Let's do it


19. The second time

I woke up when Liam got between my legs. I felt his tongue was playing with my clit and he made me groan. I spread her legs and took my hands over his head. I felt how he took control of me and I lifted my hips against his face. Two fingers penetrated and I groaned. He liked it and I felt that he made ​​me wet again. I responded with the whole body and his tongue knew what it did. I almost screamed with pleasure when I felt how he bit me. It wasn't hard, but teasingly and I screamed out straight. Liam continued, and he seemed to know what he would do to get me to put me completely under his power. I felt his teeth biting my clit and he brought all his fingers inside me. I screamed and I threw back my head. I was surprised when he pulled up a dildo and let it penetrate. He grinned a little bit, and put on the vibrator. I was shaking all over and I had no idea what I would do. Liam took the lube on his hand and began to caress my rear hole. He put me far away in the land of mists and when a finger penetrated I dropped everything. I was like crazy. Liam liked it and he managed to get three fingers to penetrate my rear hole. I had never had sex with a guy there and everything was new. I realized that I loved it and I felt the vibrator almost reached my g-spot. Liam made ​​sure I landed on my stomach. He let the dildo remain in me and he parted my buttocks. I pressed my head against the pillow and felt that he brought his cock to my hole. I didn't scream in pain when he penetrated. I screamed with pleasure and I felt him lay down on top of my back. His face landed beside my ear and he took his arms around my body. I felt how he began to move on his ass and he made me shake. 
"I knew you would love it!" he moaned against my ear and increased the pace. I spread my legs and lifted light up my ass at him. I didn't know what I would do and I couldn't lie still. Liam had to hold me down and he groaned loudly against my ear. Liam let a hand sliding down between my legs and he made sure that the dildo was vibrating at maximum speed. I tried to move on the hip, but he forced me to lie still. I felt how hard he was working with his cock and I felt  how he reached all the g-points that were in my body. Eventually it just became too much. I got an exploding orgasm and I screamed. I felt my whole body ended up in a wave of pleasure. It lasted longer than it used to and when I landed, I was exhausted. Liam continued to move against my body and in the end he came too. I felt his cock vibrated in my asshole and he filled me with cum. He shook and he pushed me against the mattress.


He pulled out the dildo and tossed it away. Then he took out his dick out of me, but he remained on my back. 
"YOU loved it?" 
I had to nod and I felt how he kept his arms around me. Liam laughed a little bit and kissed my cheek. 
"You're as hot as a porn star." 
I frowned. 
"Is that good?" 
Liam laughed and nodded. 
"Yes, because they can do everything and they cater for them all. Your fucking the hottest girl I know."

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