Let's do it


9. To show open

The drug trade began to flourish. Every day it came in new customers and everyone was sure to get their share of the powder. I wasn't exactly fond about that Niall was selling drugs, but I dared not to tell him that. Harry stopped to stare at me and it became easier to be among the guys. I learned slowly to know them and they began to trust me.


Niall pulled me down on his lap and I felt his hand landed between my legs. I blushed immediately because I realized that all saw where his hand was. Niall didn't care and made ​​sure I sat down in in his lap. I felt his hand began to discover the area and I groaned lightly. 
"Why?" I mumbled. Niall just smiled and let a finger penetrate. 
"Everyone sees what they miss." 
"But right in front of them?" 
Niall giggled lightly and I moved slowly and invisibly on my hip against his hand. I saw how Liam wouldn't stop staring at Nialls hand. I realized that Niall was looking for to tease them. It succeeded because Liam began to fix something in his pants. I blushed when Niall pulled up his fly and took out his hard boner. He made sure that I turned around and sat with my legs on either side of his legs. He lowered me down and penetrated. I heard that Liam left the room and went into the bathroom. Niall smiled and I saw that he didn't care about anyone else. He got me to start riding him and I felt him fill me. I leaned forward and kissed him. Niall was immediately intense and his tongue found its way between my lips. 
"You are crazy!" Harry mumbled angrily and he left the apartment completely. It ended up with that Zayn also went out, but Louis sat still there and watched. I whimpered and I felt how I increased the pace. I couldn't care about that Louis was there and I let Niall continue.


I ended up in a fog and I moved faster. Niall took his hand and moved it over my clitoris. I was shaking and I felt how he got me to breathe faster. I didn't need much until I come. I sat down on his cock and I could feel the muscles cramped around his dick. I whimpered strait out and tried not to sound too much. Niall smiled and kissed me all the way through orgasm. When I was done, he looked pleased at Louis. 
"So you take care of girlfriends." 
Louis grinned and looked at us with amused gaze. 
"It's so near to that I want to fuck her too." 
Niall laughed. 
"She's mine." Then he looked at me. "Move on your body." 

I obeyed him and rode him fast. I heard that Louis unbuttoned his fly and when he began to masturbate, I stopped. 
"No, I don't want you to do it so they ..." 
Niall gave Louis a cold look and immediately disappeared Louis into another room. I rode Niall again and finally he came. 


"It's the first and last time that we do it in front of them." I said angrily. "I'm not a whore and I'm not public property."
Niall kissed me to calm me down. 
"Come on, I love doing it all in front of my guys. It allowed them to see what I have." 
I was angry. 
"You're crazy!" 
Niall grinned and took out a cigarette. He lit it and smiled at me. 
"I told you that I appreciate certain things in life and you are one of them. Why not show your body and what you can do? If I had a dog it would have been the same." 
"Are you comparing me to a dog?" 
He laughed, took a puff and shook his head. 
"No, but I believe that you can do everything openly. I believe that sex belongs everywhere." 
I was silent when I heard that Liam came. It was heard by the toilet door and Niall enjoyed. 
"You see that everyone gets horny by you." 
I took myself away from his lap. 
"I don't do it again."
Niall sighed and picked up money. He gave them to me and didn't seem to like that I refused. 
"Buy something neat and then calm down. Come back then." 
I swallowed and took the money. 
"I still wont still..." 
Niall stared at me. 
"Buy a nice dress and enjoy being the center of this apartment. You do as I say and you don't say no to me."

When I came out of the apartment, I felt more like a whore than a girlfriend. Why was Niall so crazy to show up everywhere? Harry stood outside the door and he stabbed directly hold of my arm. 
"Don't you see what you're doing?" 
I tore myself from him and left the house. I bought a nice dress and I bought underwear. I wanted to change everything and I didn't want to allow Niall to make things open again.

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