A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


17. 17

He stopped kissing me and started to lick me instead, I moaned loudly. “Uhhhhh oh my, Jeff…” was all I managed to get out as he kissed and licked me out. He stopped licking me and started to kiss his was back up my body. He got to my nipples and stopped, I bit my lip as he placed his hands on my sides, he looked at me with his emeralds, they were full of lust, his lips where swollen and his cheeks where flushed, I stroked my hand over his flushed cheek. I chewed my lip again, he smirked and pushed his self up my body, his nipples brushed over mine, and his manhood brushed over my legs and vagina. He kissed me on the lips, forcing his tongue into my mouth, I kissed him back and tangled my hands into his hair. I smiled as I could taste me in his mouth. I moaned softly and he broke the kiss. I pushed him off of me and let him lay on the bed, I smiled, and straddled his waist, I felt myself get hot, Jeff smiled  and pushed his finger up me again, I gasped. We both moaned as he pulled his finger out of me. Him fingering me felt like heaven, fuck knows what riding him was going to do to me. He sucked his finger a little, “Your so horny and wet, uhhh I want you so bad…” he said as he ran his fingers over my lips, I sucked his finger that had just been inside me as he trailed it over my lips. He smiled and put his hand at the base of my back. I moaned a little as I tasted myself on his finger. I shifted slightly and bit my lip looking at Jeff, I just straddled him for a few seconds looking at the sexy form that was going to claim me. I breathed and let out a deep breath “Now…” I said, he smiled that sexy smile and moaned softly, he grabbed my hips and position me on him, I gasped as I felt his hard dick push against me. I moaned and he flipped me over onto the covers of the bed, Jeff growled at me and it went straight to entrance, I felt myself get even wetter than I was. He stroked his shaft a couple of times kissing me, I moaned and he positioned his self against my entrance, I felt the head of his hard on protrude into me a little, I gasped and moaned it felt so good to actually want it. He grunted and pushed his length into me, I whimpered. He stopped and let me adjust for a few seconds; I hadn’t fully adjusted when he started to move. He growled at me again, I felt my nipples go hard at the sound of it. “Uhhhhh Jeffy.” I moaned to him, he kissed me hard on the lips, I tried to talk but couldn’t he was making me so happy, he made me feel loved for the first time in my life. I arched myself up just enough to let Jeff know that my nipples where hard, he  carried on going in and out me hard and fast, I clawed at his back and tangled my hands in his hair. He moaned as he felt my nipples brush against him. He stopped moving in and out of me, I moaned “Jeffy…” “Sssshh” he said kissing me and then concentrating on my nipples he kissed my right breast and fondled with my left one. I moaned uncontrollably, he bit my nipple and pulled on it, I felt myself getting even wetter around Jeff, he moaned and swapped to the other nipple, “Uhhh Christ…” he bit my nipple hard, making sure he pulled it, I moaned pushing his head against my breasts, he pinched them and started  kissing me, he shoved his tongue down my throat and started to move in me again, he moaned deep into my mouth. He thrusted hard into me, I moaned and scraped my nails down his bare back. He growled at me again, and I clenched around him, he moaned and kissed me softly, gently sucking on my lip. I moaned and kissed him, sliding my tongue into his mouth. We played tonsil tennis for a few seconds and then Jeff stopped kissing my lips and started to kiss my collar bone, “You wanna… want me to do this?” he said looking at me in the eyes. I nodded and trailed my hands over his neck and shoulders. “Explode in me… make me yours…” he smiled and gently bit my skin, I giggled and closed my eyes. I felt his breath on my face, I opened my eyes and he kissed me softly. “If it hurts… I’ll stop…” I shook my head, and he started to move in me again, I clenched around him almost instantly, he moaned and kissed my lips. He took both my hands in his and started to move harder in me. He let them go and started to really pound into me, I moaned biting my lip hard. Jeff moaned throwing his head back, he was near his peak, he was pounding me like there was no tomorrow. He slammed into me a few more times and then he bit my lip, sucking and kissing it. “Uhhhh, gonna…” he started but didn’t finish. He slammed into me one more time and then I felt him tense up, he was so close. I clenched around him moaning, he moaned loudly and then came, and came hard. I moaned and he kissed me roughly.  He broke the kiss and layed their panting and looking at me, I brushed his damp hair off of his face, he smiled, his cheeks where flushed, I stroked his cheek and he kissed me hard again, he moved in me despite already coming. 

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