Let's do it


22. new Life

I survived a week in between heaven and hell. In the evenings, forced Simon me to the bedroom and on the days I was able to sunbathe and do what I wanted. I must admit that the days were okay, but not those moments when Simon forced me.


Liam finally came to the island. He came with a big boat and he was in great spirits. I saw him show Simon a bag with money, a bag with drugs and other things that he had brought with him. I didn't understand the point. They couldn't sell drugs on an island and the money wasn't needed.


"You lied to me!" I said right away when Liam came up to me. He smiled weakly and shook his head. 
"No, I just didn't say the whole truth, but I tried not to lie. I wanted to get you away from Niall and now he's gone." 
"Did you kill him?" 
Liam smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 
"No, I didn't kill him, but he has no power anymore. Simon owns everything and I made ​​sure that Niall had to flee the city." 
I wanted to know more, but Simon came in to us. 
"So now we continue as planned?" 
Liam laughed a little bit. 
"I thought you were joking?" 
Simon shook his head and looked serious. 
"We're going to get rich at the movies and you said it yourself, she's like a porn star?"
I didn't believe it, but when Liam blushed, I realized that they chose just that words. 
"I'm not a ..." 
Liam took his hand over my mouth and gave me a knowing look. 
"Together with me, you are." 
Simon laughed happily. 
"Now, did you get her to be quiet." 
Liam gave him a quick glance and then looked at me. 
"Think of it as something good. You may do what you are good at and you get me." 
I didn't want him anymore and I shook the head. Liam smiled and he didn't care about my opinion. 
"Once we do that, you will scream with pleasure."


Simon and Liam were determined in all their plans. They started to fix one of the bedroom, so the room got a porn style. Red sheets, black curtains and toys that you could use. Simon put a lot of money on cameras and a film studio, where he could edit the films. 
"You aren't wise?" I got out of me. 
Liam threw himself on the bed and laughed a little bit. 
"But this is going to be exciting. You and I, a bed and a lot of games." 
I frowned. 
"It's not true when I don't want to. They will see that I don't want to do it." 
Simon came in and he looked at me with a knowing look. 
"You will like it. Cameras are everywhere and you wont even see that they are here."


Another thing changed. Simon was often down at the harbour (a couple of bridges that existed at the beach) and I understood that he was selling drugs and kept the business going. 


"He makes money." Liam mumbled and stood beside me. I sighed. 
"I thought I would escape from this life." 
He took his arm around my shoulder. 
"Honey, this is a better life." 
I wanted to argue with him, but I didn't find the words. Liam seemed to think I was lucky. 
"You don't have to worry about anything during the day." he got out. "All you have to do is to enjoy and you get everything you want," 
"I want my freedom!" 
Liam didn't listen and didn't seem to care.

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