Let's do it


28. payment

Andy worked all day on the boat and I had to sit alone in his cabin, looking out through a small window. I saw how we went across the ocean and I was so calm in the body. It was as if I could finally live a normal life. 


Andy brought food to me and I was hungry. I threw myself into the food and ate it all up. He laughed and looked curiously at me. 
"You dress like a guy?" 
I swallowed. 
He sat down beside me on the bed. 
"As a thank you, for that I will give you food, you can jerk me off?" 
I was flabbergasted. 
He unbuttoned his pants and lay down on his back in bed. He took out his member and I saw that he was a little excited. 
"Come and do this for me. I don't require you to have sex with me."
I hesitated, but I knew I had no choice. I let my hand gently grab his cock and I started to move my hand up and down. Andy smiled and closed his eyes. He moaned lightly. 
"We don't meet girls." he mumbled. "I may take the opportunity whenever I can." 
I sat and looked out the window. I let my hand do the job and I could hear him groaning. Right as it was, he took my hand away. 
"Show your tits." 
I turned my head and looked at him. He grinning. 
"Come and let me see them." 
I pulled up the shirt and watched as his eyes grew large. 
"Damn, good looking you are under the clothes." 
He grabbed his own dick and put his hand quickly up and down 
"I want to see them all the time." 
I sighed and continued to show my breasts to him. He moaned louder and I saw how his hand worked faster and faster. Eventually he took a towel and I saw that he came.


"I refuse to have sex with you." I said when he had washed himself. He nodded and smiled at me. 
"It's okay, but I can see you?" 
I sighed. 
"I'm tired of sex. You guys seem to just think about that?" 
He smiled and went to bed. 
"Not always, but it's nice to be sometimes."


Andy had a small couch. I chose to sleep on it and I found a blanket to put over me. I didn't want to be in the way and I didn't think he would demand things of me, if I was just there. Had I chosen the bed, he would surely get the idea to do a lot more.

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