The Hetalia Games

England is hosting the Olympics, will everything go as planned? Or is there disaster on the horizon?
If the Nations are OCC I apologise In advance!


2. Olivia

The Nations clothing was slightly travel-worn and they were all in need of a good wash, however, England and Russia, had managed to hide most of this, simply because they had winter coats or starched jackets on, hiding their creased and crumpled shirts. Their bosses however, looked immaculate, not a single item of clothing was out of place or crumpled in the slightest. Needless to say, none spoke a word, The Nations because they were waiting on orders and their bosses were busy examining the state of their respective Nation.

Eventually, England cleared her throat and asked in a questioning tone; "Excuse Me, Leaders of America, Russia, France and Spain, but, I think we're all wondering, what exactly you are doing here, and what this whole charade is about. If you can grace us with an answer." In response to that, all the bosses took one step closer to the British Nation, however, instead of crumbling she kept her composure and instead said, "I do believe I just asked a question, and even though you are our Leaders, it would seem horribly rude to not answer it." America and France struggled to hold back their laughter at the Girl's sarcastic wit, even Russia was smiling, so, seeing getting a reaction from the usually volatile Nation, the Bosses instead went to the usually loud and joyful Nation, Spain.

They couldn't have been more right, the Nation acted so scared it was hard to believe that it was Spain, in the end, they freaked him out so much, he flipped and nearly attacked him, were Russia not holding his arm in a vice-like grip. Then they turned and done the same thing to Russia and the others.

After they all were "Invaded" the bosses conferred in one corner of the room, so the Nations took conference in the other;

"Bloody Hell! I thought that was never going to end, What in the name of Arthur do those Gits think they're going to accomplish by invading our space, then again..." England trailed off, as if in thought and spoke not another word. "Indeed Angleterre, I do not wish to go through that torment again, now, are all of you alright?" France asked in a slightly worried tone, he was usually the one to invade your personal space, not the other way around. It freaked him out, if ever so slightly. "Da, I am fine, nothing of concern, Spain, you are fine Da?" Russia said, his ever-present smile still on his face, Spain still in his vice-like grip, even thought the Spaniard had calmed down, Russia thought it would be for the best. "Si, Russia, I am fine, could you let go of me, por favor? I can't feel my hand." Spain looked down at his poor hand, it was slightly blue due to the amount of pressure Russia exerted, but hadn't thought until now to bother him otherwise, he didn't expect him to go through with it, so he was surprised when Russia let go of it and stepped sideways, away from it.

With that over, the Nations turned to look at the final country, America, who hadn't spoken a word, slightly worried for her former charge, England crept over and tapped him lightly on the shoulder "Jonesy, Are you alright? Jones? America?" Her voiced was raised slightly by worry, but she quickly quietened down, then, she and the others tried to use their rudimentary medical skills to piece together what was wrong with him, it didn't take long for as soon as Alice waved her hand in front of his face, America blinked, and, in a stuttered voice, exclaimed "ALICE! WHY ARE THERE TWO OF YOU!?" England immediately spun round and saw the one person she absolutely could throttle and not have an international incident with;

"Bloody Glorious, you're here, welcome back Olivia, what brings you here?" Alice drawled in a bored tone,

"Well, you see Al, I'm 'ere, ta make sure ya don't knock some twonk's block off, ya boss has called up mine, to bring me 'ere, it's perfectily legalsied, so, don't go all Glare on me alwright? Besides, I woodn't miss this sure-fire Bonanza fer tha wurld darlin' ya can count on tha!" Olivia spoke joyfully, hugging Alice, while she winced at the many spelling errors she could practically hear coming from the neon coloured girl, she also spoke with a combination of accents, most prominent being a Brooklyn, Cockney and Scottish accent,  not that either of them minded, but then Olivia turned serious, she reached behind her and brought out a large jar, which was already half-full, on it, was a label which on it was written neatly in sparkly purple pen;

England's (Al's!!!!)

Swear jar

£2 per swear

(GIT doesn't count!!!!!)

She then spoke in an exasperated tone, but still with the accents "Ya know tha rules Gov, pop it in." Alice sighed, but brought out a Ten Pounds note and put it in, when given a questioned look, she smiled and said sweetly; "You know, Olivia, I sometimes wonder if you do those bloody accents just to piss me off!" She and Olivia laughed at the end of it, leaving the other countries with a confused look on their faces, an unknown question hung over their heads, those two being the only ones that could give them an answer,

Who could make England, The Stiff Upper Lip of the World, laugh? 

Honestly, they hadn't a clue.


But then again, they never really would've understood,

How could you explain that they were both the same Nation?

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