Let's do it


12. Simon

Simon had it all! He had a big white house with a security wall around the house. He had bodyguards, he had butlers and he had a large pool in the yard. His house was so big that I wondered how he could live there alone. In the garage he had several sports cars and vintage cars. I was impressed.


I didn't mind when he pulled me toward the bedroom. He opened the door to his bathroom and got me a towel. 
"Take a shower and put on the bathrobe. Then come down to me." 
The shower had different water jets and I felt like a princess. Even the toilet had special features. I could do nothing but smile and I had never been in such a house.


Simon sat on the couch and he had a glass of whiskey in his hand. He looked at me with a satisfied when I came into the room. He pointed that I would put me down on the couch and I obeyed him. 
"I will be honest." he said in a satisfied voice. "If you choose me, this house is yours. I offer you more than Niall and you don't have to be in his silly gang with a bunch of guys." 
I swallowed. 
"You said just a weekend?" 
Simon laughed a little bit and I saw that he enjoyed. 
"I can change my mind? Niall always changing his and you will never live a good life with him."
I hesitated and felt like betrayer. Simon smiled and put the glass down on the table. Then he came up to me and sat on my knees in front of me, on the floor. 
"Come on!" he murmured, and pulled away the tape around the robe. He opened it up and then let his hands caress my naked skin. "I can make you enjoy life and I can make you enjoy that every day is new."
I groaned and looked at him. He let his hands slide around my waist and he started bringing himself foreward me. His lips brushed against my one nipple. He licked it and then he sucked, like a small child. I moaned and took my hands through his hair. 
"Niall's going to be angry." 
Simon smiled and looked up at me. 
"It's not your problem?" 
I moaned and felt his lips caress my skin. He slid slowly up to my lips and when they met, I moaned loudly. He was much softer kisser, against Niall and he didn't seem as desperate as my boyfriend.


Eventually he forced me up on his feet and he pulled me onto the floor. He stood in front of me and stripped naked. I saw that he had boner and actually he got me to get excited. He lifted me up in his arms and I took my legs around his waist. Without a word, he started kissing me and let his hands holding up my weight. I moaned lightly against his lips and let him carry me away towards the pool table. He put me down and then penetrated. I moaned loudly and knew felt intense he was. His tongue was playing with mine and he held me tightly around the body. I felt how he filled me all the way in and he slowly started to move on the hip. I moaned and kissed him back. I felt how he worked with the whole body and he flexed all the muscles in his body. Simon forced me down on my back to the pool table and he worked quickly. He let his hands move quickly over my skin, and finally he took up my legs over his shoulders. I felt how he held me firm and he groaned aloud. One of his thumb began to caress me and right away I was like crazy. I moaned, I cried and I was breathing rapidly. He made me tremble and finally I couldn't hold back the emotions. When I came I shouted right out and I felt how he worked quickly with my body. I was like an explosion and the whole I was blown into a thousand pieces. Simon continued to bring his cock in and out. Right up until he came. I saw how he unbuckled the whole body and he shook. He screamed almost straight out as he filled me with cum.


"I can give you everything!" he mumbled and I heard that he was out of breath. He smiled and looked at me with a satisfied look. "I promise you everything!"

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