A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


4. 4

We arrived in Sanford, North Carolina and were directed to our rooms, Jeff out his arm around me as I walked sleepily with him. We discovered that we were rooming together I didn’t mind rooming with Jeff it made a change to be rooming with someone that was down to earth and not a whore. We went up to our room and settled down, we had already been informed that our luggage would be brought up to us in an hour or so. I sat on one of the beds and looked at Jeff “So you excited about being home?” I said to him, he half nodded “Yeah though I’m not really home yet I’m a Cameron boy at heart, though it’s good to be back in Hardy country” he said smiling at me, I grinned. “Well we are in North Carolina for five days, so you could always drive to Cameron, it’s only an hour or so away right?” he nodded, but looked a little sad. “Yeah but I don’t want to go on my own, Matt is to wrapped up in Amy at the moment to come home, but I want to go home see my Pops, see Jack and just relax for a couple days in a familiar place you know.” He said looking at me, I nodded I got what he meant, we was always travelling and I know a lot of us didn’t get to see our families as much as we would like. I mean it was alright for Randy because we were regularly in Missouri. But Cameron not so much. “Why don’t you go with Shan?” I said to him, he shook his head, “He got drafted to Smackdown.” I sighed I had completely forgotten that the draft had happened. “Jeff…I could… always come with you if you want?” I said hesitantly, I didn’t want to force myself on him, he was so cool and calm about everything. He looked at me and smiled. “You’re really up for that?” He said smiling, I nodded. “That’s awesome, thanks Christ, now I won’t be on my own for the 200 mile drive.” He said, I opened my mouth to say something but didn’t “200 MILES?!!” I said to him,” I didn’t realise it was that far!” he chuckled “Typical town girl, it’s the middle of nowhere and the airport is 40 miles away anyway.” He said to me. I pouted “I am Not a typical town girl Jeff.” I said, this just made him smile. “Don’t smile it’s not funny.” He smiled more, so I got up off of the bed I was on and went to the other one and sat on it with my back to him. I heard the duvet rustle as he slid off of it. He kneeled on the bed behind me and out his head on my shoulder, “I sorry” he said giving me puppy eyes. “Please say you’ll come, I don’t want to drive that far on my own. Being a loner is no fun.” He said, I grinned. “Why should I?” I said milking the situation. He sighed “Because your amazing and it will be fun” he said I smiled and mentally agreed, IT would be fun, I mean Jeff was carefree so a long trip couldn’t be that bad with him and I would be on my own if he went anyway. I sighed “Fine.” I said, he threw his arms around me in a hug, and remember this, we was both facing backwards so we lost balance and fell off the bed. “Owwwwww. If you keep abusing me I won’t come with you.” He smiled and kissed my cheek quickly “I’m sorry, I won’t. Do you want dinner? I am starving.” I nodded and smiled “Typical boy, always thinking of food.” He looked at me and smiled one of his dazzling smiles “Okay okay now where even.” I giggled, and climbed back on the bed. “So what you buying me for dinner?” I said cheekily. “I haven’t decided, what do you fancy?” he said, I smiled, what I fancied wasn’t edible and he was sitting right in front of me. “Hmm maybe Thai? Or Chinese? Yeah Chinese!” I said deciding, “Chinese it is then. I’ll look to see if there is one local that will deliver. I’m too lazy to go out and get it.” I laughed, and the door went, he got up and answered it. It was room service with our luggage “Mr J Hardy and Miss C Hemme sir?” he nodded “That’s us!” he said as the bags where put in the room, he shut the door and layed on the bed next to me, googling stuff on his phone. “I’m going to go get a shower before we have dinner.” He nodded “Ok, food should be here when you’re done.” I nodded and grabbed a tank, boy shorts and underwear from my case then grabbed my shampoo and body wash. I went in and shut the door. I went to lock it when I realised there wasn’t a lock. I opened the door again “You better not perv on me Jeff there isn’t a lock.” I said, he looked up from what he was doing. “I won’t promise.” He said winking at me. I smiled and shut the door again; I stripped off quickly and stepped in the hot stream of water. It poured over my neck and it felt good. I don’t know what I had done to it, but it had been painful for a few days now. I shampooed and conditioned my hair and then finished my shower I stepped out and wrapped a big white fluffy hotel towel around me, and then another one in my hair. I put my underwear on and then blow dried my hair. I put my tank and shorts then plugged my straighteners in. I straightened my hair and then walked out. Jeff smiled “The foods not here yet.” I sighed and laid across him, “If you want a job done well, always do it yourself.” I said flicking him, “Hey! It’s not my fault, I ordered it…” “Whatever Jeff, bad workman blames his tools.” I said winding him up. He grinned and rested his hand on my belly. “I assure there is nothing wrong with my tools.” He said winking, I grinned “Why make bring that into it?” I said but before he could answer the door went. “Foods here!” I said going to jump up off the bed, he put his arms round my waist and held me on the bed “Stay, it’s my treat.” He said pulling his wallet out of his pocket, I smiled he was such a gentleman. He paid and then put the food on the other bed, we didn’t bother with plates partly because we didn’t know if we had any, but we couldn’t be bothered to look. He had ordered my favourite, chicken chow mein. We was both sprawled on the bed, I got my fork and put some of it on it. “Jeff try this.” I said feeding him some chow mein, he ate it off my fork, “It’s good, I have never tried that.” He said getting some of his curry on his spoon, “You try this.” He said offering it to me, I shook my head, I didn’t like spicy foods. “It’s not too spicy I promise.” He said as he fed me it, it was tasty and it wasn’t too spicy either. He smiled “Good?” I nodded “Mmm” I said going back to eating my chow mein, he chuckled. “Your cute Christ, you really are.” I blushed slightly and carried on eating my dinner. We finished and I put all the rubbish in a carrier bag and then put it in the bin while Jeff got showered and ready for bed. There was a TV but we was both so tired we fell asleep almost instantly. 

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