A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


15. 15

We got back to the hotel and started to walk the stairs, “You know what I wanna do when we get to the room?” he said stopping and holding me. I bit my lip “What?” he kissed and sucked on my lip a little “You…” I blushed a little and started walking again holding his hand “So my ass will be yours?...” I said stopping and searching my pockets for the room key, Jeff leaned in and started to kiss me as he put the room key in the lock. It clicked and the door opened, he pushed me in and shut the door, “Huh easy tiger.” I said wrapping my arms round his neck, we stood there kissing and pulling on each other’s clothes, I pulled on the top of his jeans and he broke the kiss “Mmmm you want?” he murmured, I giggled “Later… shower… then we’ll see…” I pulled him towards the shower and started to strip him, this time he giggled. Jeff actually giggled, it made me laugh. I started to play with his belt as he took my shirt off, I pulled his belt out of his jeans and he let my pants drop, I giggled as I was left standing in my underwear. I kissed him and bit his lip, I pulled hard on his jeans and then went down, “Ohhhhh…” I slipped my hands under his pants and started to touch his ass, he moaned softly and started to fiddle with the back of my bra, I gasped as he undid it. He slid the straps down my arms, I gigged as I felt my bare breast against his skin, he cuddled me close and carried on kissing me, I ran my hands down his back and pushed his boxers down off of his ass, “Ohhh mhhhhhyyy…” he moaned out, I sucked his lip and pushed them down at the front so he was naked, I blushed and looked at him, “Ohhh…” I said as he pulled me closer to him again kissing me roughly, I moaned into his mouth and I felt him run his fingers along the edge of my lacy panties. I stopped and held me looking into my eyes, he ran his hands down my sides, and I giggled and gasped as his fingers trailed over the bite. I giggled and he trailed his hands down my stomach, he slipped his hands under my panties and pushed them down, I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning out. He ran his hands over the inside of my thighs, his hand brushed over my entrance, I moaned and loud. “C’mon baby” he said leading me into the shower. I sighed softly, and ran my hands all over his bare, wet naked body. “You like what you see or something baby?” he said softly I nodded and kissed his chest, I rubbed his chest and he ran his hands down my back. He kissed me softly on the lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck, I smiled as my nipples brushed over his chest, he smiled and stood there holding me, he picked me up and spun me around slowly in the shower. I smiled and jumped up wrapping my legs around him. He held me and I kissed him putting my tongue in his mouth he moaned softly and started kiss me back with tongue, we stood there like this until we heard the phone ring, I went to get out of Jeff’s arms and he held me, stopping me. “Leave it… if it’s important they’ll leave a message.” He said. After another little make out session, he put me down so I was standing in front of him. I bit my lip and ran my hands down over his lower body, he smiled. I stroked his manhood and bit my lip “Do you want to finish up here then have some fun?” I whispered, rubbing the head of his manhood. He moaned a little “If that’s what … you want to do.” He said closing his eyes, I bit my lip again and kissed him. I didn’t know what I was doing, I had to tell Jeff about the past, but I wanted him so so bad. I sighed and rubbed the base of him, he moaned again “Stop, not here in the shower…” he said. He obviously knew that something wasn’t right and there was something bugging me. I took his hand “Come on then big boy… get busy.” I said throwing a towel at him, I wrapped another one around myself and walked into the room pressing the button on the phone, the screen lit up, Jeff looked over my shoulder, “It’s only Matt, he can wait, I want to be with you right now.” He said kissing my shoulder, I smiled and walked over to his case, I opened it and sifted through it until I found the red check shirt he was wearing the other day, I pulled it out, “Umm Christ that shirt don’t stay done up babe.” He said, I smiled and he pulled on a pair of boxers that I threw at him. “I thought that was the idea” I said watching him lay on the bed. I went and sat on his midsection and rubbed his sides. “Mmmm” he said putting his hands on top of mine. “Baby what’s wrong?” he said. I sighed, this is my chance to tell him I guess. I looked at him and his eyes met mine, he took my hands and held them, I felt some of the buttons come undone on the shirt, Jeff was right it didn’t stay done up, but that didn’t bother me, not with Jeff, if it was someone else it would. “I-I-I-I need to tell you something…”  

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