Let's do it


32. The motel at night

Niall smiled at me and he saw immediately that I had dyed my hair. 
"Yes?" I mumbled. "I didn't want Liam or Simon would recognize me." 
Niall didn't care and he laughed a little bit. 
"You're still beautiful, darling." He looked down at my clothes. "And you have changed your style?" 
I laughed. 
"No, I didn't want to look like me." 
Niall looked into my eyes and raised one eyebrow. 
"I don't care how you look or what you wear. You're home now!"

For the first time in a long time I felt loved. Niall didn't have much money, but he made ​​sure I had food to eat. Harry disappeared and realized that we wanted to be alone. I showered and I felt like a new person. I told myself to put everything behind me and I wanted to look foreward.


Niall pulled me in bed, but I had clothes on me. He tore off his own clothes and looked at me. 
"I missed you." 
I smiled and spread my legs. He got to do what he wanted, I didn't care. Without foreplay he penetrated and he looked into my eyes all the time. I felt how he held me and I felt he moved his body. I felt his muscles working and it felt like I was really at home. 
"You can't go away again." he murmured, and smiled weakly. He increased the pace and I felt how he bounced against my body. 
"I promise." 
Niall smiled and started kissing me. I felt how he almost ate me up and he was in ecstasy. He didn't get enough of me and I felt like his princess.


Niall came out of me and he sat under me. He began to caress me on my sensitive part and I groaned. He smiled and raised my legs over his shoulders. He penetrated and he continued to take care of the clitoris. I whimpered and I pressed myself against him. 
"Damn you're so beautiful." Niall mumbled and closed his eyes. I came and right after he came.


We then lay then in bed and just hugged. We said nothing. I had come home.





----------------------------------------------ThE EnD--------------------------------------------


I know! Dirty! 
But it's quite fun to write about it...
Leave comments and don't take this fanfic deadly serious. 
It's fantasy and crazy.

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