Let's do it


29. night

It took a few days and nothing more happened. Andy worked and in the evenings he took food to me. I was even more happy when he was able to deceive dessert or a cake. I was never measured, but I wasn't fully hungry.


One night, he made sure that I sat on the bed. 
"Take off your clothes." 
I didn't obey him. 
"No, I don't want to have sex with you." 
He smiled. 
"I wanna just touch you. I promise, no sex!"
He started pulling on my clothes and in the end I took off everything. I lay down on the bed and I saw that he liked my body. 
"Damn, you look good. Now I understand why Niall wants you home." 
He sat down under me and spread my legs. He inspected me between my legs and I saw that he was overjoyed. 
"Can I lick you?" 
I shook my head. 
He pulled his pants off and I saw how he began to masturbate. He groaned and stared at my body. He whimpered and he almost seemed to be in heaven. 
"Can't I just be allowed to touch you?" 
He lay down next to me and proceeded to put his hand quickly over the dick. 
"Only a little!"
Andy moaned and he stopped moving his hand. 
"Then you masturbate." 
I swallowed and shook my head. 
He smiled big. 
"I get more excited by watching and then it will be as if I fuck you." 
I took his hand and put it between my legs. I wasn't going to obey him, but he was allowed to touch me. I felt how inexperienced he was. He touched me, but it wasn't good. 
"You do wrong!" 
"Show me!" 
I put my hand over his and showed him. I closed my eyes and felt myself slowly became wet. Andy seemed to like it and he continued to masturbate. One hand, he had over his cock and the other between my legs. I showed him how to caress me and I let his fingers penetrate. 
"Harder." I mumbled and forgot about everything else. I moaned and I brought my hips up and down. Andy's fingers penetrated farther and I felt that he reached my g-spot. 
"There!" I moaned loudly. "There it's so nice!" 
I heard he also moaned louder and I heard how his hand was working over his dick. I was excited just by the idea and finally I held nothing back. I spread my legs more and I brought in all his fingers. I moaned and I felt his body reached the end. I exploded and bit my lip to keep from crying.


I held his fingers and let them touch me some more. I looked down at his hand and saw when he come. He whimpered and he squirted straight up in the air. 


"Damn it was good." he mumbled and smiled at me. He removed his hand and looked down between my legs. "Now I know how it works."
I sighed 
"You have no experience or what?" 
He blushed. 
"Yeah, but I've never gotten a girl to have an orgasm before." 
I smiled a little bit. 
"You are then disposed in bed?" 
He didn't like what I said, but he knew it was the truth. 
"You'll be learning me?" 
He smiled. 
"By letting me test my way?"

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