A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


9. 9

We finished and I went and got a shower “You not going to make out with me this time?” I said to him pouting. He smiled “No maybe later” he said winking; I grinned and walked off stripping as I went. I got in and stood under the hot stream thinking about how sexy Jeff had been. I sighed and started to rub my body with body wash. I stood under the stream of hot water and just let the water wash the soap off of my body, I got out and wrapped a towel around my body I walked back into the other room, ”Jeffy…” I called out walking into him on the bed in his boxers; he looked up “Yeah?” “Can I borrow one of your shirts…. And a pair of these sexy boxers?” I said running a hand over his bulge. He shifted slightly on the bed “Ummm if you really want to…” he said trailing a hand down my side. I smiled and walked away from him, I went to his case and pulled out a shirt and a pair of his boxers, I dropped the towel that was covering my body and pulled on the boxers, I picked up the shirt and walked towards Jeff pulling it on. He stared at me as I kneeled on the bed, “Yes?” I said kissing him, “You look hot.” He said I blushed “Well thank you, but these are your clothes… so… maybe I shouldn’t look so hot?” I said he smiled and pulled me on top of him, I straddled his waist and rubbed his abs. “Now you look hot…” I said rubbing my hands over his chest and nipples, he moaned softly “You’re a tease Christ…” “Am I?” I said rubbing his sides, I smiled and bit my lip. I wanted to do more but didn’t have the confidence to. So I carried on rubbing and stroking his sexy body. “Yeah you are” he said pushing me off him. I laid flat on the bed next to resting my head on the pillow “How do you like it…”he said putting his hands under my shirt, I giggled and looked at him biting my lip. He leaned down and kissed me hard, he rubbed my sides and kissed down my neck. I smiled and let out a quiet little moan. “Mmmm you like that?” he said lifting up my shirt and kissing my stomach, I giggled again as he pulled on my belly button piercing gently. “That tickles” I said giggling, he smiled and kissed my stomach one more time then laid on his side next to me propping his head up on his elbow. “So then Miss Hemme, are you sleeping in this bed tonight?” he said, I bit my lip and turned on my side to face him. “Am I allowed to Mr Hardy” I said batting my eyelashes at him, he smiled and kissed me roughly “Mmmmm” he said playing and puling at my shirt, I put my hands over his and untangled the shirt, it made me feel uneasy what with what Test use to do to me. I sighed I knew I would have to tell Jeff about what he use to do to me, but I had to wait until the right time and the right place. I thought about it the right place would probably be in bed sometime. I giggled and got under the covers. Jeff pouted “What no more play?” he said I shook my head “Time to sleep.” I said softly. He got under the covers and lay back against the pillows. I shuffled towards him under the duvet and started to trace patterns on his bare chest with my fingers. He smiled and I leaned forward and gently kissed his nipple, I rubbed his chest and gently played with his nipple, Jeff let out another small moan. I giggled and kissed his chest then laid my head against it. He put his arms around me holding me close. I looked up at him and he pecked me gently on the lips “Come on bed time.” He said as he unwrapped his arms around me. I looked at the empty bed on the other side of the room “Christ if you don’t want to sleep in here right now you don’t have to, we have time babe.” I shook my head I had to get over my fear of being close to a man in bed, in the back of my mind I knew that Jeff would never do anything like what Test use to do to me. Not unless I wanted him too. I sighed again. “That was a deep sigh baby.” He said softly “You okay?” he said cupping my face. “Yeah, just… want to snuggle with you and sleep.” I said quietly. He smiled and kissed me gently as he got out of bed to turn out the main light. He got back in bed and turned the bedside lamps off. Then he laid down in the bed, “You wanna cuddle?” he said softly, I nodded in the dark and snuggled straight into the soft warm bare skin of his chest. I felt his kiss the top of my head gently “Night Christy” he said wrapping his arms around me, “Night Jeffy” I said and rested my hand on his stomach. I fell asleep on him for the second time that day, this time dreaming about what had happened that morning in the shower and what we had been doing during the day. I slept soundly for a few hours and then I suddenly woke up out of a deep sleep. I sat up with a start and clambered out of the bed and got into my own bed. I snuggled under my own duvet wrapping it around me tightly, I knew that Jeff would never hurt me, but I didn’t feel safe in the dark with a man in the bed next to me. I wrapped the duvet even tighter around me and fell asleep again. I woke up a few hours later and looked at the empty space in the bed where I had been a couple of hours earlier, I sighed I felt like a fool, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, and I trusted him so why the hell did I run from him during the night? I sighed again I would have to tell him soon, otherwise it was going to kill our relationship before it had really started.
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