A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


12. 12

The plane landed and we sailed through security this time and then went to the baggage circulator thing, I sighed I could see my bag right on the other side of it. But I didn’t move to get it because I was too lazy to move, so I waited until it came round by this time it was the only bag on it, Jeff stood beside me chuckling. The bag eventually came round and I pulled it off, we walked out of the airport terminal hand in hand to find a hire car that Vince had arranged. We saw Vice outside and he handed us a set of car keys, we walked around the car park looking for the car they matched, we eventually found it, it was an old classic Mustang with long leather seats. I smiled and Jeff unlocked it, we put out cases in the trunk and got in, I Jeff sat behind the driver’s wheel and I slide in next to him. He started the car and we drove off out of the parking lot onto the highway, we got to a set of traffic lights and was stuck there for a few minutes, he put his arm around me and kissed me, I kissed him back and we stayed like that for a few minutes, we only stopped kissing when the jackass behind us peeped his horn, that was when Jeff swore, “FUCK OFF!” he yelled as the ass drove past us and we went through the green lights. We drove to the arena and sorted ourselves out, sadly we wasn’t sharing a locker room tonight, I knew that cause there were only two lists one was boys and the other was girls. I looked at the girls list and scowled. I was sharing with Trish, Jeff looked at what I was scowling at “Ohhhh shit is gonna go down to hell tonight.” He said, I looked at who he was sharing with, and of course it was Matt. I sighed and kissed him on the cheek “Catch you later” I said walking off towards the supposed locker room areas, I walked down endless corridors looking for number 375. I found it eventually and walked in Trish was already in there; she looked at me and flipped me off.  I put my stuff down and got out my ring gear it was about an hour until the show was supposed to start, I went into the shower area and shut the door, I got undressed and pulled on my ring gear, I had showered just before the flight so I didn’t bother before this time, I went back in and got my curlers out of my bag, plugged them in a started to do my hair, I had to be quick as my match was third on the card, Jeff was second and he was fighting in the first part of a gauntlet. I finished my hair and did my ring make up. I finished then pulled on a WWE t-shirt, and walked back to the gorilla position, I saw Torrie and she glared at me. I shrugged it off and stood there nervously waiting for my music to hit. I made sure that my top and bottoms where in place and done up properly and then just waited for my music. I heard Torries hit then mine a minute or so later, I ran out doing my thing and took my shirt off that I was wearing and threw it out to the crowd, I got in the ring and the ref rang the bell almost instantly, I went at her and we locked up, she shoved me and I pushed her back, she grabbed me and tried to roll me up in the pinfall I kicked out at one, and did a running bulldog on her, she gasped and held her face in pain, I smirked I hated the sight of her, and then I kicked her as hard as I could in the ribs, she clutched them and I hooked her leg for the three count, the ref counted to two and she kicked out. I got up and looked around trying to work out my next move, when I saw Test walking nonchalantly down the ramp, he stopped and I saw that Torrie was still laying on the floor, I climbed the turnbuckle to jump on her as Test got up onto the ring apron, the ref started to try get him down and Torrie jumped up from where she had been laying and crotched me in the corner, she pulled me off and then started to smash my head into the turnbuckle, she pushed me back and I fell, I stayed on the mat holding my head,  when she grabbed me and it was then I realized that she had taken two of the turnbuckle covers off, she did a reversal on me into the corner and I slammed into the two exposed turnbuckles I fell to the floor holding my back my knee, she tossed the two covers out to the floor so the ref wouldn’t see and tried to pin me, I kicked out at two and she argued with the ref, I heard him ask where the covers had gone, and her saying “I have no idea ref.”. I tried to pull myself up using the ring ropes and succeeded until Test swiped my feet out from underneath me I landed with a thud on my back and Torrie capitalised, she rolled me up and hooked my tights and the ref counted three, I layed on the floor clutching my back, when she started dragging me up by my hair, she slapped me in the face and then started pulling at my ring gear, I struggled to fight her off and then Eve came running down the ramp to help her, I kicked them both as well as I could to try and keep my modesty, I saw Eve get out of the ring and go to the corner where I was stuck in, I knew she was up to something and then she started to pull at my ties on my top, I struck out and tried to hit her but failed, she pulled on the tie again and it came undone, I gasped and tried to hold my top up and keep my bottoms where they were supposed to be when I heard Ria’s music hit she came running down the ramp, with a shirt at hand, she started to kick the hell out of Torrie then somehow managed to clothesline her out of the ring to land her on top of Eve, she helped me up and they both ran away backstage with Test like the little whore bags that they were. I hobbled backstage with Ria helping me, my knee was killing me, she walked me to the locker room and made sure I went inside, Trish looked as I opened the door. “Good fight.” Was all she said, I looked at her shocked, she had actually spoken to me. “T-thanks.” Was all I replied. 

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