Let's do it


3. The bedroom

Niall pulled me into a apartment house. His apartment was on the top and he opened the door for me. In there I saw his gang sit and they had more girls in the room. Niall had his arm tightly around my waist and showed directly that I belonged to him. 
"I know her!" Zayn mumbled and I saw that he was under influence. Niall just smiled and pulled me toward another door. 
"I'm in here." mumlad he. "But I don't want to be disturbed." 
"Why not." I heard Harry ask. Niall stopped and gave him a cold stare. 
"You see why!" 
Harry grinned. 
"Okay, we wont disturb you."


Niall had a simple bedroom. Double bed, a large wardrobe and a toilet. Only a small lamp lit up the room and I was unsure if I had chosen the right customer. Niall closed the door and smiled at me.
"You don't need to be afraid, sweetheart!"
I smiled uncertainly and sat down on the bed. I watched as he began to undress his clothes. When he only had his underwear on himself, he disappeared into the bathroom and I heard how he turned on the shower.
"I'll just make me clean." I heard him say. Self I sat down and picked up the money. I noted that I had been paid for a whole week, if one assumed my price list. I hadn't seen so much money before and I felt my whole body cheered.


When Niall was done, he came out to me and I saw that he was completely naked. He reached the edge of the bed and put away my bag. Then he pulled me up, so I stood in front of him. He let his hands slide around my body and slowly stroked his hands my butt under my dress. He looked into my eyes and I wondered what he was doing. 
"Damn good looking body you have." he mumbled and tore off my dress. I stood naked in front of him and he threw off my clothes all over the room. I felt his hands caressed my back and he grabbed my hair. 
"I'm good." he muttered and put his face close to mine. "I usually don't pay to get fuck, but you're just too good to let go."
He kissed me. I felt his lips met mine and he was intense. He lifted me up in his arms, with his hands under my butt and I felt how he pressed himself against me. He moaned lightly and I felt that he had boner. Niall backed off a bit and kept me in his arms. It didn't take long until I was completely in the kiss and I held him tightly around the neck. Niall lifted my body up more, and when he lowered me down, he penetrated. I groaned and felt how he filled me with his member. Niall backed me up against the closet door and he slowly began to move on his body. I felt how he pumped dis dick into me and I felt him flexing every muscle in the body. He moaned and he seemed to forget who I was. Instead he pounded me into the door and I felt how he increased the pace all the time. He groaned slightly and his face became red. His body slowly began to get hot and eventually it was like he just couldn't stop. I was slammed hard into the door and I heard how he worked to come. He didn't care about that the others heard what we were doing. Instead he grunted and groaned against my lips. When he came he filled me with cum and I felt how he pressed himself into me. He whimpered and he almost screamed.


Niall dropped me on the floor and I saw that he was out of breath. Niall pulled himself together and then he smiled obliquely towards me. 
"Damn, you are absolutely wonderful." 
I swallowed, wondering if I would take on the dress now? He had done what he wanted and usually wanted customers just get rid of me. I was therefore surprised when he did the opposite. 
"Lie down on the bed."
I obeyed him and saw how he looked at me closely. 
"I payed you for the whole night." he whispered and laughed a little bit. "Therefore, I will ensure that you stay here all night." 
He then left the room and I just stared after him. He walked naked out to the others and I could hear him mumbling something to them. I chose to obey him and I lay quietly against the mattress.

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