The Hetalia Games

England is hosting the Olympics, will everything go as planned? Or is there disaster on the horizon?
If the Nations are OCC I apologise In advance!


3. Business as usual

It wasn't long until everyone reconvened, which then lead to the Bosses explaining what it was they had planned, "England, America, France, Spain, Russia, we have a job for you to do, we need you to keep the paparazzi away from the bidders, while they do their work. We know that this is an extremely odd request, but truly you have no choice." Then the English Boss spoke up, "I have brought E2 here to try and keep your 'protective' instincts from killing anyone, she will act as your security guard, but for the paparazzi, not you." Alice then glared at Olivia, who shook it off with a laugh. "Sirs, you truly must understand, Olivia is... a bit psychotic, some would say more than is healthy." Alice tried to reason with them, truly, they couldn't be serious? Olivia bakes people into cakes for crying out loud! She poisons them! Nobody in their right mind would even go near them if they could help it! And her issues with swearing! She knows that most of the other 2Ps, especially J2, nearly got bleach down their throats, Olivia tried on her, if J2 arrived a few minutes later... she didn't want to think about it. "I'm sorry England, but she is the only one capable of restraining even the strongest of you, and is the only match for your abilities." He didn't sound very apologetic, but at least it was something. "Fine, but if any of us die, it's all your faults." At least she warned them in advance, she'd need a few minutes to tell the others about her other half. "Alright, with that sorted, you may leave." It was then the door swung open and the bosses disappeared, then, with a muttered, "Darsn" The light went out and the Nations left.


True to her word, she warned everyone about Olivia, and then, with herself and America acting as spokespeople, they entered the fray.

It wasn't that bad, but they had to make up a few things, they had very limited knowledge of their bids, but what they had was enough to deflect nearly all of the questions.

The event lasted a fair few hours, when they all arrived back at the hotel, it was long past midnight, when they got there, they discovered that only five rooms had been hired, after a lot of arguing, deal making and swearing, it was agreed on that Alice and Olivia would share a room, after that was settled, they then went to said rooms.

"Olivia, I swear, if I wake up and find you've neoned the place, I will kill you. If I find that you've done something to someone, and you know what I mean, I will drag your bleeding body back into the 2World, understand?" Alice really wanted this trip to go well, and finding someone dead with their DNA on them was not the best thing that could happen. "Alright Al, I got it, canna least do summin fer tha erthers?" Olivia looked at her counterpart with pleading eyes, "If I find that they've been poisoned or harmed I will not hesitate. Alright? Good. Now go." Olivia left the room without another word. Alice sighed and fell back onto her bed, wondering whether she made the right choice. At least she'll know by tomorrow, if she doesn't burn the place down.

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