Let's do it


31. The motel

"Stay here!" muttering Andy in the morning. "When the boat stops, you have to wait. I will come and pick you up when the coast is clear." 
I nodded and sat down on the bed. I was tense and expectant. I was soon to enter the country and I would be home. I looked out the window and noticed that the boat was at a major port. The boat unloaded the cargo and I realized that it could linger.


Andy came back after a few hours.
"In a while..." he muttered, and went in and washed himself. I was surprised when he came out to me again with just underwear on himself and he had boner.
"But ..." I got out of me. Andy smiled and pulled me from the bed.
"I just want to get a memory." he murmured and pulled down my panties. He pulled off my dress and made ​​me stand leaning foreward. He smiled and took out a mobile phone.
"No sex!" he murmured and pulled down his pants. He began instead to rub his dick up and down along with my butt and I felt how he pressed himself against me. He filmed it with the cell phone and I heard he moaned with pleasure. He kept one hand firmly around my waist and I felt him really pressed his cock up and down.
"I'll just come." he mumbled and groaned higher. I sighed and decided to peek out the window. I saw that those who worked on the boat began to move away and I knew that soon it was my turn to leave the boat.


Andy made ​​me spin around and I ended up with my back against the bed. He sat leaning forward over me and started to move his cock over my stomach. He filmed it and he groaned. I looked down at his dick and sighed lightly. He had only one thing on his mind. In the end, I felt he began to move faster on the body and he groaned higher. He pushed down his cock against my stomach with his hand and appeared to be about to come. He filmed and shook at the same time. Finally he came straight over my stomach and he showed the whole body that he loved it.


"Is that a memory?" I got out of me. Andy nodded with satisfaction. 
"Now I can show my friends that I can get a girl to set up. I promise I wont tell them that it's you and I never filmed your face." 
I went into the bathroom and washed myself. 
"You're crazy!" 
He grinning. 
"Maybe, but I like everything that we have done together."


The sun was going down when we left the boat. Andy took me along the bridge and he looked worried. 
"If they find me with human trafficking, I will lose my job." 
I didn't care. 
"Where's Niall?" I asked instead. Andy gave me a quick glance and kept a lookout in all directions. 
"He's in a motel nearby. I didn't think he would come here and show off." 
"How do I get there?" 
Andy smiled with amusement. 
"You don't trust me?" 
I sighed. 
"I have learned not to trust anyone."


Andy got a crappy car. It looked like a scrapped thing, but he got the engine running in it. He chose to drive me through the woods and eventually we came to a motel. He parked on the side and smiled at me. 
"Rooms thirty-three." 
I swallowed and opened the door. I smiled weakly at him. 
"Thank you?" 
He was grinning. 
"It was a pleasure to help you and tell me if you want to return to Miami. There's always room in my cabin." 
I sighed and jumped out of the car. I closed the door and immediately drove Andy away from there. I wasn't sure. Think if he cheated me or what if Liam had found me? What if Simon was at the motel? I crept to the right room and put my ear against the door. I heard a TV, but nothing more. I was trying to figure out if it smelled Simon or Liam from the door. I was too afraid to knock.


"Harry what time is it?" I heard right it was Nialls voice. It tingled in my the whole body and I knocked. There was silence and a moment later I heard Nialls voice. 
"Who is it?" 
I swallowed. 
"It's me ..." 
The door flew open and he threw himself into my arms without looking at me. 
"Honey, I've been waiting for you!"

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