The Hetalia Games

England is hosting the Olympics, will everything go as planned? Or is there disaster on the horizon?
If the Nations are OCC I apologise In advance!


1. The Call

To a Nation, being in the public eye was not natural, they preferred to run things from the background, of course they all had moments where they had to be there, in front of everyone, it was unavoidable, but it was still a rare occurrence, to even get two or more in front of a camera, but here, in the great hall, Alice (England), Francis (France), Alfred (America), Antonio (Spain) and Ivan (Russia) were at the front of the action, with cameras everywhere, there was literally nowhere to hide. Which is exactly what their bosses wanted.


They came out of nowhere, the nations had been given a text saying to meet them here, in a room, in an unused part of the building, it was unusual, but not noteworthy, oh how they were wrong.

"Hey Iggy! Nice bids! Hope you win, but we all know the Hero comes out on top in the end!" America exclaimed as he entered the room, England had arrived first, slightly early, but she wanted a chance to examine the room beforehand. "Hello Jonesy, Nice bids yourself! But isn't New York a bit... I don't know, crowded? Ah well, Good Luck!" England answered, she truly had no ill will against the Yank, even if he was a bit loud and obnoxious at times. It was at that time that Spain entered the room, he didn't say much just a quick Hola to the both of them he went to stand at the back of the room, it was unheard of for this loud nation to be so quiet, but with all the publicity, it was understandable.

Finally France and Russia came in together; "Hello America. Spain. Alicia! Your bids are most convincing! I hope you win Da?" Russia said smiling, "Hello Ivan, Your bids are excellent! As per usual I see!" England answered with a smile as well, Russia was one of the few nations she liked, if ever so slightly. Her smile quickly disappeared when she saw him. "Good evening Frog. You want the Olympics I see, over my deceased corpse!" She stated with a confident smirk. "Bonsoir mon petite lapin! How are you? Good? Brilliant! I can't wait to wipe that smirk off your face when the ballots come in! Honhonhon!" France said in a voice oozing cockiness. England scowled and yelled "I'M NOT YOUR FREAKING LITTLE RABBIT YOU GIT! BUGGER OFF!" This prompted Russia to come to her aid, just standing beside her was enough to shut France up. Considering Russia had an extreme protective streak and wasn't afraid to use force to help his friends. But then he uttered "Kolkolkolkol...You will not provoke her again Da?" That made France go pale and scramble off to stand beside Spain, who was still at the back of the room.

They then waited for a few minutes, partaking in simple conversation with one another, a passing comment about The Piracy Days and an argument about tomatoes were enough to bring Spain out of his shell and begin talking animatedly about the different ships he had, how England had completely destroyed them (Which prompted numerous apologies from the country in question) Then the door to which they all entered through closed and locked, the main light turned off and a girly scream from America (Which he will continue to deny) Made all the Nations to try and find a light switch, finding none, England then commented "The lights were on when I came in here, perhaps the switch is outside the door? It has been known to happen. But, until we get the door open, perhaps this will suffice? Lumen." With that, a large ball of light appeared in England's left hand. All of them were in a stupor, when France recovered he questioned why it wasn't in her more dominant right hand, England simply answered; "God At My Right" as though it held all the answers, then she strutted over to the door, to find that it had only a handle, but no keyhole, when she tried to open it, she found it was either barricaded or locked somehow, for when Russia tried, he couldn't open it, it was when America was about to kick it that familiar voices rang out; "Stop!" They all turned, standing in front of them were their respective leaders,

Needless to say, they were all shocked, had they heard and seen everything that had just occurred?

Feeling on show, England blushed and was about to put out the light when her Boss said; "England, no. We need it." So, instead of keeping it in her hands, she jumped and placed in the main light. giving everyone a much needed look at one another.



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