A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


2. 2

I showered and changed, then made sure that I had all of my stuff packed away, then made my way out to the parking lot where I had agreed to meet Test and the others who I was catching a ride from back to the hotel. I got out to the parking lot just as I saw them speed off out of it; I cursed “Fuck sake.” I said walking back into the building. Now what was I supposed to do, there was only a few cars left and I certainly wasn’t going to ask Vince for a ride. I smiled as I saw Jeff come out of the far door into the parking lot, he smiled and waved. I walked over to him with my case, “Hey Jeff!” I started, “You need a ride? I saw man whore speed outta here with Torrie and the others.” He said, I nodded gratefully, he was a mind reader. “Put your stuff in.” He said as he threw his stuff into the “No problem, I was heading that way anyways.” He said with a smile. I smiled and got in the passenger seat. He started the car and drove off, I had to say it for a rental car from the WWE it was pretty nice, leather seats and it smelled pretty good too, it didn’t smell like someone had forgot to clean it once they had been sick in it. I leaned back and enjoyed the ride. We got to a set of traffic lights and that was when Jeff broke the silence. “So who you rooming with?” he asked me, I shrugged I honestly didn’t know, “I don’t know, but anybody is better than rooming with Test.” I said, especially after what he tries to do to me, I added mentally. “You?” He shrugged “No idea, probably Matt and Amy, if not then dunno.” He said to me, his thick southern accent really coming through.
We soon got to the hotel and the car parked up and our stuff out of the trunk. We went into the reception area and asked at the front desk what our room numbers where. We soon discovered that we were rooming together. I breathed a sigh of relief; at least I wouldn’t have to put up with any of the girls bitching. We went up to the room, it was nice and I was slightly worried about their only being one bed but thank god there was two single beds. I looked at it thankfully, and put my stuff at the end of the bed; I could unpack and sort my stuff out in the morning. Right now all I wanted was sleep. I undid my case and pulled out my shorts and vest top pyjamas I knew I was safe to wear this when I was around Jeff he wasn’t likely to try and strip me and have his wicked way with me. I went into the bathroom to put them on and brush my teeth, I came out a few minutes later to see Jeff sitting on his bed in his boxers looking smoking hot, I blushed slightly and busied myself with sorting out my pillows, I couldn’t look at him, he was too sexy. I felt seriously turned on. I got in my bed and pulled the duvet over me, convinced that where I had seen him in well a lack of clothing had made me horny, and done things to me that I didn’t want him to see. He came out and smiled at me, “Night Christy” he said walking over to me and turning the light off, damn it why did I chose the bed with the light switch? He looked to damn hot and sexy from a distance, but close up it made me feel like jelly. I smiled “Nighty Jeff” I resisted the urge to call him anything else but Jeff. He turned the light off and padded over to his bed, I watched him get in and settle down in his bed in the dark. I smiled to myself, ‘I think I have got a crush on the rainbow haired warrior’ I thought to myself, I turned over and settled down myself, feeling overwhelmed by the fact that there was a smoking hot guy in the room on mere inches away from me in his boxers, dozens of the girls in the locker room would kill to see Jeff in his boxers, and I had beaten them to it! I put my head on my pillow and forced my mind to go empty, I wasn’t going to let him fill my dreams, god knows where my dreams will take me and what will happen to him in them. I fell asleep in to a empty meaningless dream, which was what I had hoped for.

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