Let's do it


24. Simons crazy thoughts

My life became a nightmare. I was like a mattress and I even got pills so I didn't get my period. Liam was lovely to have sex with, but I hated that it became a movie every time we did it. Simon didn't touched me, since Liam had come to the island. One day, I found out why. He had forgotten to close the door to the editing room. I heard him moaning and I peeked in cautiously. I saw that he looked at one of the movies and he was masturbating. He was holding a towel and when he came, he squirted right into it. I was disgusted. I just wanted to throw up and I hated it.


"I don't want to make more movies!" I got out of me one day. We ate food at the back of the yard and immediately looked Simon cold at me. 
"You won't decide anything on this island." 
"Then I want to go home again." 
Simon laughed cold. 
"To your old life? What's the difference between being a whore and porn star?" 
Liam looked at me and I realized he was on my side. Still, he said nothing to help me. 
"Honey, we can actually have sex sometimes without to film it?" 
Simon disagreed. 
"You shall make movies every time you ..." 
Liam looked at him coldly. 
"No, we don't need to do that and we are in fact normal people outside that room."


Liam did as he promised. He took me to the beach and we loved right on the sand. It was the first time that I got to be myself and I realized that he was the only one who could save me. I wanted to return to Niall, or to my old neighborhood. Okay I didn't want to return to my old profession, but I could more than to be the old me.


The beach became my refuge. There I could be alone, read a book or just enjoy, without Simon commented something about me.


But my life was changed again. 
"I also want to make films." Simon got out and looked at Liam. "I can also show off and be a star!" 
I backed off and gave him a cold stare. 
"No thanks!" 
Simon laughed and looked coldly at me. 
"You have nothing to say, darling." 
Liam took his arm around my shoulders. 
"And you don't get her to enjoy like I do." 
Simon became angry. 
"You are sick!" he mumbled cold. "I can fuck more than you will ever do."
I backed off, 
"Then get another girl." 
Simon looked straight into my eyes and he seemed to consider the proposal. 
"I don't know." he mumbled. "It's you I want, but maybe you're just looking for Liam?" 
I lied. 
"It's he to whom I belong too."


Liam seemed almost pleased that I chose him. He smiled at me and he stretched his back. 
"So you feel something for me?" 
I lied. 
"What do you think?" 
He hugged me and I felt how he laughed with his whole body. 
"You're fucking gorgeous. I love you and you will be happy to be with me."

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