A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


7. 7

We got to a little café and sat down in a corner booth to try and avoid any over eager fans. We sat there for a few minutes looking at each other waiting for a waitress to come and take our orders. A waitress came eventually and took our drinks order, we both ordered coffee, and then we waited for another different waitress come to take out food orders, one came and I ordered pancakes with strawberries, cream and syrup. Jeff ordered a scrambled eggs and bacon with toast. The waitress finished writing our orders “You’re from the WWE right? I was at the show last night it was amazing!” she said to us, I nodded and Jeff smiled “Yup we’re from the WWE.” “That’s so cool, let me go put this order in and then I come talk to you more.” She said flashing Jeff a smile. I frowned “What a whore…” I said to Jeff he chuckled and nodded “Yup give ‘em someone famous and they act like sluts.” I grinned as the waitress came strutting back over to the table, she sat on the edge of the seat where Jeff was. I frowned again as she sat there flirting with Jeff, I yawned and sipped on my coffee, the waitress looked around again and scribbled something down on a clean napkin out of the holder, I tried to read it but couldn’t. Then we heard a loud yell from the kitchen and she scuttled of. I saw Jeff smirk and shake his head “What a desperate slut.” He said tossing the napkin towards me. I saw that she had written her address and phone number down for him. I laughed “Not your type then?” he shook his head. “No you like a make out in the shower right?” I said softly, he smiled. “I didn’t see you complaining earlier.” I smiled “Why would I?” he shrugged as the food was placed in front of us. I picked up my knife and fork and started to cut up my pancakes. Jeff got tucked into his, I smiled and started eating. “You know you enjoyed it.” He said I blushed as red as my strawberries on my plate. He wiped his mouth and took a drink of his coffee; he was halfway through his already. I grinned and stole a piece of his bacon “”Hey!!! Hands off thief!” I smiled as I bit it in half, “Sharing is caring.” I said. He smiled and I fed him the other half of the rasher; and carried on eating my own. He finished eating his and I was nearly done when he stole my biggest strawberry “Tramp, I was going to eat that!” I said to him, he grinned and took a bite out of it “Payback is a bitch. And you should’ve been quicker, I’m pissed off with waiting.” He said I finished my mouthful and wiped my plate with the last piece of pancake; I ate it then downed the rest of my coffee. “Right done. Let’s go.” I said, he grinned and went to take out his wallet. “I’m paying.” I said and pulled a 5 and 20 dollar bill out of my purse that should cover it. Jeff picked up the napkin that the waitress had written on and tossed it in the bin on his way out. We walked along to the grocery store. “Sooooo, what we buying? And whatever we get will pay half each, deal?” I said to him. He nodded “Deal. Grab a trolley on your way in.” he said I grabbed one and threw a couple bags of chips in it. We walked along the aisles looking at what we could buy. He put some popcorn in the trolley. “We need dip.” I said walking along to the cooler aisle I saw a few different dips. He came up behind me just completely abandoning our trolley in the middle of the aisle. “Spicy dip… do you like spice?” he said “Depends on what it is…” He grinned. “Well you can read can’t you?” he said, he knew I was flirting with him. “Well? Do you?” I nodded “Yes.” I answered putting guacamole in the trolley “I knew you did” he whispered as he walked off down the aisle. “CHOCOLATE!” He said throwing some in. I looked “Ewww nutty chocolate. Are you serious?” I said taking it out and putting caramel chocolate in instead “Girls are so fussy…” He said “Fussy me? No. You’re the one that wanted nutty chocolate, don’t matter how many bars of that you eat Jeff it won’t help you grow a pair you know.” He smirked “Okay, you win for now.” He eyed the people at the end of the aisle “Come on what else do we need? Let’s get it and then get outta here.” I looked down the end of the aisle there was a group of girls forming down there obviously realizing that there where WWE superstars in the store. We walked quickly the other way away from them. “Umm Pepsi? Beer? Wine?” I said he nodded; we walked down the drinks aisle and picked up a 6 pack of Pepsi, and Jeff picked up a case of bottled beer. “Anything else? Cause we’re being stalked.” He said motioning to the group of girls at the end of the aisle again. “I don’t think so. If we forgot anything we will just go without.” I said he nodded and made for the tills. We packed everything into bags as fast as we could and the grabbed them. We paid and practically ran out of the store. We went to the movie shop and I picked out ‘Love Actually’ Jeff smirked “You remember the deal we had right?” I nodded, and looked around; I couldn’t see any scary movies so it looked like Jeff was out of luck on this one. He walked around and eventually picked out ‘Mr Popper’s Penguins’ I laughed “Really?!” I said he nodded “Shut up, nothing is cooler than dancing penguins!” “Whatever you say Jeffro” we picked up a couple more movies and then he rented the movies and we made a break for the hotel. We got back in a matter of minutes and up to our room. I unpacked the stuff and Jeff come and held my arm gently. I looked at him “You okay?” I said softly. He nodded and swallowed “Can I ask you something?”  He said. 

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