A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


6. 6

I showered fairly fast and went out to the parking lot to see Jeff already out there.  I wandered over to him smiling he put his bag on the floor and greeted me with another kiss. I kissed him back and smiled. “Hey” he said “Hey…” he smiled and opened the car door for me to get in. I got in and he put the bags on the backseat. We got to back to hotel absolutely shattered. We went up to the room and threw our bags on the floor; I flopped onto the bed falling asleep while Jeff did his business in the bathroom. I was practically asleep when he gently shook me to get into my pyjamas; I stumbled into the bathroom to find the pyjamas I had left there earlier in the day. I pulled them on and walked back out into the main room, Jeff was sitting on the sofa. I went and plonked myself down next to him making the pair of us bounce. “Alright there?” He said, I yawned nodding my response to him, he put his arm around me and I snuggled into his shoulder. We started watching that nights Raw. I got comfy and settled down to watch it, I watched the first match, and started to feel drowsy from where I was so tired. I must have fallen asleep on Jeff.
I looked down at Christ, she had fallen asleep bless her. I left her there until the end of Raw. I was sprawled on the sofa, with Christy snuggled into my side, I smiled at the thought of out kiss that we had shared earlier. I was watching the main event when I felt my eyes starting to feel heavy. I fell fast asleep on the sofa snuggled up to Christy. I must have been asleep a fairly long while because I woke with a start to some laughing coming out of the TV. I switched it off and picked Christy up off of the sofa, and started to walk over to the bed with her in my arms, I was about half way there when she woke up. “Hehe sleepy byes.” She mumbled sleepily, I smiled and put her in her bed kissing her forehead and making sure the duvet was covering her. I climbed into my own bed and sank into the softness of the bed. I pulled the duvet over me and snuggled into the warmth. I fell asleep dreaming about the kiss I had shared earlier with Christy. I couldn’t actually believe that I had actually kissed her. I smiled and turned over and sank into an even deeper sleep, dreaming about the randomness of my life.
I snuggled into the bed and got myself comfortable not really knew what I was doing, as I hadn’t really woken up. I snuggled into the bed, and fell into a long, dream filled sleep.
I woke up around 7:30 and looked over at Jeff, he was still asleep so I thought I would make the most of it and go have a cuddle with him. I got out of my bed and walked carefully and quietly over to his bed. I got in and the bed rocked slightly ‘Damn you bed’ I thought to myself. I heard Jeff moan and he turned over, “Morning…” he mumbled to me, “Morning Jeffy…” I whispered and pulled the duvet over me. I snuggled into his chest and he put his arm on the bottom of my back. I smiled and let myself drift into a light sleep. I cuddled into him and he wrapped both his arms around me. I don’t know how long we had been cuddled up when the alarm went off. I stirred as Jeff whacked the alarm making it go quiet. I woke up properly and looked at him; he yawned and cuddled me closer. “Did you have a good sleep?” I nodded my head, and stroked his chest under the duvet. He smiled “What you doing here in my bed anyway Miss?” I giggled and shrugged “I got in the wrong bed.” I fibbed smiling. “Sure you did.” He said smiling at me. He pushed himself so he was sitting up in bed. I sat up and leaned against him. “What do you want to do today?” “You decide, I chose the other day.” He smiled “Well…. It’s not shopping!” I pouted “Well we be going shopping just not clothes shopping. We gotta get food! And then we can go rent a movie or two and just laze around here all day.” I nodded it sounded good just to have a day lounging around. “What movies?” I said stroking his chest again. He smiled, “I don’t know but if you chose some soppy rom com I am going to make you watch Scream.” I shook my head “Nooooooo I don’t like scary things!!” I said, he laughed “Well just a warning then!” I yawned “We gotta get up. And go get breakfast…” I paused as I got out of the bed and started walking to the bathroom “And then we gotta go rent my rom com!” I shouted as I shut the bathroom door. “No Christy just no. And can I come in? I need to pee.” He said on the other side of the door. “What you really mean is that you want to perv on me in the shower you dirty little boy.” I said “Sure I can do that after, but I need to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, let me in!!!!! Christy please!!!!!!!!”  He said banging on the door. “Okay hang on a minute geez let me get in the shower first then you can come in.” I said as I got in the shower and making sure the shower curtain was pulled across. “Come in pee brain!” I called out to him. I heard the door open and then sadly I heard him peeing. “Oh Jeffy I can hear you peeing… did you get there in time? Does that feel good????” I said taunting him “Christy shut up of I will turn the cold taps on. And then you’ll know what having a cold shower does to you.” Is that a threat or a promise? By the way ICUP!!!!!!!” I said chuckling “Well let’s see…” I heard him flush the toilet and then turn the tap on I laughed “Haha nice try Jeff nothing is happening.” “Give it a minute…” I just ignored him and stood under the stream of water, it went freezing cold and I shrieked and jumped out from underneath it, I wrapped the shower curtain around me and hit Jeff “You little bastard! That is fucking freezing!” I said he laughed and took a step closer to me “I told you it would..” he said looking at me, I pulled the curtain tighter around me and Jeff kissed me softly, I kissed him back and put my arms around his neck I felt the curtain get loose and I ignored it and carried on kissing him, he pulled me closer to him and put his hands on my back that was when I realized the curtain had dropped from around my body and my body was touching Jeff’s I giggled into the kiss and stepped forward to get closer to him. He felt so good, he started kissing down my neck, and I giggled and gasped as parts our bare skin touched. He stopped kissing me and I licked my lips, he smiled at me a little breathless and put his hands on my sides. “You finished in the shower?” I nodded a little speechless at how hot that had just been, “Mind if I get mine?” I shook my head as he walked past me and dropped his boxer and stepped in the shower I blushed slightly as I saw his cute little tushie. I pulled a towel around me and left the bathroom door open and went and got dried and dressed. He came out a little while later with a towel wrapped around his waist, “Alright?” “Yup?” I said smiling; I couldn’t help but watch him. He dropped his towel and dried himself off, I blushed as rubbed himself dry, “Enjoying the show?” He murmured “Ummmm…” I said I didn’t know how to answer, I was enjoying looking at him but I didn’t want to tell him that, he chuckled “Should I take that as a yes?” he said softly. He pulled on a pair of boxers and finished getting dressed. He threw his towel in the bathroom and came over and kissed me softly, “Let’s go get so breakfast I am starving.” He said and we walked out of the hotel.

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