A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


3. 3

I woke up the next morning and turned over on my bed to face out into the room, I smiled as I saw Jeff still fast asleep. I sat up and stretched, then got out of bed, I didn’t bother turning the light on as I didn’t want to wake him. I got out and stepped not knowing where I was stepping and tripped and stumbled over my suitcase, I landed with a thud against the wall, “Christ? Are you alright?” he asked me “Yeah…” I said grimacing in pain, I put the light on and sat back on the bed cradling my foot, he got out of bed and came over to me, “What did you do?” he asked with a smile, “Well I got outta bed and tripped over that piece of crap” I said vaguely gesturing to the suitcase at the end of my bed. He smiled again, “Awww, be more careful, you’re hurt yourself.” He said gently rubbing my foot. I smiled for being rudely woken up he was sure chirpy. “I’ll try. Sorry for waking you.” “Nah it’s alright, I had to get up soon anyway.” He said with a muffled yawn. I grinned, “You’re a bad liar Jeff” he smiled “No my fault I like to sleep.” I smiled and got back up off of the bed and went over to my case pulling out an outfit. “I’m going to go shower, do you need the bathroom?” I asked him. He shook his head so I walked into the bathroom and locked the door and then mentally slapped myself. ‘Do you need the bathroom?’ what a dumb fuck, I thought to myself as I put the shower on to heat up. I got in then just let the water run over my achy body. I stood underneath the warm flow of water thinking; I started to lather myself up and then just started thinking about Jeff. My thoughts started to wonder about him, I couldn’t stop myself thinking about him, the fact that he was only a few meters away from me made it impossible not to think about him.  I sighed and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me, I looked at my clothes and then sighed again. Typical, I had only gone and forgotten to pick out a bra and panties. I made sure my towel was secure around me, and went into the main room; thank god Jeff had dozed back off to sleep, even if it was on my bed. I grabbed a bra and a pair of panties; I would die if Jeff woke up and saw me holding my lacy panties, like it was something he didn’t need to see. I went back into the bathroom and got dressed as quickly as possible, then brushed my teeth and did my make-up. When we was travelling I never usually bothered putting make-up on, but seeing as Jeff was my roomie it also meant he was my travel companion and I was determined to look good. I finished and then went back out into the main room, thankfully this time fully clothed. I smiled as I saw him still asleep on my bed. I sat down next to him and poked him gently on the chest, “Sleepy head wakey wakey.” I said he stirred but didn’t wake up fully so I poked him again, this time on his cheek. “Fuck sake Christy, stop poking me, seriously.” He said putting his head under the pillows, I pulled one of them away from him giggling, but he held onto the rest, so I decided to pull the duvet off of him, I started to pull it off of him and he sat up. He looked at me with sleepy eyes, “If you want me naked just say. No need to steal the fricking duvet.” He said yawning again. I blushed slightly at the thought of him naked. He got up and went over to his case, “You finished in the bathroom?” I nodded my response and lay back on the bed. He wasn’t in there long but he came back out smelling sexy, the smell of his cologne lingered in the air. I sniffed, I had never noticed how good Jeff actually smelled up until just now. He put his stuff back in his case and yawned, “We better go check out, they will all be leaving soon.” I sighed and pulled myself up. “Urgh I love being a wrestler, but the travelling really sucks, I miss being home.” I said, he murmured his response. I wasn’t quite sure what he said but I know he is a country boy and loved being back home, which was where our next show was. Which was probably why he wanted to leave so early so he could get home quicker. “Where you staying once we get to Cameron?” He asked me, I hadn’t thought about that, me not rooming with Test meant that I wouldn’t have a room to sleep in at any house shows. I tried not to let the panic show on my face, but Jeff still detected it. “You haven’t got anywhere have you?” I shook my head, “Well there is a spare bed at my place if you need it Christ.” I smiled he was so open, I mean he gave me a ride here yesterday and now he is opening his home up to me. I sighed as it thought about some of the nasty things that Test had called him. Jeff was none of them, sure he had had his problems in the past, but like me he was just misunderstood. People were constantly letting his past cloud there judgment of him, when really all he wants is a chance and somebody to listen to him. I sighed again at that thought, I wasn’t going to tell him, he would think I was weird and then he wouldn’t want to room with me. I brushed it off and we headed down to the lobby were a few superstars where waiting. I was the only Diva, surprise surprise, Test probably had all of the others locked in his room being whores for him. The travel person came down and started to organise us on getting onto the coach, me and Jeff where put at the back of the coach with Jeff next to the window. All the others got on and that’s all I really remember after we set off because I fell asleep.

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