The Hetalia Games

England is hosting the Olympics, will everything go as planned? Or is there disaster on the horizon?
If the Nations are OCC I apologise In advance!


5. Results and Bombings

After everything had settles, the announcement ceremony had begun, a man took the stage;

"Good Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, to the final results! This will determine who has won the right to the 2012 Olympics!" There was a small round of applause, then the man spoke again, "As we all know, the favourite for the games is Paris, however, an inspirational presentation by Sebastian Coe of the UK has rendered this entire race, to a neck and neck, all or nothing. Here, I have the results!" He held up a white envelope with the Olympic rings on them, to a round of applause, then he opened them, scanned the sheet and announced;

"In second place, with a total of 50 ballots in the final round is..." Alice glared at Francis, who blew a kiss back, confident as ever, "... Paris. Which means that with a total of 54 ballots, the 2012 Olympics will be hosted by London in the UK!" Everyone was silent for a minute, all eye on Alice's and Olivia's table, who glanced at each other, Alice then turned to Francis and stated simply, "Kiss that. Frog." Then the both of them got up and left the room. To a large round of applause.

When they reached their hotel room, Olivia went to take a shower, while Alice started to pack. Olivia had just finished and was getting changed when she heard a scream. "Alice! Wha's rong!?" She dashed over to the fallen Brit, who was clutching her heart, "L-London. Someone's bombed London, The Tube..." She fell unconscious, Olivia kept a calm front, picked up Alice and gently put her on her bed. She felt her forehead, "A sligh fevar..." She grabbed a cold compress and placed it there, then she turned on the television and saw the destruction. "Damn, they blew it up. When someone goes to bomb London, they really do go the whole nine yards don't they! Heh... Al?" Concerned, Olivia walked back over to Alice, and felt her forehead again, "How are you not combusting?! Hold on..." She was about to grab another compress, when the door burst open, and America and others came in. "Kep it d-own ya twits! Did ya mamma's nevar teech ya ta knoc?" Olivia whispered "N-ow, kep it d-own! Al's tri-ing ta sleep!" She pointed to the sick Brit, "We know Olive-ia. we came to make sure she's alright, she has bad experiences with bombs, we were just making sure everything was fine, but it seems our worries were unfounded, goodbye." America and the others left. Their fears assuaged, nothing was wrong.

It was near Midnight when her fever broke, "Ah!" Alice exclaimed as she woke up, "AL! You're allright! I woz gettin woreed! thoght I ought ta get ve othrs." Olivia smiled, Alice done the same, "Ya boss called, I told 'im tha 'iz quarees could wait 'till tha morn. ya need tha rest." Alice raised an eyebrow, "I didn't thretn 'im fis thyme! 'Onest!" Alice smiled and fell back into a contented sleep. After checking her over, Olivia did the same, they had each others backs, no matter what others said, they were practically sisters, and you know what they say;

Sisters before Misters.

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