A misunderstood Jeff Hardy finally gets understood by someone that he deeply falls for.


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“And your winner is TEST!!!!” Announced Lillian Garcia, I sighed and got up on the ring. I looked at Jeff’s adorable face get pissed. I sighed and got up into the ring and hugged Test with a forced smile on my face. I looked at Jeff’s face with a big sinking feeling in my gut, he should have won, not Test. We stood there celebrating in the ring, as Jeff backed down the entrance ramp. We stood in the ring celebrating for a few more minutes, after all Test should be happy, he just screwed Jeff out of a world title shot, I felt bad but I couldn’t do anything, not unless I wanted to be fired. I stood there being hugged and cuddled by Test, he disgusted me, he had no shame, and he would screw anybody over to get what he wanted. We went backstage after a few more minutes, and we instantly ran into Jeff. I smiled softly at him, but Test instantly started boasting about his win, “Oi Hardy. Why don’t you stop snivelling like a baby and get high off of some of those pills that you love so much. I mean after all that’s why you just lost to one of the best wrestler’s in the world. If you weren’t so high you would be able to win a match or two.” He laughed that evil, disgusting, snide laugh of his. I frowned. Jeff looked hurt, really hurt. “Shut up Test. You don’t know anything about me, you’re just some jackass that wants to rule everybody, well guess what. You’re not gonna rule me.” Jeff said, his green eyes had a slight glint in them. Test laughed again, “You wanna a bet on that Hardy? I will get your ass out of this company before you know it, then you’ll be sitting in the gutter with no money to fund you little ‘Habit’ and then guess what. I’ll report you to the police, then you’re be thrown into jail…” he stopped taking a step towards Jeff, Jeff took a deep breath. “To rot in hell. RIP Hardy.” Test said. I couldn’t help but gasp, he was horrid, I hated the sight of him, Jeff’s eyes turned dark like green emeralds, and he punched the wall directly beside Test’s head, obviously wishing that it was his head. He didn’t even wince, as his hand smashed straight into the solid concrete wall. I grimaced slightly. Test smirked as he watched Jeff walk away. I looked at Test and then went to follow Jeff, he called me back “Christy where the fuck are you going?” he demanded. “Get lost Test, I have to be your entourage on screen not off. So shut the fuck up and get lost.” I said walking off in the general direction that Jeff went in. I wandered around the corridors, looking for the sheet of paper with the arrow on saying Jeff Hardy. I found it eventually. I knocked on the door and went in “Hey…” I said to him. He glared at me “What do you want.” He snapped, with good reason he probably thought that I was there to do Test’s dirty work. I brushed it off, I saw him looking at me obviously waiting for an answer. “To see if you’re okay.” I said looking around the room to see if there was a little mini fridge freezer thing. I spotted it in the corner and went over to it rummaging through it to find a bag of ice, and also grabbing a couple bottles of water. I grabbed the ice and took the bag over to where Jeff was sat on the bench. I took his hand and gently placed the bag of ice on it, he winced slightly this time. “What was you thinking?” I murmured. He shrugged “I don’t know, I was pissed off with what he said.” I nodded and smiled at him “He has that effect on a LOT of people.” I said. Jeff laughed. “I bet” he said smiling; I couldn’t help but smile back at him. I eyed the first aid kit on the wall and then took the ice off of his hand. I went over to the first aid kit and opened it up looking for a bandage that I could wrap around Jeff’s hand. I found what I was looking for “Umm Christ I’m sorry for having a go at you earlier, I didn’t mean too, you was just there and I just took it out on you.” He said. “It’s okay, I mean you probably thought I was here to do Test’s dirty work. I mean I know for sure if it was the other way around I would think the same, but truth be it, I can’t stand him, I am only putting up with him because I only want to keep my job. But the good thing that I found out tonight is that I’m not actually rooming with him for once.” Jeff nodded “How come? I thought it was all part of the storyline having to room with a prick like him.” I nodded and started to wrap the bandage around his hand. “Yeah but it helps if you ask management nicely, to move rooms, all he does...” I stopped what I was saying. I couldn’t tell Jeff what he does to me, Jeff would kill him. “All he does is what?” He asked, I swallowed and tucked the end of the bandage neatly away. “Is bring hookers back to the room.” I said Jeff grimaced. “Hookers? What a man whore!” I laughed “Haha, now that he is.” I looked at the clock, “I better go back to my locker room and get showered and packed up ready to go back to the hotel, otherwise Dog Breath Test will be leaving without me.” I said. Jeff nodded, “Alright, well catch ya later?” he said I nodded and walked out his locker room door with the biggest smile on my face ever.

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