A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


11. 11

We got to the airport and grabbed our cases out of the huge trunk of the coach. Test walked past and I avoided his icy glare as he flounced inside the hotel terminal with Eve and Torrie. I smirked he had two desperate whores trying to sleep their way to the top. Jeff got given our cases and I leaned on the railings waiting for all the jackasses to pass us so we could go in. Matt stalked past us with his head down, I was grateful for that. Lately Matt seemed to be bringing Jeff down with his problems, and it showed. I took his hand and pulled my case along. We went through the body scanner and our cases went through the baggage haul I walked through and it peeped. I looked at the confused and then walked through again as I was told to do, it peeped again, they took me to the side and Jeff walked through an it peeped on him too, he did the same as me and walked through again, and again it peeped. We got took to the side and the security people asked us, if we had any explosives, drugs or other illegal substances on us, we both said “No” and they took swabs of our hands, they put them in the machine and it peeped with a response “Sir, Ma’am we are very sorry for the inconvenience we have caused you today, but you are both free to go, you must’ve touched a railing outside or something as we have had quite a few of these today, all coming in from that entrance. You have nothing to worry about, thank you for cooperating.” The security man said, I smiled I was just grateful I didn’t have to be stripped searched, I didn’t want some pervy man or woman touching and prodding me in places. We went on through to check in for our flight. We then realized that Vince had actually booked the whole plane just for us. We went through to the waiting area and I dragged over to the duty free. We fooled around for a few minutes putting on hats and sunglasses, well I say we, I mean I, while Jeff stood there and laughed and commented. I put on a Australian hat with the corks coming out of it and everything and he stood there and smiled “You look cute” I pouted “Noooo not cute.” I said. “What do you want me to say?” he said, I shrugged and carried on walking round the little shop, I put a sunhat thing on and walked over to him, “This one?” I said, he looked at me “It’s nice, suits you.” He said, I smiled, then walked over to the counter to buy it. I picked up some beef jerky and paid. I went over to Jeff with my little carrier bag, and flicked him with the packet of beef jerky. “Owwwww.” He said taking it and walking over to the seats. We sat on the seats a few away from the others and I stole the jerky from him, I looked at him and saw he was about to protest “I paid for it, and if you’re a gentleman your let me have first piece.” He laughed and took it off me opening it feeding me first piece “Gentleman enough for you?” he said I nodded and smiled, we sat there chatting about random stuff until the flight was called. We was the last two out of the waiting area seeing as we was sat at the back of the area and everyone else was at the front near the tunnel to go to the plane. We walked on through to the plane to see that all the seats at the back had been taken, and on the very back row was no surprise, Test and his two little whores. I looked directly to my left to see a bay at nearish the front was free and pulled Jeff into it. We sat down and waited for take-off; I snuggled into his shoulder and traced his tattoos on his arms. He smiled and held my hands and started to kiss me. We was kissing when Matt came over to talk to Jeff, “Oh umm I’ll come back later, you two are busy.” He said walking back to his seat, Jeff was about to get up when the announcement to put on our seatbelts came over the speakers. We buckled up and the air hostess told us where the exits where etc. if the plane where to crash. I sighed I think we all knew this off by heart the amount of times a week we had to fly. We soon took off and Jeff pecked me on the lips “I’m gonna go see if Matt is okay.” He whispered getting up, I sat back in my seat and smiled, enjoying the moment, when Maria came over to me. “Hey you!!! You’re a sly one Christ! You never told me you liked Jeff Hardy!” she said eagerly, I smiled. Maria was my best friend and I had to admit I had been neglecting her lately, but she had took to hanging around with Lita backstage so if Matt was having issues with her I didn’t really want to make things awkward. I smiled “So are you together like boyfriend/girlfriend or are you just friends with benefits?” she said smiling, I blushed. I guess we had been friends with benefits before he asked me out, but if I tell her that she will probably explode on me. “Boyfriend/girlfriend he asked me out 2 days ago and I said yes and that’s pretty much it up to now!” I said, I knew I had a huge grin on my face, she smiled at me “At least your away from the man whore.” She said and lowered her voice “Trust Eve and Torrie to be the ones opening their legs to get the one up on the rest of us divas.” She said I nodded, if he treated them anywhere near as badly as he treated me they will know that they are involved with him. “Well they are thirsty sluts so what do you expect, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have threesomes all night long.” She grimaced and so did I a few seconds later, as the thought of Test, Eve and Torrie fucking each other together came into our heads. “Ewww that is gross.” I chuckled “Your telling me! I had to room with him for WEEKS, and I had to put up with all the random whores and sluts that he brought back to the rooms, he is utterly disgusting I wouldnt be surprised if he has got an STI or something.” Ria laughed, “Sshhhhh!!” I said covering her mouth, I saw Jeff look  over at me and wink. I blushed and let Maria speak “You really like him don’t you?” I blushed and nodded. “Awww bless, well I hope this relationship goes better than your last one did babes, he was just a prick. And I take it your alliance with man whore is now over?” I nodded “Yup and not a moment too soon either.” “Well I better go back to my seat, I’ll catch up with you again later okay?” She said I nodded and she walked off. I sat back in my chair and let my mind wander, and low and behold the thought of Jeff naked came into my head, I bit my lip despite him not being next to me. In my mind he was walking around the room with a towel and then laying on the bed naked, waiting for me to open the door to come in. I blushed deeply at the thought of him hard, naked, stroking himself and waiting for me to get him off. Jeff came and sat back next to me, “Somebody is having a dirty daydream” he whispered in my ear, “Shut up!!” I said looking at him, he smiled “Was it about me?”  I nodded, and he kissed my neck “Mmmm tell me…” I shook my head “What if the others hear?!” I said he looked behind us, and I looked too, there was no one behind us for at least 3 or 4 rows “Soooo, what was I doing in this daydream to make you so turned on?” he said softly holding my hand. I told him and he got a slight tint in his cheeks as well, especially when I said he was hard on the bed stroking himself. “You’re a dirty girl Christy, I need to fix that.” He said winking at me. I blushed bright red and we both stayed pretty quiet after that, both nodding in and out of sleep until the plane landed. 

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