saw the idea also scared him a little. 'Don't worry I won't try anything you don't feel comfortable with. Just sleeping, I promise.' 'Okay then.' Louis said as he followed me to my room. I stripped down to my boxer and Louis did the same. Now I saw how nice his body actually was. But I was keeping my promise though, just sleeping. 


Louis' pov

Harry had a beautiful muscled body and I realised then that I was sure I was gay, no way a woman body could ever give me that feeling. I climbed into bed and Harry wrapped his arms around me. I laid my head on his chest. I didn't often just sleep in only boxers but Harry's bare upper body and arms kept me warm and I fell asleep in no time.



'Mom can we sing again.' I cooed as she walked into my room. 'Ofcourse sweety, you know I love to teach you how to sing.' My mom answered. 'What will we sing this time?'  'I know a song that fits your voice perfectly, it's called Because Of You.' My mom started to sing and I watched as her lips moved, she used her hand to let me know wich were the high notes and wich were the low ones. When I knew enough I tried it myself. When I sang good she stuck out her tumb. 'You are getting better and better Boobear.'  'Mooom, I'm tirtheen you don't need to give me baby nicknames.' I nagged. 'That's true, my little boy is becoming a man, and one day you will become an awesome singer.' 'You think so?'  'I know so.' 






Harry's pov

Bieng outside bored me so much. We had seen almost everything in Paris and I didn't want to go drink with friends, I didn't know if that was even legal. Instead I just went back to the hotelroom, hoping Louis would be there. And he was. He was sitting in front of the mirror with hairgel and a comb. Carefully he was combing his hair to the side it was so cute. He looked so good with his feathery hair a bit messy and combed to one side. I walked to him and startled he turned around, I forget he couldn't hear me coming. 'Sorry I startled you.'  'Don't worry about it.' Louis said, and he stood up so I could kiss him. 'I like your new hairstyle.' I said while I went with my hand trough his locks. 'You do? I wanted to try something new.' He said, looking at the mirror and back at me. 'You look perfect as always.'  'You're so cheesy.' Louis chuckled. 'I know, but you love that don't you?'  'I do.'


Louis' pov

Harry laid his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. He crashed his lips onto mine and soon our kiss turned into making out. And I had to admit, I never did that before, gosh I never kissed before. Harry was my first for everything. I suddently broke the kiss when Harry's hands moved to my bum. 'Sorry.' Harry said. ''s...' I stumbled. 'Harry stroked my back and it calmed me down. 'I just don't feel comfortable with going further yet.' I almost whispered. Harry smiled. 'I'm not going to rush you into anything you don't want to.' I laid my head on the chest of the taller boy and Harry wrapped his arms around me. Why do I deserve such a perfect boyfriend?



Harry's pov

It was only two days before we would leave and even though I didn't like this trip in the beginning, I had to say I loved it now. I didn't want to leavve. Louis would always be in the hotelroom waiting for me and he was the only one not judging me. I couldn't help but look at him so now and then when we walked around the streets with only our class. 'Are you looking at the loser Styles?' Milo asked. I gave him a dirty look. 'No, just leave it.' I wanted to stop looking at him before Milo would get sucpicious but they were bullying the poor guy. The were pushing Louis around and calling him names. He propably didn't even knew what the were saying but it still hurt to see him getting treated like that. And then I saw Gregor pushing him on the street. Normally there was almost no traffic around this streets but then I saw a car driving in Louis' way and he had no idea because he wasn't looking at it. The car propably didn't see him either because he didn't slow down. People were laughing until they realised what was happening. I yelled his name but then I realised he couldn't hear me. From then it was like everything happened in slow motion. The car drove in a pretty high speed, came closer and closer, and just when Louis turned around and saw the car, it hit him and Louis flew trough the air and hit the ground like a ragdoll. With a scream I ran to him and pulled him into my arms. 'Louis! Louis!' Ofcourse he didn't react. I was too upset to remember he was deaf. He didn't react and it made me go out of my mind. I turned my head and saw that the teacher was calling an ambulance. I held Louis close to me the whole time. I was reliefed that he was still breathing but then I realised it was slowing down by the minute and I wanted to cry. The sirene of the ambulance came closer and some french voices started yelling but I barely reacted. They needed to force me to let go of Louis but I just didn't want to leave him. I was looking how they put him on a strecher and they gave him an oxygen mask. They put him in an ambulance and drove away. 'That's what you get when you're too stupid to go off the fucking street.' Milo taunted. I wanted to turnd around and smash him in the face but then I realised he was just as shocked as everyone els. 


The teacher told everyone to go back at the hotel until there was news from the hospital but I couldn't just wait. I didn't need to be a doctor to know that Louis was hurt really bad. I walked back to the hotel and there I took a cab to the nearest hospital. I just hoped this was the right one and as quick as I could I ran to the desk. My french was really bad but somehow I asked where Louis was and they told me Mister Tomlinson was in the intensive care and I needed to wait until there was more news. So I did, I waited and waited and waited, untill a doctor came out of the room and approached me. I was lucky he talked Englis because otherwise I wouldn't know what he would have told me. 'Are you Harry Styles?' I nodded. 'Mister Tomlinson asked if you were around.'  I let out a sigh of relief. 'So he is awake?'  'Yes, but he's on a high dose of painmedication so he will be a little sleepy.' I stood up and walked to the room, not even bothering to ask if I could go see him. Louis was lying there, a bunch of tubes attached to his arms, but he was awake and he smiled as soon as he saw me. 'Harry! You are here.' His voice croacked and it made me cringe. But I was happy that he was smiling. 'Hey Lou, how are you feeling?' I took a chair and put it next to him. 'I'm okay I guess, just a little sleepy from the mediaction I.' I nodded. 'But you look like you've seen a ghost, are you okay?' I saw you getting hit by a car and when I ran up to you you didn't react.' Louis looked at me with big eyes. 'You ran up to me?' 'Yes, actually the doctors needed to force me to let go off you.' I said, looking at the ground with red cheeks. 'I can't believe you did that for me.'  'Ofcourse I did, I don't want you to get hurt, I want to protect you. And at that moment I didn't care who was looking.' 'You are my hero.' Louis said with a big smile. 'I'm not a hero at all.' I said putting my hand on top of Louis'.  'For me you are.' I smiled. 'But when they ask me, you've not been here, so you don't need to explain that to your friends. And when they ask you why you ran up to me I'll just say that even though you think I'm a loser you still are human enough to try to find out if I'm okay.' Louis said with a cute smile. 'You are my savior.' We just kept looking at eachother with a loving look untill the doctor called my name. 'Mistyer Styles, I'm sorry but visitors time is over.' 'Okay, but when will Louis will be able to go home?' 'I think in a week he will be able to leave the hospital, but first his broken ribs need to heal.' 'A week?! But we are going back to England in two days!' 'His teacher is staying behind, don't worry, your classmate will be back a couple of days later.' I sighed and looked over to Louis. I had a choise, I could just keep pretending to be just his classmate and say goodbye and leave, or I could walk over to him and kiss him goobye. Louis was looking upset with the thought of needing to stay here on his own. What was I afraid of? I walked over to him and leaned over to gentely kiss him on his lips. 'Don't be afraid, I will be waiting for you back at home, when you need me just text me.' Louis nodded. 'I will.' He had tears in his eyes and it made it even tougher to leave. 'Take care.' I kissed his forehead and walked to the door. I looked at him one more time before walking out. 'Please don't tell anyone about this.' I asked the doctor. He nodded and I left with a empty hole in my heart.

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