A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


10. 10

I climbed out my bed and padded over to Jeff’s and undone a couple of the buttons on the shirt I was wearing, I crawled onto the bed and sat next to his head. He mumbled something and started pulling at me “Come back to bed...” he mumbled to me, “No you wake up” I said sliding down on my side to be lying next to him, he opened his eyes and looked at me “You look…” he said looking over me “Hot…” he said pulling me down for a kiss, I kissed his lips softly and bit my lip, he ran his hands over my back under my shirt, I giggled and leaned into him. “Jeffy…” I started as he smiled and noticed the amount he could see under my shirt, I smiled “You like what you see?” he nodded and kissed down my neck and my collar bone. I thought about it. Was now the right time? Should I tell him what I have never told anyone in my life before? I sighed and another button popped undone I giggled as I felt more of my breasts get pressed against his skin, I kissed his lips and licked his lip for entry, he opened his mouth and I tongued him, he smiled and put a hand under the waist band of the boxers that I was wearing, I broke the kiss for air and he smiled at me, his lips where red and his eyes where sparkling, I smiled back as he stroked the small of my back. “Mmmm since when have you ever kissed like that?” he said, I smiled. I didn’t even know that I could kiss like that; it was just something that happened with Jeff. I shrugged and he pulled at another button on the shirt to try and get it undone, he didn’t succeed so he settled for kissing the flesh that was already on show. I giggled as he turned me over so I was on my back, he started to undo the shirt from the bottom up and was just about to get to the button that was stopping the shirt from coming undone when his phone rang on the cabinet next to the bed, and he sighed and grumbled but answered it “Hello Matt…” I sighed and laid on the bed nearly topless, I could see Jeff eyeing my hungrily wanting what was underneath the shirt, I could see he was willing the last button to give and let the shirt flop open, but it didn’t. I closed my eyes for a moment then sat up pecking Jeff on the lips, I undid the last button on the shirt and took it of throwing it at Jeff, and he stared at me as I walked off into the bathroom topless with just the boxers on. I showered, washed my hair, dried it and got dressed again and went into the main room and he was still on the phone to Matt, I sat on the bed in front of him and started to play with his nipples, I pulled on them and he smiled and pushed my hands away, I decided to try a different tack, I sat up on my knees and pulled Jeff towards me, wrapping my arms around his neck, I kissed him softly and made him look down to see what he was missing, he placed a hand on one of my boobs gently, I put my hand on top of his and started to kiss his neck and jawline softly, the closer I got to his lips the lighter I planted the kiss. Jeff sighed and pulled a face, he tried to pull me closer to him but I pulled away and went and sat on the couch flicking through the channels of early morning TV. I must have sat there for another good half hour until he eventually got off of the phone. He came and pounced on me on the sofa pushing me back and lying on top of me, he kissed me hard. “I’m sorry babe… Matt was having some crisis with Amy or something. Apparently he found messages on her phone to Adam when he used it the other day…” he paused and sighed and kissed me again “I don’t know.” He looked at me “We should be naked making out on the bed by now, with me playing with you…” he started, I blushed a little and trailed my hands down the muscles on his arms. “You should go get dressed we’re moving city today remember.” I said as I watched him walk away from me into the shower. He was right we should be naked making out on the bed, if only Matt hadn’t of called with his supposed crisis. Jeff came out a few minutes later looking annoyed. “We better pack.” Was all he said. I frowned and watched him shove things into his bag, he was annoyed and I knew it. “Jeff?” I asked hesitantly “What?” he said not looking up and still putting things into his case “You okay babe?” I said going over and stroking his forearm. He looked up at me “I’m fine.” I nodded, “Okay baby” I said pecking him on the cheek and then went and packed my things into my case. I was done before Jeff and went and sat on his bed next to his case, onto of the clothes he hadn’t packed yet. “Do you mind?” he said. I shook my head “Nope, why do you?” I said laying back on them. He raised his eyebrows at me and I reached out and grabbed his shirt pulling him on top of me. I started to kiss him “Sorry I snapped, I’m just pissed off with being a fucking agony aunt to Matt constantly…” he said looking down, I smiled and kissed him on the lips and biting it softly “Well I am going to turn our phones off when we get to the next city in the hotel… then nobody will be able to get us.” I giggled and he started to kiss down my neck sucking on my collar bone. “Don’t you dare give me a hicky” I said, he chuckled, “Why?” he said lifting my tank strap up and kissing underneath it, he pushed it down off of my shoulder and started to kiss down my chest. I giggled and arched into him “Because we’re going to my hometown and my parents will be there…” he stopped “You ashamed of me?” he said jokingly. “Noooo, I just don’t want to have a big ass hicky where they can see it on national tv.” He nodded “Fine… but I am going to get you one day… when you’re not ready for it…” he said kissing me every time he paused. I smiled and he got up. “Let me finish packing and then we can get going.” I rolled off of the clothes and lay on my phone playing games. He finished packing and we went out of the hotel with our cases and made our way to the airport on the coach with the others.
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