Let's do it


25. The deal

Simon found a girl to fool around. Her name was Sophia and she did everything for money. She had normal body, but she had bigger breasts against me and bigger lips. I realized that Simon really was in porn. The first night she was in the house, we heard what they were doing in the movie the studio all night. She wasn't quiet and she moaned loudly. 
"She's not you." Liam whispered to me. "I wont be with her."
I realized that Liam thought I was jealous, but I wasn't. I was pleased at not having to be in the center and maybe that Simon would get tired of me?


Liam pulled me into my bedroom and he hugged me tight. 
"He can bring in how many girls as he wants, but you're the only one for me." 
"I know .." I mumbled. I didn't know what else I could say. Liam smiled and kissed me. I felt his lips really kissed me and he pushed me against him. He moaned and I felt that he was horny. Direct I backed away from his arms. 
"Not everything is about sex?" 
He seemed surprised. 
"Well, because you show love when you have sex?" 
I frowned. 
"Are you serious?" 
Liam laughed a little bit and nodded. 
"Haven't you noticed? I love you so much that I don't want to be away from you."

He pulled his shirt off and he began to strip naked. I backed off. 
"No, Liam." 
He grinned and walked towards me. 
"O yes, darling!" 


That night he had sex and I had thought, which just spun around. I was absent, but I managed to make him believe that I came. I realized that I could fool Liam with everything. 


"Can't we go to town tomorrow?" 
He was close to me and he was sweaty, as he was always afterwards. 
"Sure, but why?" 
I lied. 
"We can buy sexy lingerie and some cute little dresses. I have to be stylish at the movies and I got tired of my old clothes." 
Liam went on with my lie. 
"Sure honey. We go in and buy clothes for you." 
I smiled. 
"Thank you!"


"Can you take the opportunity to buy condoms?" Simon got out of it. He was too busy with Sophia and I realized that he now had her as his favourite. I didn't care. 
"Okay, but how many?" 
Simon laughed and looked at Sophia. 


Liam took me down to the boat and he made sure we got out on the open water. I enjoyed and I could feel the wind blowing through my hair. I would do it and I would manage to take me away from Liam. I didn't know how, but I didn't want to go back to the island ever again.


It was a cozy town with many shops for tourists. Still, we managed to find a shop for porn and they had everything that Liam just loved. He was like a little child, and he took out all the sexy lingerie. 
"We buy all?" he said happily. I just nodded and noted that there were also sexy underwear for guys. Yet didn't Liam care about them, but bought a lot to me. The owner looked wide-eyed at us. 
"Excuse me, but I've seen all your films. Your legends." 
Liam was proud, I was embarrassed. He came up to us and I saw his eyes slid over my body. 
"You're as sexy as in the movies." 
Liam laughed and took his arm around my shoulders. 
"But she's mine and you can't poke at her." 
He seemed to understand that. 
"I will you no harm, I just want to mention that I'm a fan. I love your scenes and you are so perfect. You always makes me excited and I always masturbate when you come." 
I wanted to puke. 
"Thank you!"


It ended with that Liam stood talking with the owner. His name was Jeff, and was quite a lot older than us. He seemed to know everything about porn and he wasn't ashamed to talk about it.


"So what will you do in your next movie?" Jeff got out. "I have lot of dildos that can fit you perfectly and I can give them to you, if you mention my business in the final text." 
Liam liked the idea. 
"Okay, show me what you have." 
Jeff went behind the counter and began to pick up big dildos. Some were larger toward Liam's dick and I was almost afraid. 
"But they aren't the right size." I got out of me. Liam laughed. 
"Too bad you can't try them?" 
Jeff was quick. 
"I close the shop and you can test it. That would be an honor."
I was shocked when Liam said yes. Jeff closed the shop and took us to a room behind the shop. Where there was just a bed and nothing more. 
"This is my place." he said proudly. "I've fucked many times in that bed." 
Liam smiled and he forced me to the bed. 
"Come on honey. Lie down and we test them." 
I swallowed. 
"He will look when I do it?" 
Jeff blushed. 
Liam giggled. 
"He'll just watch. Lay on the bed and I'll help you."


I don't know why I did it. Jeff sat down on a chair and I saw him staring at me. Liam gathered lubricant and dildos in different sizes. He chose one that was as big as his own and before it penetrated, he caressed me so I responded. I felt how he got me to drop everything and when he shoved the dildo in me, I moaned. He put on the vibrator and immediately I closed my eyes. I couldn't bother about that Jeff sat and masturbated. He was just disgusting. 


Liam pulled out the dildo and instead he brought in a major. I screamed almost straight out and I felt Liam pushed it all the way. I felt his tongue against my clit and I felt the whole I was shaking. I moved up towards his face and I felt my whole being was filled with the dildo. Liam put the vibrator on max and I gave up. I came!


"We take all!" I heard Liam say. Jeff continued to masturbate, and he groaned aloud. 
"You have a bag at the cashier, take whatever you want." then he came. I just wanted to throw up, I just wanted to die and I wanted to get away from there.

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