The Hetalia Games

England is hosting the Olympics, will everything go as planned? Or is there disaster on the horizon?
If the Nations are OCC I apologise In advance!


4. Conversation

A few years later and Alice and Olivia hadn't killed each other yet, though they swore that they were in a temporary truce given the situation. Nobody believed them.

"Olivia! You finished in there yet?" Alice whined for the fiftieth time, Olivia had been in the bathroom for over an hour, if she kept this up, they would be late for the final bid. "Almost finished!" Then the door unclicked and Olivia stepped out.

She had forgone her usual ensemble of neon coloured clothes, shoes and hair dyes, instead she was wearing a rather business style suit. It was a normal suit and tie, which was exactly the same a Alice's, with a few differences, instead of gold cufflinks, they were silver and the tie was a grey as opposed to black. But Her hair, which was usually dyed a rainbow, was instead it's original strawberry blonde, her face was devoid of make-up, instead it was it's usual freckly self. "Sorry fer tha dell-a, I was tri-ing to rememmer 'ow a tie werks..." She smiled sheepishly. Alice just stood there, when she eventually made a comment, it was this; "You could have just asked, I would not have minded, now, shall we depart?" With an affirmative nod, both Nations left.

They arrived twenty minutes before the ceremonies were due to begin, so they mingled.

"Alicia! Olivia! How good to see you! It is a shame that Mother Russia was knocked out.. but no matter! It is just you and the Franc now Da?" Russia smiled his non-creepy version of a smile, Olivia smiled and spoke "Ah yis, 'tis a shaym Ivan, booter look nixt thyme ey?" Russia smiled, hardly anyone other than England, could understand her 'butchered' English, fluently.

They then found America, skulking on the other side of the room. "Hello Jonesy! What has got the big, brave hero down?" Even though America was independent, Alice still was his mother, so the way of talking hardly changed. "What? Oh.. I suppose I'm just sad that I didn't get further than the second round of voting really, I really expected to win." America sighed, which caused Alice to frown, she was used to a happy America, not this, she nudged Olivia to say something, which she did, begrudgingly; "K'mon Jonesee! it's knot tha baird! Atleest yer tri-eyed! Umlioke sumervers! Thas summin innit?" America smiled, with Alice mouthing the words, he managed to pick up a few things that Olivia was saying. "Alright, Trial and Error right? At least I gave it a shot! Thanks Olive!" He ruffled Olivia's hair and left, then Alice yelled "It's OLIVIA YOU GIT!" and America darted over to his Boss.

Rolling their eyes, The Brits walked over to Antonio, who was back to being his happy, bubbly self. "Hello Antonio, how are you?" His eyes brightened at the sight of the two, "Hola niñas! I am fine, even though I didn't get past the third round, but if at first you don't succeed, get up and try again right?" He said this while giving both of them a Cheshire smile, it unnerved them slightly, "Brilliant, good to see you're in such high spirits! Now... All we have to do is beat that damn Frog, and 2012 is ours!" Spain smiled, while they were usually at each others throats for the best part of the days, they could get along like a house on fire if you find the common ground.

But then Francis entered and completely forgot the list of rules Alice had told them when Olivia had first arrived;

Rules of Olivia

(Break them, you are screwed)

1) She is armed like Switzerland on good days, like a hundred of him on bad. Do not annoy her.

2) If you cannot understand her, Ask her to either write it down or talk slower, do not stand there like a twit, she gets bored very easily and when she is bored, her weapons make an appearance.

3) Do not swear in front of her, no matter how much you may want to. She is an expert when it comes to bleaching mouths. 

4) Try not accept anything she bakes or gives you, it could be poisoned or worse

5) Frog, this one is for you. DO NOT if you VALUE LIFE make ANY advances TOWARDS HER.

That was it, five rules, there were others, but they were the main ones.

"Bonjour! How are mon lapins? I cannot wait for the final result non? Honhonhonhon!" As he walked away, he winked at Olivia and blew her a kiss, she saw red.

"OLIVIA! No! You can't kill him! No matter how much I may want to! You can't use that as an excuse! It won't hold up in court! You swore you wouldn't cause an Incident! Or harm any man, woman, child or Nation while this was going on!" Alice pleaded with her while dragging her away from the Frenchman, who had scurried up a curtain and was refusing to come down, while she was in the room. But at those words, Olivia paused in her mad scramble to get away from Alice and said, "I did promiss didn't I? It was a vary sole-erm promiss wasn it?" At that Alice nodded, "Damn." Olivia sighed and slumped, which made Alice put her down, then she walked over to where the Frenchman was up the curtain, "I told you, you Frog Idiot, don't make any advance towards her, you twit, now get down from there!" Then she turned and walked off, half carrying Olivia, to their seats, where they sat down and waited for the show to start.

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