Let's do it


16. Simons strip club

Simon pulled me into the house and he threw me on the bed. 
"You're not fucking grateful?" 
I just felt how badly I was hurt in the leg. The guard had on hold me tight around the ankle and I saw that there were marks after his hand. Simon was furious and he went back and forth across the floor. 
"You're fucking insane. Niall have nothing to give you and still want you to leave me?"
He paused and looked at me. His eyes were cold and I saw that he thought about what he would do with me. 
"I give you everything and this is the thanks I get?" 
What would I say? Should I tell him that I loved Niall, but I didn't love him. I just wanted to be with Niall and I wasn't comfortable in the house. 
"Damn!" he exclaimed cold. "I thought I had finally found the right girl, you are doing everything possible to prove the opposite?" 
I swallowed. 
"I'm not the right one...."
Simon went to the bed and tore off his robe, which he had worn. He lay naked down over me and made ​​sure I was still. 
"I give you more than you can dream of. What's wrong?" 
I swallowed and chose not to respond. He tore off my panties and without that I had time to say against him, he parted my legs. 
"I'll fucking teach you!" he mumbled and penetrated all the way in. It hurt, but he didn't seemed to care. He worked quickly and pretty soon he lay and groaned loudly. 
"Damn I'm gonna fuck you, I'll fucking teach you a lesson."
He moaned and I knew how he enjoyed the upper hand. 
"You'll fucking obey me." he murmured, and laid hid head against my neck. He pumped faster and finally he came. I felt how he filled me with cum and he shook disgusting over me. 
"Damn you fucking little whore."


In the morning, I hardly dared to talk to Simon. I avoided him and I chose to stay away. I heard him screaming at the guards and that they would improve the protection around the house. He also talked about getting guard dogs.


When the evening came, we left the house. A car drove us into the city and to his strip club. Simon pulled me into the room and made ​​sure I followed him. I heard how customers groaned and I saw how the girls danced. I just wanted to die. He pulled me into his office and closed the door behind us. 
"If you don't shape up, I will force you to work here." said he coldly. "I'll fucking make sure that customers utilize every inch of your body." 
I sat down and felt small. He sat behind the desk and just seemed angry. After a few phone calls Simon calmed down. He leaned back in his chair and looked at me. It was as if he regretted the words. Still, he would probably think of more things to do with me.


"Come on, girl." he murmured tired. "I give you one more chance and promise not to disappoint me." 
He stood up and walked over to the door. He opened it and showed me to go with him. I obeyed.


I felt a tingle to the body. I saw Harry, I saw Zayn standing a little farther away and I knew that Niall was in the room. I tried to invisible try to find him, but I din't see him. Simon pulled me to the bar, and Harry showed that I wouldn't look at them or react. I understood that they were going to save me.

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